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Where will this be hosted?
Original posts will be at Dreamwidth simply because it handles anon commenting significantly better than Livejournal, and I want the platform to work for everyone, even those without an account. There is a feed to make sure you can follow activity on LiveJournal: here.

Will there be a way to find requests by fandom while still leaving "giftboxes" visible for everyone and open to browsing?
That's the plan! Giftbox posts will be posted between June 21-30. Over the following weekend, a requests spreadsheet sortable by fandom will go live. Over the next week, I intend to make a post (or more) of alphabetized fandoms with links to tagged giftboxes under each fandom.

What about nonfannish gifts? Can I request things like crochet, tea, feminism, etc.?
Yes! Just use the fandom name Original, then add your prompts as usual. Original covers original fiction with particular character types, original graphics with particular themes, or any other kind of original nonfannish work.

Does everybody get a gift? What if I only get those generic/nonfannish gifts?
Everybody. The big thing I want is for everyone to get at least one fandom item of a type they requested before marking a Giftbox filled/not needy on my little tracker. Any gifts of a media type you specifically asked not to receive will not be unscreened and will not count toward whether you have received a gift.

Can I opt out of generic or "original work" gifts?
Yes, you can. Anything you list under DNW in the form will not count toward your gifts and will not be unscreened should anyone "gift" it to you.

Are gifts exclusive to the recipient?
For this year, gifts must be exclusive to the recipient. If you want to drop gifts in multiple boxes, please make each one different.

What's the minimum size of a work?
A drabble or an icon, so 100 pixels or words. Gifts that do not meet minimum requirements will not be unscreened.

Should I post each subfandom as its own fandom—e.g. Star Wars: Original Trilogy, Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy—or post them all as one fandom, e.g. Star Wars?
This is at requester discretion. If you'd like gifts for the overall continuity, them signing up with the umbrella fandom is perfectly acceptable. If you'd like gifts for only one subfandom, then breaking it out is probably the way to go.

How should I request crossovers?
If you're adding a crossover option to a fandom, list it in the prompts section. If you're treating the crossover AS a fandom, then go ahead and list both fandoms in the fandom name field and a parenthetical (crossover) so I know to handle it differently in tagging and listing.

Can anyone make gifts/fills, or do they have to sign up?
Anyone can make gifts and fills, as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

Date: 2016-06-23 10:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] meatball42.livejournal.com
What are the requirements for leaving a gift if you've left a giftbox? Like, if you're a participant you should try to do one, two, three+ fills?


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