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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: SilverDolphin
Other Profiles: -

General DNWs: gen, pre-slash, bad/hopeless endings, het, character/ship/category bashing
General Likes:
- ship fic
- slash
- happy or hopeful endings
- angst with happy ending
- friends to lovers/enemies to lovers/enemies to friends to lovers
- getting together fic
- slow burn
- first times
- ship-bonding situations
- dysfunctional & mutually codependent relationships
- "saying" 'I love you' only with actions instead of words/showing feelings with sex or touch instead of words
- situations that make tough characters be/feel/act in a realistically vulnerable way
- competent characters/showing competence
- awkwardness/clumsiness
- loyalty
- trust in each other/with their lives, and hearts
- jealousy/possessiveness/protectiveness
- me-and-you-against-the-world
- on the run together
- prison fic/imprisonment together (divergent canon or AU)
- breaking out of captivity/being on the run
- identity porn (canon or canon AUs)
- characters wearing each other's clothes, accidentally or not accidentally
- futurefic/post-canon
- stranded somewhere alone but together/survival scenarios
- sex and/or cuddle for warmth
- sharing a bed/bunk
- forced intimacy situations (shaving/feeding/etc the other, bandaging his injuries, etc)
- dark fic
- dystopias
- ucronic stories
- worldbuilding
- space setting or exo-planets
- well-thought alien species (biology, culture, sexes, etc)
- interracial marriages/couplings, even with different biologies
- consensual body modification
- mpreg, accidental or wanted
- non-consensual body modification or mpreg (if it's the enemy doing that to hero)
- averting death/close calls, lingering trauma for the partner
- mission fics
- mission goes wrong &/or deal with the consequences of mission went wrong
- undercover as gay/couple/married
- I-marry-you-to-save-you-from-hurt/sentence/abusive pretender/etc
- accidental/fake/arranged marriage
- weddings
- sould bonding (accidental or wanted)
- hurt/comfort (any kind of hurt)
- impairment (permanent or temporary)
- torture &/or rescue fic
- recovery fic
- rape &/or recovery process (no healing cock trope thought, please?)
- forced on drugs by enemy/getting unwanted addiction
- character helping the other addicted character during the withdrawal/recovering process or during relapses
- bonding over shared adversities/ordeals
- action scenes/hand-to-hand fights/battles
- fighting back to back while outnumbered
- fighting or training brings them to have sex (while being not a couple yet)
- war setting stories
- trench war or other kind
- post-war stories/veterans bonding over war stories
- PTSD/having to cope with traumas
- issue fic
- single characters getting outed by media or coming out of the closet
- when the outing/coming out bring the other character to talk about feelings or follows suit (comes out) in a show of support.
- interiorized homophobia or other kinds of self-hate/self-blaming behaviour about stuff they've no rational reason to feel guilty about

- any range of consensuality is fine, if it fits the character or the situation, go for it
- intercourse/anal sex (my main preference)
- rushed or insufficient preparation for penetrative sex
- desperate sex
- passionate and/or rough sex
- sparring/arguing turns into rough sex
- bad decision sex
- semi-clothed sex
- characters who think they're just having casual sex ending up desperately in love
- awkward sex, particularly if first time or virgin character is involved
- virginity/first time with a man/first time bottoming or topping/first time having sex in general
- sex in showers
- kisses
- bruise during sex or sex while bruised/hurt
- switching with no strict top/bottom roles.
- if Dom/sub I'd prefer them not switching though
- bondage
- impact play (except for spanking) whips, cans, etc are all good
- power exchange
- no safeword use (see the bad decision sex above) - totally optional anyway
- branding
- cock cages
- wearing plugs or dildos
- wearing (symbolic or uncomfortable) toys all the day along
- wearing bruises after the sex session, or aching while sitting the day after
- other people mistaking bruises due to dom/sub sex for abuse

Note: the fandoms are listed in a random order, there's no order of preference for any of them. ;)

Fandom: The Chronicles of Riddick Series

Requested Media Types:fics
DNW Media Types: graphics, paint-overs, cards.

