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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

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General DNWs: Pregnancy (exception: oviposition) and children in general. Monotheistic religions as a focus. Easy amnesia. Genderbending. Hallucinations/delusions outside of drug use (the exception here would be Bucky). Jealousy over someone’s relationship with someone else or possessiveness that limits what a person can do/who they can see. Love at first sight/"I love you"s early in the relationship. Modern/mundane AUs. Terminal illness in a main character. Using the terms "feminine" or "masculine" to describe a person or comparing physical features to that of any sex. Vore/cannibalism. Women treated horribly especially when used to create angst for a male protagonist. Sexual: Ageplay. Animal play. Exclusive tops/bottoms. Food involved in sex. Lifestyle BDSM. Sexual punishments. Typical seme/uke dynamics (assumption that one person is always going to bottom, rigid unnegotiated d/s roles).

General Likes:
• 5 things
• ambiguous if not hopeful/happy (for now) endings
• any level of sexual experience (though I have a hard time finding naive virgins believable)
• any rating
• character studies and introspective pieces
• established or new relationships
• long plotty pieces
• outside POVs
• poly relationships (especially open relationships)
• porn with plot
• relationship driven stories
• slow builds
• narratives that include social media (tweets, news articles, tumblr posts, anon discussions, other modern social media, etc.)

• ages differences
• alternative timelines/canon divergent AUs/what ifs
• animal companions
• characters happily spending time with friends who aren't their SO
• crack treated seriously
• cuddling and just being physically close in general, tracing freckles or scars
• cybernetics/technophilia/technology porn
• cyberpunk/scifi/fantasy/supernatural themes/AUs (aliens, vampires, shifters, nonhuman characters in general)
• drunk confessions
• families of choice/found families
• gray morality/morally ambiguous characters (especially Type 4)
• interracial/intercultural relationships
• relationships that don't follow the normal pattern (fake dating, marriage of convenience, etc.)
• soulbonds especially accidental or with more than one person
• trope subversion especially related to sex/gender expectations (the smaller/younger man is more dominant, etc.)
• trust/loyalty (how it develops, what harms it, issues related to it, etc.)

• accidental or forced outing scenarios
• angst, make me cry
chaotic good characters slipping to chaotic neutral, falling from grace
• characters outside their comfort zone/who've been through hell
• characters who have the very foundation of their belief system shattered and have to rebuild
• communication issues (not so much miscommunication as "we fucked once and I thought that was the end of it, except it kept happening, and now there are emotions involved, but I can’t say anything because I don’t want to rock the boat" type of situation)
• friends/rivals/enemies to lovers
• grimdark (though preferably with at least a happy for now resolution)
• h/c (especially with permanent physical injury)
• impotence/ED
• imprisonment/escape/on the run
• internalized homophobia (and really issues with sexuality in general, coming to terms with, etc.)
• military people/themes
• power imbalance/struggle
• powerful characters in situations where they realize the are essentially powerless
• struggling to overcome childhood abuse/neglect especially when forced to confront it in a relationship
• taking the fall/blame or making a sacrifice for someone especially if the person doing so is older and/or more powerful (ex. coming out as gay, so someone who's being blackmailed doesn't have to)

• animalistic traits
• awkward/bad sex (situations where they're too drunk, have no idea what they're doing, get interrupted, etc.)
• barebacking (where condoms are the norm)
• body worship
• clothing kink (half-dressed sex, sex with one person naked and one not, wearing the other person's clothes, uniforms, suits, gloves, boots, dog tags)
• coming in pants, sexual frustration, urgency
• frottage, non-penetrative sex, a relationship where one or both people don't like/can't get off on anal sex
hand holding during sex, kissing and intimacy during sex, laughing and talking during sex
• kink discovery/negotiation, problems arising from undernegotiated kink (or just undernegotiated kink period... I like a person knowing that they probably should have talked about something, but not, or at least not until late)
• lap sex/riding
• nipple play
• overstimulation, begging
• piercings/tattoos
• praise kink
• service tops, topping from the bottom/pushy bottoms
shows of strength/athleticism during sex even if it ends up with them in a laughing/bruised pile on the floor, shower sex
• stubble/body hair in general
• subspace/subdrops/topdrop/aftercare
• uncut cocks, docking, foreskin play

