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AO3 Name: sevenofspade
Other Profiles: [personal profile] dhampyresa

General DNWs: Child abuse, non-con, underage, death, grief.
General Likes:
- Hopeful endgings
- Fandom AUs
- Canon-divergent AUs
- Time-travel, dinosaurs, IN SPACE, etc
- Worldbuilding
- People chosing to do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do

Fandom: Ancient History RPF

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus
Prompts: I would be happy with basically ANYTHING AT ALL for this pairing. I am ludicrously easy. You can write me anything and I would love it. Especially if it is the tropiest trope to ever trope. This fandom is sorely lacking in fake relationships or alternate universes shenanigans, for example.

Fandom: Star Wars (Prequel, Sequel and Clone Wars)

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Obi-Wan/Padmé/Anakin
Prompts: My tragic ship of doomed doomitude. I would love a happy AU, anyway you can swing it. Or even just a Padmé Lives AU! I am especially in love with Padmé's love for the democratic process, so anything about that would be gold. (I really like Riyo Chuchi, so Padmé + Riyo friendship fic would be super neat.)

Character/Pairing: Rey
Prompts: REY! She is the best. I would love to see her interact with the desert, be it Jakku or Tatooine or even the one from Mad Max:Fury Road. I also want more of her and Leia. What about Rey and Ahsoka?

Character/Pairing: Ahsoka & Rex
Prompts: Broken-hearted child soldiers, I love them so much! FRIENDSHIP FIC AND/OR A TEAM-UP Bonus points for involving Riyo or giving them all a happy ending. Or tales and legends of the war, generations down the line.

Fandom: Marvel Comics

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Wanda Maximoff
Prompts: I love her so much and I would like basically anything about her. I'd be especially curious about her relationship with DOOM or Lorna or Magyk. Also, Gwen Stacy.

Character/Pairing: Victor von Doom
Prompts: Oh man, Doctor Doom. So I like Doctor Doom a lot, because he is fascinating. I would love to read about mad science or magic (the AU where he's Sorcerer Supreme!) or his relationship with Wanda or his time as God-Emperor Doom or his relationship with Valeria.

Character/Pairing: Verity Willis & Loki (Goddess of Stories)
Prompts: BASICALLY ALL THE POST CANON GEN ADVENTURES AND SHENANIGANS and any crossover you care to have.
batman: Traci Thirteen from Blue Beetle (sometimes we blow up trucks.)
From: [personal profile] batman
It's the end of the world and there is nothing Cassie can do to stop it. She tells herself that there is nothing that Stature could have done to stop it either. As Miami crumbles around her, it's a truth that offers little comfort. She may not be able to save the world, but Stature could have protected people until the very end.

She has never felt the loss of her powers more keenly.

Downtown Miami is in chaos, with people trying to evacuate. Their frantic attempts to leave for literally anywhere else are driven on by the bone-deep low hum that reverberates throughout the city. The sound of sirens mixes with the panicked cries of people and the unsettling hum, creating a hellish cacophony. Cassie wants to cover her ears with her hands.

Instead, she is looking to the skyline, searching for the familiar sight of her father looming above the buildings. Her cellphone doesn't have reception -- telecommunications were the latest, and most disturbing, thing to go -- but she knows that he would be out here. With everything in such a panic where else would Scott Lang be but in the thick of things? That's what heroes do.

She doesn't see her father.

Instead, her attention is arrested by the thunderous crack of the metal logo of Stark Industries detaching from the side of its thirty storey building and beginning its terrible fall towards the ground below. The logo becomes caught in the wrought metal that girds the building, the logo's descent slowing as it tumbles through the decorative metal. As the logo falls, parts of it are torn off and become caught in the building's decorative features.

Cassie had heard people speak disparagingly of her Uncle Tony's building, describing it as being the ugliest building in Miami. Now, that same building might save people. She prays that the logo would be caught entirely.

It almost is.

Almost isn't good enough.

Cassie rushes forward on too short legs, reaching up with too small hands, and knows that she cannot reach the logo before it completes its fall. Moreover, there is nothing she could do to stop it falling. The 'I' is twice as long as she is tall. When it falls on her, it will kill her. Again.

Cassie's afraid of death, of the awful nothingness that she remembers sometimes in her dreams in the moment before she went from 'dead' to 'alive'. The thought of dying again, pinned under rubble, is sickening. She runs forward anyway, concrete dust and smoke choking her. She could push someone out of the way, shield someone with her body. Once, Cassie had been a superhero, and superheroes do not run away from a disaster. Even if they will die while saving someone else.