Character/Pairing: Riddick/Vaako
- Riddick keeps losing all the people he gets close to, I'd like if your story showed that some lasting happiness is in store for him too, no Vaako's transcending, please? Or Vaako returning from Transcendence?
- What if Vaako got tricked by Krone the same way Riddick did, and he got abandoned half-dead on the same hostile planet Riddick got stranded in, and Vaako finds him?
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

Character/Pairing: Riddick/Vaako/Dame Vaako (as an equilateral triangle, not a v shaped relationships) as an exception to my no-het request
- After the fiasco with Krone is fixed, does Vaako finally take Riddick to his native planet himself?
- What if Vaako got tricked by Krone the same way Riddick did, and he got abandoned half-dead on an hostile planet too, or something like that?
- Or, bonus or alternate version, what happens after Vaako got back from his forced exile?
- Could Riddick somehow taking the precedence of Vaako's faith and his desire to transcend?
- Dame is the real head of the whole Necromonger Army, Vaako and Riddick as Lord Marshals both but also as her personal slaves/husbands/subordinates/bodyguards at the same time, that makes her the true leader. Tell me about this story, and/or their fun sex games in bed? Does she like better to get them to take her, or to take them in turn and then to have them to make a show for her? Or how would they be with each other?
- A situation they're put in the condition of needing to trust completely of each other, with their or someone else lives, something like that?
- romance happening while held in a prison?
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

In any event, I'd like an happy shippy ending, please?

Fandom: MCU

Requested Media Types: fics, vids (though I'm bad at saying what I like about vidding except for preferring the ones with fast-beat music)
DNW Media Types: graphics, paint-overs, cards.
Fandom Specific NOTPs: Steve/Bucky, any canon ship.

Character/Pairing: Rhodey/Steve, Rhodey/Sam, Steve/Sam, Rhodey/Steve/Sam
- Post-civil war, recovery fic (not fix-it) where Steve or Sam helps Rhodey to cope. Bonus: they bond/get together in the process?
- War AU (dystopia or WWII or other) where they fight shoulder to shoulder and bond in the process? Protect each other? One gets hit and the other saves him?
- Dystopia where Steve's a government's "property" because of signing up to the Super Soldier program 60 years earlier and Rhodey and/or Sam being military are able to take him under their protection.
- They're runaways together (the other Avengers helping them out? Or no Avengers in this world?)
- Secret invasion in MCU where Tony trying to capture/frame them is due to him being a Skrull imposter.
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

Character/Pairing: Sam/Rumlow or Steve/Rumlow
Prompts: HTP fics? Also rescue & recovery stories, I really love them so much.
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

Fandom: The Flash/DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Requested Media Types:fics, vids (though I'm bad at saying what I like about vidding except for preferring the ones with fast-beat music).
DNW Media Types: graphics, paint-overs, cards.

Character/Pairing: Ray/Mick, Mick/Leonard, Ray/Leonard, Ray/Mick/Leonard, all the ships as Earth-2 versions too
- They're stranded in the past/future/different Earth/planet, have to adapt and decide what to do. Bonus if they bond, or have sex and then bond. It's what makes get them together at last?
- Alternate Canon where Ray/Mick (or Ray/Mick/Leonard or Ray/Leonard?) exploring their adventures/shenanigans while they're heroes during the day and robbers at night. +10000 for romance happening accidentally in the process
- Mission where Leonard and Ray (or other ship) have to pretend to be a couple. Of course things go wrong and they have to demonstrate they're into a relationship. ;)
- Alternatively, undercover mission where one of them has to make up or something with the enemy in order to infiltrate in the enemy lair, and the other(s) can't take it and act jealous and/or protective, ruining the mission or something. Bonus if they weren't together and this prompts them to talk about feelings.
- Something about this, maybe: Mick doesn't like to bottom because he hates how vulnerable that position makes him feel. Ray and/or Leonard love to top him because of the show of trust involved in the act.
- Post-apocalypse survival fic, they stick together, each other is all they have now.
- Something based on any of the dark-flavored likes, or recovery fic?
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

Character/Pairing: Singh/Snart, Earth-2 Singh/Earth-2 Snart
- Criminal/Lawful authority, as a pairing it appears as being an intriguing dynamic and I'd love to read stories exploring it. For in either Earth (Criminal Singh/Mayor Snart, or Super Villain Snart/Police Captain Singh).
- Accidentally stuck together (under a crumbled building or a caved in tunnel, etc), saving each other's lives in turn while trying to escape from the place
- They've grown up together?
- Post-apocalypse survival fic, they stick together, each other is all they have now.
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

In any event, I'd like an happy shippy ending, please?