• ball stretching and other mild cock and ball torture (nothing that ends with lasting or permanent injury)
• bloodplay/blood drinking especially with vampires, aliens, or immortal/long lived people
• chastity devices and orgasm denial/edging/prostate milking (though not as a long term/permanent thing)
• cockstuffing/sounding/urethral play
• consent issues, fuck or die, X made them to it, prostitution
• deepthroating/face fucking especially when choking is involved
• dirty talk (though not so much name calling)
• facesitting, ball sucking, rimming
• fighting/chasing as foreplay
• fucked out and messy, cum play (eating, sharing, marking, felching)
• gangbangs/group sex/orgies
• hate/rivalry sex
• holding someone down/in place/manhandling, rough sex (biting, marking, bruising)
• incest between siblings
• inflation (cum or urine... or eggs...), enemas
• Japanese rope bondage and bondage in general
• knotting (especially orally) or otherwise nonstandard genitalia
• male lactation not related to mpreg
• mild painplay (spanking especially hole spanking, pinch/pulling on body parts, full out whipping/flogging/caning that leads to bloodshed or pain that last for days beyond the event not so much, assuming it’s part of sex and not torture)
• public sex/arousal, sex in places they shouldn't be having sex, exhibitionism/voyeurism
• self fucking (a person puts their own cock and/or balls in their own asshole)
• sex toys (especially under clothes or large/extreme insertions, plugged to keep cum in or keep them open)
• sexual humiliation as long as all parties get off on it (toys worn under clothes, public arousal, etc.), shame in sexual desires
• size kink (extreme insertions and size differences), cocks (or toys) that are so long that they cause throat or stomach bulges and someone kinking on that, fisting, double penetration
• tentacles (consensual or not), oviposition, xeno
• watersports especially the peeing in/on someone kind

The kinkiest of all kinky prompts: basically a tentacle sex scenario (consensual or not... can include body horror), with large insertions, stomach deformation, cum inflation and/or egg inflation, also extreme urethral sounding going into the testicles and/or bladder, possibly with lactation, and then having to lay the eggs. Maybe the other partner IS the one with tentacles, or maybe they're just forced to watch (comfort after?), or maybe they're experiencing the same thing alongside them.

Fandom: Dragon Age
Requested Media Types: Fic, Art
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Cole/Iron Bull
Prompts: I've recently fallen in love with Cole, but have some preferences if I receive anything with him. It really only makes sense to me for Cole to be in a relationship if he's made more human (though feel free to write spirit!Cole in a relationship and convince me otherwise :D). I do not see Cole as either innocent (someone who has done no wrong) or naive (someone who is lacking experience/cunning). He has no qualms about killing people. Not that I'm saying that he's evil or anything like that, but instead is ignorant of how much of the world works due to the fact that he hasn't been in it very long and has only recently had to deal with the complications of being more human. I like him not having a filter, and really don't want to see him experiencing a lot of shame. I want to see him relishing in being more human rather than learning things that make him less or something similar.

Arousal From Killing - Not going to lie. I’d really love to see something here where Cole gets aroused from kill bad people. Maybe Cole wonders if that makes him a demon and seeks Iron Bull out to kill him. Maybe Iron Bull notices and seeks Cole out himself. Basically I want something where Iron Bull helps Cole embrace it.
Blood Kink/Blood Drinking - Cole liking/drinking blood of those he kills.
Service Top - Bull being whatever Cole needs.

• Bull doesn't see the world like most people (because he was raised by the Qun, because he was Ben-Hassrath, etc.), and Cole tries to understand.