"There you are," she hears a woman say, her rich voice with its alien accent audible even over the deafening noise of buildings beginning to crumble. Cassie is then pulled sideways. She stumbles, regains her balance, and stares.

She is no longer in Miami. She is in a place of overwhelming whiteness, a soundless place that is disorienting to Cassie's stunned senses. It is a place devoid of anything familiar to Cassie. In fact, the only things in it other than herself are two women. One is pallidly translucent, while Cassie thinks the other one is Loki. She's not really sure, as Loki has changed quite a lot since she was a superhero, but the stories she has heard suggests that he -- or at the moment she -- is still tricky.

"What the hell?" the ghostly woman protests, frowning in consternation behind her glasses. "You never said she was a kid."

"You never asked," says possibly-Loki, confirming Cassie's suspicions that she should remain on her guard. "Besides, she understands."

Clearly, Cassie has come into the tail end of a conversation. Equally clear is the fact that the conversation is very relevant to Cassie. She takes two steps forward, right into possibly-Loki's personal space, and glares up at her.

"What do I understand?" Cassie demands. "Where are we? And who are you?"

Possibly-Loki smirks, amused. Cassie's hands ball into fists.

"Okay, let's take everything down a lot of notches," the other woman says. "I'm Verity, and this is Loki. We've been looking for you."

"For me?"

"As for where we are, this is a liminal space," Loki says, as if that means anything to Cassie.

"I don't get it," Cassie says, when no explanation is forthcoming. "What does that mean?"

"The world's ending, and Loki wants to give you your powers back."

Cassie's breath catches in her throat. There is nothing she wants more than to have her powers back. She had lost her powers when she was reborn, as if she had used up all of her Pym Particles in reconstituting her body. She likes being alive, but there is a part of her that seems missing. Rather than coming back wrong, she came back incomplete. She wants them back, oh she does.

But Loki is smiling at her and the hook of her smile says danger, beware.

"Why? What's in it for you?" She doesn't ask 'what will it cost me?', but from Loki's slight nod of acknowledgement Cassie suspects that Loki could hear the unspoken question anyway.

"The world's ending," Loki points out. "Even if I had any nefarious schemes, they would have to be very small ones. Hardly worth the effort."

"But why me?"

"We need stories," Verity says. "Stories of heroes."


"It's complicated," Loki says.

Cassie doesn't understand what they mean, but there is a building falling as they speak and if she had her powers back she could save people in the time she has left.

It's not a difficult choice at all.

"What do I need to do?"

Loki claps her hands together. "It's simple," she says. "Cassie Lang, Stature, tell me your story." Her accent shades towards the unmistakable eldritch crackling of a mage reshaping reality to her will. She doesn't glow like Billy does when he casts magic, which is more frightening when Cassie thinks about it, as if the universe is always listening for Loki's stories and that she can remake Cassie's life on a whim.

Cassie knows that she should refuse Loki's offer. Nothing good ever comes of trusting Loki, even a refashioned one garbed in the power of stories, who gazes at her with clear, guileless green eyes and promises her a brief moment of having the power she needs to save people. She should be afraid.

She is sick to death and beyond of being afraid.

She takes a breath, conscious of Loki's unwavering gaze, and holds her hands behind her back like she is reciting a poem in English class. "This is a story --"

This is a story of a girl who struggled to breath: in a hospital bed connected to an ECG that marks the time of her failing heart; in her room while her parents fought before her father left their home for the last time; on the ground after Doom's magic smashed her to the ground like a crystal ornament. A story about a girl who swallowed Pym Particles until her mouth was coated with the taste of astringent plastic and bitter powder. A girl who only caught her breath when she was no longer smaller and weaker than everyone else, when she finally had the power to help people. To be a hero.

This is the story of a girl who grew up around superheroes, and who finally claimed her mantle before it was torn away from her. A girl who loved being a superhero with every fibre of her being, no matter what the universe threw at her, and who wanted to spend the last minutes of her life helping others. A girl who wanted to reclaim what she had lost so much so that she would bargain with a goddess for it back.

Loki holds up a hand. "Bargain?" she drawls. "This is a freebie."

"I said that I would, not that I did," Cassie says primly.

Verity laughs. "She has you there."

"Oh, very well," Loki concedes. "I'll allow it this time, given the circumstances." Loki smiles and the smile has teeth in it. Cassie shivers, despite being fairly sure that the fangs it hides are not to tear her throat out.

