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AO3 Name: [ profile] rosecake
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General DNWs: explicit underage porn, a/b/o, mundane AUs
General Likes: gen, het, slash, femslash, fluff, tragedy, comedy, action & adventure, mysteries, backstory, timeloops and time travel, hurt/comfort, domesticity, holiday fic, huddling for warmth, fake dating, sex pollen, loyalty & betrayal, sacrifice, pining, threesomes, costumes and uniforms, tentacles, mind controls, ghosts and hauntings, bondage, captivity, stockholm/lima, violence, choking & biting, death fic, corruption, dub-con and non-con

Fandom: DC Comics

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Alan Scott
Prompts: I love all versions and all time periods he's from! I would love anything from his younger days, when he was still getting used to being a hero, or anything dealing with his legacy, or how he deals with leading the JSA. I would love anything that deals with his relationship to the younger generation of superheroes, and also I ship him with Jay, Kent, Molly, Hippolyta, Hal, Amanda Waller, and Jim Corrigan.

Character/Pairing: Hal Jordan
Prompts: I would love anything with him having adventures in space, or just hanging out with his loved ones on earth, or maybe something that deals with his time being possessed by either Parallax or the Spectre? I ship him with basically everyone, but especially with Barry, Sinestro, Carol, Jessica, Simon, Bruce, Alan and Saint Walker.

Character/Pairing: Jessica Cruz
Prompts: I would love anything that deals with her history and her time being possessed, or I would also love anything that has her getting used to being a superhero! She has so much room to explore. I would love tot anything with her adventuring. I like her and Baz's interactions with their families a lot, and I also ship her with Simon, Hal, Barry, and Diana!

Character/Pairing: Courtney Whitmore
Prompts: I love Courtney, and I would love any kind of fic about her - maybe her still feeling out her powers in the Stars and STRIPE era? Or what kind of superhero does she turn out to be in the future? The idea of legacy has always been a huge deal with both her and the rest of the JSA, and anything where she gets thrown into the past and has to deal with getting back would be great. I would adore her interacting with the rest of the JSA, or any of the old Starman cast of characters, or any of the new 52 Justice League of America characters. I also ship her with Kara | Supergirl, Miiyahbin | Equinox, and Maxine | Cyclone.

Fandom: DC TV

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Kendra Saunders
Prompts: love her adjusting to the idea of having super powers and having al these other lives that she doesn't remember! I would love anything that deals with her reincarnations, or any time travel hijinks. Or something where she comes back to the Legends! I ship her with Ray, Sara, Cisco, Caitlin, Carter, and Savage.

Character/Pairing: Ray Palmer
Prompts: I love him so much, and how he has such a strong desire to be helpful, and how that drive sometimes gets him into trouble. I'd love more of him traveling through time, meeting people he respects, maybe accidentally messing things up in the process! I ship him with Kendra, Mick, Leonard, Amaya, Sara, Eobard, and Rip.

Character/Pairing: Amaya Jiwe
Prompts: I love her and how focused she is, and how willing she is to sacrifice for what she thinks is right. I love time travel and would love any sort of hijinks with her running around in the past. I also really loved her in Doomworld, and I'd love more of that version of her! I would also really love to read more about her time in the JSA. I love her with Rex, Sara, Ray, Nate, and Courtney.

Character/Pairing: Caitlin Snow
Prompts: I love both normal Caitlin and Killer Frost! I love that sense of tension with her own powers, and I'd love any fic that deals with what it's like living like that threat of losing it hanging over her. Or with her saving the day with her medical/biology skills! Or something with her dealing with all the grief she's had to through. Relationship-wise I like her with basically everyone - Julian, Cisco, Barry, Iris, Kendra, Savitar, Eobard, Wells, Hunter, Stein and Ronnie.

Fandom: Dollhouse

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Adelle DeWitt
Prompts: I love her! I love her whole aesthetic, and I love ruthless she is and how that works as a defense mechanism. And I really love how invested she seems in the entire concept of the Dollhouse. I'd love anything about the earlier running of the Dollhouse, or what her life is like after society falls. I ship her with Dominic, Echo, Priya, Claire, and Caroline.

Character/Pairing: Laurence Dominic
Prompts: I would love basically anything from his POV before he's outed as a spy! Or what things were like for him in the attic, or I'd love to see him imprinted into any of the dolls. Or canon divergence, what would have happened if he'd never been caught? I ship him with Adelle and Echo.

Character/Pairing: Whiskey
Prompts: I love her both as her dysfunctional self and as Claire. I'd love either more of whatever fake backstory they put in her for Claire, or who she was before she was a doll, or some comparison of the two - I'd also love to know what happened to her before the events of Epitaph One! I ship her with Adelle, Echo, Bennett, and Boyd.

Character/Pairing: Bennet Halverson
Prompts: I'd love more of her college life with Caroline, or something that shows what life was like for her immediately after the explosion, or later when she was working in DC. Or I would love more of her obsessing over Echo, or what would have happened to her if she'd survived? How would she have handled the fall of civilization?

Fandom: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Yang Wen-li
Prompts: I love his whole approach to life, where he just wants to be lazy but he's been cursed with competency and so he has to be responsible for everyone! I'd love anything that delves more into his relationships with the people around him, or some kind of canon divergence where he lives - what would have happened after his meeting with Reinhard? I ship him with Frederica, Schonkopf, Dusty, and Reinhard.