Character/Pairing: Solas/Male Forgotten One
• Not gonna lie. Kind of what someone who’s powerful enough to take Solas down a peg or two. Maybe the Forgotten Ones can slip through the cracks and into the Fade on occasion and one stumbles across Solas. (Thought: what if the Forgotten Ones weren’t necessarily evil, but they were the gods that just didn’t hide what they were like the Evanuris did? Like there is a “god” of the dead, the desperate, the forsaken, the forgotten, when really he takes care of those who come to him, though they were willing to [and did] die for him. Maybe Solas’ desperation reaches him even in the Abyss?)
• Or it could be something darker where the Forgotten one is truly a monster. Maybe Solas is forced to make a deal and/or have sex with one to save the others. Magic gone wrong (right!?). The Nightmare demon fight taking a different turn.
• Body horror - Basically any sort of body transformation situation (someone's changed into an animal/monster, stomach bulging from tentacles/cum/eggs, etc.) so long as it's not deadly (so dragon-hybrid Dorian would be fine, but no Red Templar Cullen for example).
• Different Origin - Basically I was wondering what is the Inquisitor was a one of forgotten ones.
• GIANT WOLF SOLAS? Solas with wolf characteristics (claws, fangs, growling, knotting, etc).

Fandom: MCU

Requested Media Types: Fic, Art
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Prompts: My likes for these two are basically “I want to see Steve and/or Bucky hurt” or “write all the kinky sex” and/or “hurt them and make them better” (for various levels of “better”).

Character/Pairing: Bucky/Brock(/Steve)
Prompts: Brock planted by Fury to get close to Pierce, unexpectedly getting close to Bucky between wipes, hating it all, hating how much he gets off on what he does, but it's too soon to make a move. I'd like to see Brock, not necessarily as a good character, but a character who does the stuff that other people can't/won't do often at great cost to himself.

Fandom: Pacific Rim

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Raleigh Becket/any male
Prompts: Because they were fully synced when Yancy died, Raleigh lost some of himself and gained some of Yancy. Raleigh was sure he was straight before, that it was Yancy who'd gone both ways, but suddenly it's not just women turning his head, and he's not sure how to deal with that. He'd had no problem with Yancy liking men, but liking them himself is a different story.

Fandom: Hockey RPF

Requested Media Types: fic
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Jaromir Jagr/any NHL player(s)
• Rookies kneeling for Jagr, Jagr kneeing for someone.
• Post win fun
• Jagr's lasted so long because he's an incubus who feeds from his teammates.
• Jagr sets up gangbangs/hookups for his rookie(s), maybe even pimps them out (mostly consensual here please).
• Closeted veteran and an adoring but straight rookie. The rookie is super affectionate and very open about his admiration, teammates love making jokes about puppy love, the veteran knows it's just hero worship but finds it hard not to enjoy the attention and develop a crush. Maybe even acts on wishful thinking, leading to painful awkwardness. Alternatively I would be interested in something where the player is very closeted or even a gay for you situation rather than straight.
• Jagr has a somewhat deserved reputation of being a love em and leave em type. What if he found someone who he didn't want to leave?
• Jagr kinks on the age difference.
• Accidental (group?!) soulbonds complicating things.

Fandom: Naruto

Requested Media Types: fic, art
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Aburame Shino/any male
Honestly I'm cool with Shino/pretty much anyone. Shino has been a long time favorite of mine, and I’ve always found his bugs really fascinating. I love seeing him calm and collected, but I also would love seeing him pushed to the breaking point (or pushing someone to the breaking point, while he’s calm and collected lol).
Feel free to pull from the time travel ideas about, but really I would love a focus on Shino and his bugs. If you're up to it, give me Shino and his bugs having an orgasm with another person and I’ll love you forever.
I really like unwelcome arousal, people being forced to like the sex they don’t want as well as shame in what they do like.
Shino sharing his bugs with a teammate, which is a terribly dangerous/taboo thing, but it's a life or death situation.
Body Admiration - Make someone kinks on the changes the bugs have made to Shino’s body rather than find it horrifying?
Body Horror - The bugs live inside Shino right? They have to be able to get in/out, so I’m sure some people would find that horrifying. Then there can be the response of people to having the bugs in/on them?
Bugs & Insects - I’d love to see descriptions of different types or what they do/are used for/can do for Shino/can do to someone else in sexy ways. Really the sky is the limit.
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen - The bugs encounter new flowers (or flowers that are made purposely to cause this reaction), and when they return to Shino’s body, a sex pollen scenario ensues.
Mating Cycles/In Heat - Being host to thousands of bugs isn’t always convenient
Power Imbalance - Any type of interrogation scene where Shino uses his bugs.

