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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [ profile] rollcake
Other Profiles: N/A

General DNWs: Alcohol use, AUs other than the ones listed in my likes, coping with loss, forced feminization, incest, insults as dirty talk or humiliation*, mpreg/pregnacy, non-canonical character death, rape, rape play, scat, vomiting

*This is gauged more by the presence of contempt than the actual words said.

General Likes:
• AUs I like: biker/girl gang, flower shop, ghost, Hogwarts, vampire; canon divergence, fix-its, missing scenes, pre-canon, post-canon
• Angst, fluff, gen, humor, PWP (except where otherwise noted). Can be dark as long as it doesn't start out fluffy and end up feeling hopeless.
• All the POVs, including first/second person POV, and experimental art/writing styles are very welcome

Bulletproof kinks/tropes:
Domesticity, D/s dynamics, found family, going on dates, hair kink, healing from abuse, height/size difference, holding hands, kissing, loyalty kink, mutual pining, praise kink, service kink

More bulletproof kinks/tropes, but these were kind of wordy, so they're in a separate list for easy reading:
• Bonding over shared interests, cultural differences, mutual obligations, food, etc.
• Complicated relationships (i.e. not sure if they're dating or just friends but whatever they are is pretty nice, external circumstances make being together difficult)
• Falling asleep on/against/next to each other
• Hurt/comfort (i.e. emotional hurt/comfort, colds/fevers, temporary injury that makes the injured party unable to do a things and feel useless)
• Little intimate moments and subtle displays of affection
• Seasonal/weather tropes (i.e. huddling for warmth, rainy days, sharing umbrellas)
• Various clothing kinks/tropes (i.e. alternate outfits, dressing/undressing, sharing clothes, unnecessarily detailed descriptions of clothing)

Note: I am open to gen or porny interpretations for all of the above and the presence of the word "kink" doesn't indicate a preference for porn. Also, I tried to come up up with a variety of prompts to help with inspiration since a lot of my requested pairings are rare, but it's totally fine to not use them. I'm happy just get things as long as they don't touch upon my DNWs.

Fandom: Captive Prince

Requested Media Types: Fic, fanmix, recs
DNW Media Types: Art and other visual media

Character/Pairing: Aimeric/Jord
Prompts: AU where they're happy and together somehow, AU where they run away together and become traveling merchants with Charls or something equally ridiculous, Aimeric POV because we know how Jord feels about him but Aimeric is complicated, AU where Aimeric is a ghost

Character/Pairing: Laurent & Nicaise
Prompts: One of my favorite little details from the books is how nice Laurent is to kids, and I think his relationship with Nicaise was particularly intriguing. They have such a unique dynamic that I wish we got to see more of. I'm still drawing a blank with prompts, but maybe Nicaise being mouthy about Laurent's crossdressing habit but secretly wanting to dress up pretty, too.

Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates

Requested Media Types: Art, fic, fanmix, recs
DNW Media Types: Icons, vids

Character/Pairing: Azura/Kaden
Prompts: Visiting Kaden's village, more tail fluffing/napping together like in their supports, Azura actually being kind of happy, Kaden's reaction to Azura wearing the fox tail accessory

Character/Pairing: Caeldori/Rhajat
Prompts: That prep/goth dynamic (modern high school AUs okay), Rhajat giving Caeldori that makeover, Caeldori trying to get Rhajat into romance novels, Caeldori being her friendly outgoing self and Rhajat being confused/suspicious. I'm fond of Oboro!Caeldori and have no preference for Rhajat.

Character/Pairing: Hana/Sakura
Prompts: No sex please, unless you age them up. Childhood promises, fluffy flowery first love stuff, post-Conquest angst where Hana is distraught about having failed to protect Sakura. I also like the idea of them dressing up and doing seasonal outing things (i.e. cherry blossom viewing, summer festival)

Character/Pairing: Hinata/Oboro/Takumi
Prompts: I love how they all support each other in their own way and bring out the best in each other. Maybe something about how Oboro and Takumi don't sleep well at night and Hinata probably sleeps like a log? Doesn't have to focus equally on all three characters as long as it's clear they're all together.

Character/Pairing: Hisame/Shigure
Prompts: No sex please. Shigure painting a picture for Hisame, Hisame wanting to learn more about pegasi, bonding over tea and pickles like in their supports, quietly enjoying each other's company. Setsuna!Hisame is my favorite; no preference for Shigure.

Character/Pairing: Niles/Setsuna
Prompts: Lying in a field together, looking at the stars, cultural differences, body accessories, general shinanegans, Niles trying to make good on his promise to take care of/look after Setsuna but finding it more difficult than he anticipated, Setsuna trying to do something nice for Niles but it doesn't really go well because Setsuna is Setsuna.

Character/Pairing: Any/Setsuna, Any & Setsuna
Prompts: I love Setsuna. I love her nonchalance and her optimism and I especially love it when people are nice to her. Like, you could give me some OOC Garon being nice to Setsuna crack and I would eat it up.

Fandom: Persona 5

Requested Media Types: Art, fic, fanmix, recs
DNW Media Types: Icons, vids

Character/Pairing: Ann Takamaki/Shiho Suzui
Prompts: AU where Shiho gets to go on the class trip, fluffy crepe dates, AU where bad things don't happen to Shiho, supportive girlfriends, more about that Shiho who tells Ann her paintings are ugly. Honestly, I'm not very far along in Ann's confidant ranks, but I am pushing along and don't mind spoilers.

Character/Pairing: Ann Takamaki/Yusuke Kitagawa, Ann Takamaki & Yusuke Kitagawa
Prompts: Ann dragging Yusuke out to buy more clothes, Yusuke blowing all his money on sweets for Ann, the unholy unity of Ann's terrible acting and Yusuke's melodramatic nonsense, fake dating for a social function (i.e. art exhibition, modeling thing), lady/knight dynamics, D/s dynamics

Character/Pairing: MC/Yuki Mishima
Prompts: Going on dates because all their early social links were the perfect set up for dates, AU where Mishima is a persona user, angsty hurt/comfort things about Mishima's self-esteem issues or Kamoshida's abuse, yandere/shadow Mishima, what happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii

Character/Pairing: MC/Yusuke Kitagawa
Prompts: "Draw me like one of your French girls," AU where Yusuke actually moves in with MC for more than a day and they may or may not share a bed, MC being concerned about Yusuke's eating habits/spending habits, angsty stuff about Madarame, just Yusuke being Yusuke tbh

Fandom: Original Works

Requested Media Types: Art, fic, recs for any media
DNW Media Types: -

Character/Pairing: Monster girl/human girl, canons with monster girls
Prompts: I love monster girls especially when they seduce or steal away young maidens. Bonus points if the human girl is kind of naive and utterly enthralled. The only thing I'm not really fond of are feathery, bird-like girls. (Some examples of things I do like: antlers/hooves, branches/vines, claws/fangs, tentacles, webbed hands/feet, folkloric/mythological/paranormal creatures in general, eldritch horrors, etc.) Also, I keep saying "girls" because that seems to be the name of the trope, but I'm fine with characters of any age.

Requested Media Types: Icons, icon recs
DNW Media Types: Things that aren't icons

Prompts: I would love more icons with the following themes: embroidery, nature, sewing, writing. I have a preference for icons that contain no people.
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