Fandom: Mad Max Movie Series

Requested Media Types: fics, vids (though I'm bad at saying what I like about vidding except for preferring the ones with fast-beat music).
DNW Media Types: graphics, paint-overs, cards.

Character/Pairing: Max/OMC or Max/Leonard Snart (Arrowverse) or Max/Steve Rogers (Marvel)
- Max rescues a guy despite his best judgement, but it reveals to be different this time when the guy stick together with him and he starts to fell something for him.
- And/or, lonelyness makes him make up an imaginary bond-mate and lover. Some nights he would almost swear it feels real when he has sex with him. What happens if one day he start to doubt his lover isn't a figment of his imagination? Bonus: much sex. <3 With Max both bottoming and topping mystery guy.
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

Character/Pairing: Max/Enemy
- Non-con sex or gang-bang (where he doesn't get excited or comes)
- he's captured, beat up and then branded with the hot iron brand.
- Rescue fic post either scenario above, then OMC or other character takes care of Max.
- Anything inspired on my list of likes.

Fandom: Farscape

Requested Media Types:fics, vids (though I'm bad at saying what I like about vidding except for preferring the ones with fast-beat music).
DNW Media Types: graphics, paint-overs, cards.

Character/Pairing: John Crichton/Scorpius
- I've a thing for slave/master relationships where codependency is a strong component of it; this show tickled me about an idea of them in this kind of dynamic and I'd love read a fic about it, or seeing a vid about it. Bonus for plenty of BDSM and S/M practices, dom and sub head-space exploration, sub- or dom- drop, aftercare, etc. It haven't to be a consensual relationship on both sides, or it can be if you'd prefer it like this. Also I'm OK with brain-wash, Stoccolma-sindrome, etc. Also OK with either of the two of them being the Master and either the slave (though no switch please).
- I can't think of other prompts right now, but anything else inspired on my list of likes too is totally good with me.

Fandom: X-Men Movies (Original or Alternate Timeline)

Requested Media Types:fics
DNW Media Types: graphics, paint-overs, cards.

Character/Pairing: Scott/Logan
- I'd love a story either set during the original timeline, maybe an alternate canon/fix-it where Scott doesn't die? Or set during any point of the alternate timeline. Actually, I'm totally cool with either version of Scott, younger or older, I'm not picky at all, I love all the Scotts! :D
- What if their angry or hate (or pretend-to-hate-you-but-actually-I-don't) sex becoming loving sex?
- Beast!Wolvie/Scott rape fic is something totally welcome, if you'd like to write it I'll be happy to read it. Optionally, a post-rape recovery story with Scott and Logan trying to mend their working relationship? Could they ever get together now, after what happened with Beast!Wolverine?
- What if rivalry over Jean becomes the sparkle that make them get together?
- Snowed in. What if at the end of a mission they get stuck in a cabin scarcely refurbished for longer than they'd like. How they pass the time? Do they eventually kiss/have sex? :D
- sex pollen or AMTD or hurt/comfort scenario brings them together
- sex while Scott is hurt? Bonus if Logan has to bathing/shaving/bandaging him at some point?
- I'd be totally happy also with mission fic where there's slow burn and first time.
- anything else from my likes is totally welcome too.

In any event, I'd like an happy shippy ending, please?