Character/Pairing: Jiraiya/Orochimaru, Hatake Sakumo/Orochimaru
Would love something here where Orochimaru gets thrown back into the past somehow and ends up in his younger selves' body. Maybe he originally plans to pickup where he left off in the future, but something changes his mind? Or alternatively something where he doesn't start experimenting on humans?
Maybe it was Sakumo's death that set Orochimaru on his path. By preventing it, how would the future change?
What if Jiraiya was such a perv because he was in denial/trying to compensate for this feelings for Orochimaru? Alternatively something in the future where they love/hate each other.

Fandom: The Witcher

Requested Media Types: fic, art
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Geralt of Rivia/any male (monster)
• Maybe Geralt joins with another Witcher from a different school on a difficult hunt, and sex happens, and it becomes a thing that continues to happen on subsequent meetings, until it stops being just sex?
• Geralt is used to being the one doing the rescuing, so finding himself in need of rescue is a bit of a strange experience.
• Geralt is sent to hunt a monster. The situation is complicated when he finds the creature is not the one behind the deaths.
If you're up for sex, I would love to see Geralt being fucked. It can be by monster or original characters (or really even any male characters from the game) and can be consensual or not.
I'm good with a bad end, but would rather it be something like "Geralt being the incubator for generations of monsters and loving it" rather that "Geralt dies a gruesome death".
I just love the thought of him who's always in control, always coming out on top, finding himself suddenly powerless and no longer being on top. ;) I'd love to see him find something he can't handle, and I'd love to see him getting off on it.
I really love scars, and Geralt has a lot, so any sort of focus or attention to those would be wonderful.

Fandom: The Martian - Any Media Type

Requested Media Types: fic, art
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Mark Watney/Chris Beck
Prompts: All the hurt/comfort. Mark's recovery on the Hermes. Crew cuddlings.

Fandom: Original Works

Requested Media Types: fic, art
DNW Media Types: graphics, icons

Character/Pairing: Symbiotic Shapeshifting Alien Lifeform/Male Soldier
Prompts: Before they could move forward with his military training, a cadet must successfully bond with the shapeshifting alien lifeform that will act as their armor, and be their constant companion for the rest of their life. They're not quite prepared for how intimate the process turns out to be, and how much their new companion enjoys teasing him at the worst possible times.

Character/Pairing: Male With Sexually-Transmitted Monsterism/Male
Prompts: A monster-inside type of things with tentacles and possibly egg laying.

Character/Pairing: Trickster God/Reincarnated God of Death
Prompts: Maybe the god of death has to die because of something the trickster god did in a world where the death of a god is pretty much permanent, and the trickster god then does some crazy shit to get the god of death back. Feel free to go with that or not. Elven gods or gods that aren’t 100% human shaped (or human) are welcome. Godlike beings and not actually gods are cool too. Tentacles and such are great, though not required. :)
Dark is great, but I’d prefer the relationship here be relatively consensual.
Random thought: maybe the God of Death is considered an evil god because obviously the death part but he also takes in the desperate, the forsaken, the forgotten. He takes care of those who come to him unlike many of the shining/golden gods who see their followers as playthings or worse. (That doesn’t mean that his followers won’t/don’t die for him… maybe a large willing blood sacrifice of his followers is needed to bring him back from the dead?)
Maybe the God of Death came back different, feral, and the Trickster God has to remind him what he is. Maybe the Trickster God was always the one getting into big trouble and it was the God of Death always getting him out of it/cleaning up after it. Maybe this time, the roles are reversed and the Trickster God is left without a plan.
From: [identity profile]
The soldier brings down the switch. His victim twitches, an instinctual response, and a punched out noise fills the damp concrete basement. In the single bare bulb lighting the room, the blood trailing in rivulets down the man’s back glints a deep, deep red. The soldier licks his lips and shivers with the desire to lick the blood, to kiss the raw, shaking meat he’s torn asunder.

The soldier flicks his wrist again, almost without care. The victim whines this time, summoning energy from some unknown depth to writhe on the cold metal chair to which he’s tied. His sweat gleams in the thin, angular light, and the muscles tensing under his skin cast dancing shadows over stark flesh.

A few more swats later, the dark rivers are splattering and pooling on the floor, filling puddles already deeply stained in the concrete. This is not the first time the soldier has visited this treatment upon his guest, nor is it the dozenth, but that doesn’t lessen the pleasure it brings him.

