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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: isquinnabel
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General DNWs:
— Explicit sex. I'm fine with sex happening, but stick to a level of detail that matches the canon you're writing for. If in doubt, a fade to black is fine.
— Excessive gore/torture. I'm totally fine with violence, as long as gore isn't described in minute detail.
— Parody.

General Likes:
— I love plotty fics, and I also love fics that just paint a snapshot of a particular moment. And everything in between.
— I love fics that explore individual characters, the kind of person they are, seeing how they react to new situations, etc. Plot driven fic and character driven fic are equally good.
— I love all sorts of tone. Cheerful and fun, melancholy, melancholy with a dash of hopeful, creepy and unsettling… all are wonderful.
— I love fics that get into worldbuilding.
— I’m always up for crossovers, in any of my fandoms.
— I love AUs, both canon divergent AUs and complete change of setting AUs (for example, I am always up for a Hunger Games Setting AU).
— Putting any sort of magic twist on non-magical canons is always welcome.
— I also love straight-up canon compliant fic.
— For ships, I like kissing, banding together against external problems/having each other's back, casual intimacy, banter, jokes/fun times, bittersweet moments, hurt/comfort, UST.
— I really love gen relationships (friendships, families, found families, teams, etc). I like a lot of the same things I mentioned above, e.g. hurt/comfort, having each other's backs, banter, bittersweet moments, and so on.

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