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Kamen Rider

The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)

  • The Keys of the Kingdom (1944) for Muccamukk: Requests


Kingdom Hearts

  • Kingdom Hearts for prosodiical: Requests

Kingsman (Movies)

Knytt Stories

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

  • Kong: Skull Island (2017) for sweetcarolanne: Requests

Kordian - Słowacki

  • Kordian - Słowacki for Nabielka: Requests

Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler

  • Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler for piscaria: Requests

Land of the Dead

Languages (Anthropomorphic)

  • Languages (Anthropomorphic) for meme_inspired: Requests

Laverne and Shirley

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes for rosecake: Requests

The Lego Movie


  • Leverage for TanyaReed: Requests

  • Leverage for scribblemyname: Requests

  • Leverage/Coupling (UK) (crossover) for TanyaReed: Requests

  • Leverage/John Wick (crossover) for heeroluva: Requests

  • Leverage/The Librarians (crossover) for TanyaReed: Requests

The Librarians

  • The Librarians for TanyaReed: Requests

  • The Librarians/Leverage (crossover) for TanyaReed: Requests

Life on Mars (UK)

  • Life on Mars (UK) for falsteloj: Requests

Little Women (1994)

  • Little Women (1994) for triplesalto: Requests

The Long Walk

  • The Long Walk for ninety6tears: Requests

Lost Girl


Lucifer (TV)

Lunar (Video games)

  • Lunar (Video games) for phidari: Requests

MacGyver (2016)

Machineries of Empire

  • Machineries of Empire for tonepoem: Requests

Mad Max

The Magnificent Seven (TV)

  • The Magnificent Seven (TV) for tarlan: Requests

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Agent Carter for sapphire2309: Requests

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Dunderklumpen: Requests

  • Captain America (MCU) for chase_acow: Requests

  • Guardians of the Galaxy for green_wing: Requests

  • Guardians of the Galaxy for Veleda_k: Requests

  • Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU for heeroluva: Requests

  • MCU for Ginger_Ale: Requests

  • MCU for green_wing: Requests

  • MCU for rosecake: Requests

  • MCU (mostly GotG) for Snickfic: Requests

  • MCU for thecarlysutra: Requests

  • MCU for VampirePaladin: Requests

  • MCU/Arrowverse (crossover) for VampirePaladin: Requests

  • MCU/Naruto (crossover) for heeroluva: Requests

  • MCU/X-Men Movies (crossover) for VampirePaladin: Requests

Marvel Comics

Mary Russell - Laurie R. King

  • Mary Russell - Laurie R. King for Doranwen: Requests

Mass Effect

  • Mass Effect for Irusu: Requests

  • Mass Effect for Sumi: Requests

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda for heeroluva: Requests

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda for Sumi: Requests

  • Mass Effect/Dragon Age (crossover) for heeroluva: Requests

  • Mass Effect/Witcher (crossover) for heeroluva: Requests

McLeod's Daughters

  • McLeod's Daughters for Dunderklumpen: Requests

The Mentalist

Merlin (BBC)

  • Merlin (BBC) for Dunderklumpen: Requests

Mind Zero

Miranda (BBC)

  • Miranda (BBC) for Dunderklumpen: Requests


The Mummy Series (1999)

  • The Mummy Series (1999) for theladyscribe: Requests

Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells

  • Murderbot Diaries for Muccamukk: Requests

My Dearly Beloved Detective

  • My Dearly Beloved Detective for PhoenixFalls: Requests

Mystic Messenger

  • Mystic Messenger for shadow_lover: Requests

Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~

  • Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~ for straightforwardly: Requests



  • Naruto for Mornelithe_Falconsbane: Requests

  • Naruto for shadow_lover: Requests

  • Naruto/MCU (crossover) for heeroluva: Requests

Natsume Yuujinchou

  • Natsume Yuujinchou for Memaizaka: Requests

Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende

  • The Neverending Story for Morbane: Requests

Nirvana in Fire (TV)

  • Nirvana in Fire (TV) for Melody_Jade: Requests

Norn9 (Anime)

  • Norn9 (Anime) for scribblemyname: Requests


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