The man’s torso heaves with uncontrolled sobs. The moans that strike the hard walls of the basement are uncontrolled, animal, and helpless. The soldier smiles, savoring the human essence converted into sound. There is nothing more pure than the base cries of a human begging without words, that audible grasping for leniency when it knows none will arrive. He drops the switch and steps forward to rub roughly over the man’s back.

His touch draws a cry out of the man, broken and sharp. High-pitched, like a girl’s. He’d use that, taunt the man with it, if his victim were anywhere near conscious enough for such a barb to hurt. As it is, he merely traces the edges of the wounds he’s caused and enjoys the weak screams he draws out. The soldier squeezes feeble muscle like a trainer weighing a racehorse; he’s seeing how much the man shivers, how much there is left in him.

His skin hand brushes through the man’s hair, reveling in the intimate feel of the short blonde strands against his fingers. He grips, hard, and pulls, and the scalp tugs the man’s motionless head up until it points at the bright bulb, until the soldier can see the face smeared with tears and snot and drool, hanging hopeless and pained in the white light.

“Had enough, dear one?” the soldier murmurs. The man does not open his eyes, so the soldier shakes him.

Now, his eyes crack, drop open, unable to control their movement. They stare blankly, despairing, and the man moans again, a cracked, terrible thing, full of agony and dismay. The soldier shakes the man’s skull by his grip, and the man’s gaze only lolls to the side.

Torturing someone beyond words is no accomplishment; pain will do that. Even torturing someone beyond presence isn’t hard.

But bringing someone- especially this man, whose healing factor and determination of spirit were lauded across continents- to a place of inhumanity, where he will no longer fight the barbarity, but simply let it carry him in waves, is a feat to be celebrated.

The soldier leans in and brushed his lips along the cheek of the former Captain of America. “You’re mine,” he whispers.

The man’s eyes droop closed. The soldier has won.

The soldier’s movements are slow and methodical as he wipes the worst of the blood away from Steve’s back. He unbuckles the heavy manacles from Steve’s wrists and examines the joints for swelling or excessive ligature marks. He checks Steve’s pulse once, twice, three times, before determining that the mission is a success.

The soldier closes his eyes.

Bucky opens his eyes. Steve is flopped forward across a metal chair, unconscious or nearly so. His back is a tormented mess of lacerations, several of which are still bleeding. Bucky’s heart races until he can feel it in the center of his chest, throughout his torso. He makes himself breathe steadily.

Steve needs him now. The mission is not over.

Bucky kneels in front of Steve, uses his warm hand to cup Steve’s chin until he can look at his face. With a damp cloth, he washes away the worst of the mess there and croons sweet words until Steve blinks blearily.

“I’m done,” he says. His voice trembles, but his metal hand is rock steady as it slowly cards through Steve’s hair.

For all that Bucky is ashamed of his need for this, hates himself every time he comes up for what he does to Steve, the man who deserves pain least of anyone in the world, there is a part of him, deep, deep down, that is never at peace until it has claimed Steve in the most barbaric way possible.

Steve wakes up slightly, enough to lock his eyes on Bucky’s. Through all the pain and exhaustion he’s feeling, he manages to twitch one side of his mouth up in a crooked smile that is still sweeter than anything Bucky can imagine.

“How do you feel?” Steve whispers. His voice is raw from screaming.

A tear slips down Bucky’s cheek. “I love you,” he vows.

Steve’s acceptance burns into Bucky’s soul. “I love you, too.”

Roots and Leaves

Date: 2016-09-04 07:54 pm (UTC)
irusu: "Irusu" written in kanji (Default)
From: [personal profile] irusu

I spent literal weeks trying to figure out what monster should be menacing him and couldn't come up with one I wanted to draw, so I cheaped out and put THE VIEWER in the role of the monster. Maybe we'll both get lucky and someone will find this picture and write the story to go along with it.

Also posting on AO3 (and Tumblr and DA, after reveals). Many thanks to my partner who volunteered to pose for pictures after I whined about not being able to find ref that matched the image in my head, even after I revealed the process would involve rope.

Edited Date: 2016-09-04 08:09 pm (UTC)


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