Date: 2016-08-05 02:04 pm (UTC)
tarlanx: (TCoR - Riddick and Vaako profile)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
Author: Tarlan ([ profile] tarlanx)
Title: Necromonger
Fandom: Riddick movies
Characters: Riddick/Vaako
Rating: NC17 slash
Summary: Vaako is recalled before he can reach the Threshold, and as a true Necromonger, he obeys without question.
Notes/Warnings: None


I hope you like this ficlet :)


Date: 2016-09-03 06:55 am (UTC)
melody_jade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] melody_jade
I've posted a Logan/Scott fic for you on AO3, hope you like it!
Title: All roads lead to the same place
Summary: The Sentinels had devastated the mutant population. But they had also brought him and Scott together.

Ficlet: Feral

Date: 2016-09-14 01:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Title: Feral
Rating: R
Pairing: Max/War Boys
Word Count: 715
Summary: Max suffers the consequences of his attempted escape from the Citadel.
Warning: Non-con gangbang

He runs and runs, but there’s an obstacle at every turn. And then there’s nothing. Nothing but open air. He almost falls, almost wants to fall, but he saves himself, despite himself. Sometimes he thinks of letting himself die, thinks it would silence the accusatory voices of the dead. But inevitably comes the fear that dying will mean facing those he failed to save, that there won’t be anywhere to run to flee them.

When the voices of the dead quiet, he becomes aware of the exhilarated shouts of the living. There’s nothing joyous about it. It’s the braying of predators who’ve successfully brought down prey. And he’s the prey. He becomes aware of the suffocating weight of half a dozen bodies piled on top of him.

“Got ‘im!”

“Stupid feral almost ran right off the cliff.”

“Real high octane guzzoline in his veins. I want a top-up from him.”

Shackles are put back on each of his limbs and a metal grate of some sort is shoved over his face and locked in place.

The frenzied energy of the pack is almost tangible, almost something you can feel on the air or smell, like you could feel or smell an impending thunderstorm long ago before the rain stopped and the oceans dried up. And beneath that, of course, is the very real musk of an unknown multitude of men.

He feels his trousers being yanked down and then there’s something poking at his asshole. He yelps as it’s forced into him. It feels like a hot knife stabbing him in the gut. He know what it is, of course, but he delays naming it for as long as he can.

He used to be a cop. He used to be a husband and a father. He was never the kind of guy this sort of thing happened to. But that was another world, back when there was a world, not just the wreckage of one. Though if he’s truthful, it could have happened to anybody, even back then. But not him. He struggles, but it’s futile.

He’s helpless to protect himself, he can’t stop them as they take turns raping him. At some point, one of them reaches under him and roughly fondles him.

“Soft,” a laughing voice announces. “What’s the matter, you don’t like me?”

A theatrical kiss is planted on his ear, and he jerks his head just in time to smash the nose of the man whose cock is currently buried in his ass. He hears a snarled curse, and a vicious punch is delivered to his kidneys, and the rapist’s thrusts become even more brutal.

He doesn’t try to keep count of how many of them rape him. He’s surprised when he realizes it’s over, that there’s not another one taunting him about how loose and sloppy he is. They must have gotten bored and wandered away once they were done. More than anything, more than escaping or getting to safety, more than putting a bullet into the brain of each bastard who’d raped him, he wants to cleanse himself of their filth.

The water. That flooded corridor he’d ran through, the water might be dirty and greasy, but it would wash away their semen and their sweat. It would wash their smell out of his nose if he had to half-drown himself.

He forces his bruised, aching body to rise, but when he tries to take a step forward, he falls flat on his face. The chain connecting his ankle shackles is too short.

A hoarse cackle sounds within the cavern.

He looks up to see an emaciated man crouched in a cage raised up to the ceiling. “Not too smart, are you, mate? There’s no running and no fighting back, you’ll only inflame the War Boys and get yourself gangbanged good and hard again.”

He doesn’t have the words or the energy to respond fully, so he just makes an animal sound of fury and defiance.

“High octane universal donor,” the caged man says. “They’ll keep you alive forever if you don’t provoke them.”

That possibility is the second most terrifying fate he can think of. He thrashes and writhes anew, though he know it’s futile. Whatever his fate, he won’t accept it docilely.


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