"This is her final story as Stature." Loki's words are simple. Her story is not. Cassie gasps at the sharp pain in her chest. She draws another breath, drawing herself up as she inhales to her full height of twelve feet.

"How long do I have?" She doesn't dare to ask if she will survive the end of the world.

"Enough," is Loki's enigmatic reply.

"I'm sorry," Verity says. She even means it, Cassie thinks.

Cassie smiles, fierce and bright to hide her tears. She doesn't want to die again, but if she must then she will die as a superhero, and give these two a story that matters. "I'll make it count."

She blinks and finds herself in sweltering Miami once more. The Stark Industries logo is still falling. She reaches up with hands the size of cars and plucks it from the sky.
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lilacsigil: Jeune fille de Megare statue, B&W (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilacsigil
This is great - I love the collision of characters in need and Cassie's chance to tell her story, not that of her heritage or her team or her need. The contrast of very human Cassie and her letting go of her fear was great with Loki's very clear inhumanity, and Verity's attempt to walk both worlds.
dhampyresa: (Sad Cassie is sad)
From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
YOU KNOW ME SO WELL THIS IS THE BEST (Obligatory Cassie icon is obligatory.) I love everything about this, from the premise to, well, everything! Here are a specific lines I loved.

She runs forward anyway, concrete dust and smoke choking her. She could push someone out of the way, shield someone with her body.
Cassiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! I love her so, so much, with her humanity and her heroism and aw I love her.

"You never said she was a kid."
"You never asked,"

Oh, Loki <3! Such a Loki thing to say and do.

Loki holds up a hand. "Bargain?" she drawls. "This is a freebie."
"I said that I would, not that I did," Cassie says primly.


I love this fic so much! Thank you!

Star Wars - Rey

Date: 2016-08-09 09:57 am (UTC)
tarlanx: (GEN - Desert Moon)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
I hope you like this. The background desert is from Mad Max. Click on image for the 1920x1080 wallpaper.

Star Wars - Rey 3 by Tarlan


Re: Star Wars - Rey

Date: 2016-09-24 09:01 pm (UTC)
dhampyresa: (A most terrible case of the Star Wars)
From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
REY AND THE DESERT FROM MAD MAX OMG AMAZING I love this so much! Thank you!

Re: Star Wars - Rey

Date: 2016-09-24 11:07 pm (UTC)
tarlanx: (GEN - Desert Moon)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
You are most welcome!

A Drabble

Date: 2016-09-06 08:15 pm (UTC)
annariel: A stylised Black and White image of Rey from Star Wars (Star Wars:Rey)
From: [personal profile] annariel
On Jakku, Rey had tried to imagine the ocean. She would close her eyes and attempt to picture water as far as she could see. There were sims of course, but the one she scavenged had glitches and a distinct feel of the artificial.

Rey sits on top of a cliff on Ahch-To, spray ghosting in the air. She closes her eyes and remembers the desert. An arid wind skirls across shifting dunes. It can be harsh, but she understands it and finds comfort in its familiarity. She opens her eyes again to a dangerous ever-changing ocean and new challenges.

Re: A Drabble

Date: 2016-09-23 05:27 am (UTC)
melody_jade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] melody_jade
Nice! I really like how evocative this is, and the contrast between the ocean Rey had imagined on Jakku and the real ocean on Ahch-To.

Re: A Drabble

Date: 2016-09-23 09:47 am (UTC)
annariel: A stylised Black and White image of Rey from Star Wars (Star Wars:Rey)
From: [personal profile] annariel
It occurred to me that there must be a lot of similarities to Desert and Ocean - in terms of harsh natural environments but, it has to be said, I've never been to a desert so I didn't feel quite equipped to draw that out properly. A drabble let's you sort of point in that direction without making a total fool of yourself :)

Re: A Drabble

Date: 2016-09-24 09:02 pm (UTC)
dhampyresa: (A most terrible case of the Star Wars)
From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
I love love love the way Rey relates to both the ocean and the desert in this and It can be harsh, but she understands it and finds comfort in its familiarity. AWWWWWWWWW

Re: A Drabble

Date: 2016-09-26 09:34 am (UTC)
annariel: A stylised Black and White image of Rey from Star Wars (Star Wars:Rey)
From: [personal profile] annariel
I'm glad you liked it. I'd have loved to do more with the desert/ocean parallels and differences but there wasn't enough space - of course that is possibly the virtue of a drabble.

Re: A Drabble

Date: 2016-09-26 08:25 pm (UTC)
dhampyresa: (A most terrible case of the Star Wars)
From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
Well, if you ever do more, I'd love to read it.


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