Character/Pairing: Walter von Schonkopf
Prompts: I would love more about his history and background, or any kind of action piece with him smashing things up! Or what about an AU where he lives? I'd also love more about his relationship with the rest of the Rosen Ritter. For ships, I like him with Yang, Dusty, or anybody in the Rosen Ritter.

Character/Pairing: Alex/Hortense Cazerne
Prompts: I love these two so much, and I love their relationship, and the importance of family to both of them, and I would love anything more about the two of them. They're the only people we see with family on Iserlohn, how does that affect them? Or more of their relationship with Yang and the other crew!

Fandom: Hannibal

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Hannibal
Prompts: I just love him and all his cannibal ways. I would love more artistic murder, or him driving the various people he likes and cares about insane, or some kind of post-finale story. Or just making cannibalism jokes that are going above the heads of everyone around him! Or AUs that seem normal at first until you realize that actually he's still a cannibal in them. I ship with basically everyone, but especially Will, Alana, Bedelia, Abigail, Jack, and Beverly.

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Stephen Strange
Prompts: I want to see him going around fixing mystical problems in the MCU! Or how does he adjust to being in charge of Sanctum Sanctorum? How does he relate to the other heroes? Or what happens with him and Mordo? I ship him with Christine, Mordo, Wong, Kaecilius, and the Cloak of Levitation.

Character/Pairing: Kaecilius
Prompts: I want to know more about his history - how did he get involved with magic? What was his relationship with the others like before he went crazy? What would have happened if he'd been successful? Or what happens if he escapes the Dark Dimension? I ship him with Stephen, Mordo, Wong, the Ancient One, Adria, any of the Zealots, and Dormammu.

Character/Pairing: Wong
Prompts: Again, I want to know more about his backstory! How did he get involved? What was his relationships with the others like? How do he and Strange end up getting along protecting the Sanctums together? How does he feel about so many people around him dying and/or going evil on him? I ship him with Stephen, Mordo, and Kaecilius.

Character/Pairing: Mordo
Prompts: Again, more history! Where did his strong belief in the rules come from? What if he'd known about the Ancient One's use of dark magic from the start? How does he relate to his victims? Is there any convincing him to come back to the Sanctums, or is he gone for good? I ship him with Stephen, Wong, and Kaecilius.

Character/Pairing: Mantis
Prompts: I love her so much! I want to know more about where she came from, and what her life in captivity was like. How does she feel about being free from Ego? What does she want to do with herself now? I'd love to see her interacting more with the whole crew, or maybe the Avengers and others in the wider MCU? I also ship her with Gamora, Nebula, and Ego.

Character/Pairing: Gamer
Prompts: I would love to see more of her history! Her time growing up, or solo adventures from before she met up with the rest of the Guardians. I would also love to see any kind of new adventures, or again, meeting some of the Earth characters from the MCU! I ship her with Peter, Mantis, and Nebula.

Character/Pairing: Nebula
Prompts: So what does she get up to after the events of the movie? Or, show me more of what her childhood is like! I would also love any kind of action piece, either before or after she stops working for Thanos. I ship her with Kraglin, Mantis, Gamora, and Ronan.

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Belle
Prompts: I would love more of her going on adventures in the Enchanted Forest or in other worlds! Or I also love stories set when she's still living in Rumple's castle, or I'd also love anything that deals with her trauma being held captive for so long by Regina. Or anything post that season finale! As for relationships I like her with Rumple, Mulan, Ruby, Emma, Regina, Zelena, and the Black Fairy.

Character/Pairing: Mulan
Prompts: I just want so much more of her! I'd love to read any kind of adventure, set either early in her career before she met up with Philip or later when she's trying to get over Aurora. I'd love her backstory, or to see more of her in Storybrooke. What if she'd been a part of the first curse? For ships I love her with Aurora, Belle, Ruby, Merida and Emma.

Character/Pairing: Aurora
Prompts: Another character I just want more of! I'd love anything that deals with her experiences with the sleeping curse, or more of what she's been up to in the Enchanted Forest since the last time we saw her, or what her family life is like. I ship her with Mulan, Philip, Belle, and Maleficent.

Character/Pairing: Ruby | Red
Prompts: I want her to be on the show more! I'd love anything that deals with her experiences with her werewolf curse, how she feels about her family, or more of her adventures dimension hopping trying to find more werewolves. I ship her with Dorothy, Belle, Mulan, Emma, and Mr. Gold.

Fandom: Star Wars

Requested Media Types: Art, Fic, Fanmixes, Fanvids, Gif Sets, Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.)
DNW Media Types: n/a

Character/Pairing: Jyn Erso
Prompts: I would love any kind of backstory about what her life was like between being left on Lah'mu and being picked up again by Cassian at the beginning of the movie. Or, alternatively, I would love anything where she survives Scarif! What would she do from there? I'd also love anything that involves her relationship with her family, and also I ship her with Cassian, Bodhi, Leia, Luke, Krennic, and K-2!

Character/Pairing: Galen Erso
Prompts: I would love to know what life was like for him early in the Futures Program, or on Lah'mu! Or later, what life was like for him working for Krennic on Eadu. Or how would life for him and his family have turned out if he had fled directly to the Rebellion instead of trying to hide on Lah'mu? Or what if he hadn't been killed on Eadu? I ship him with Lyra, Krennic, Bodhi, and Padme!

Character/Pairing: Bodhi Rook
Prompts:I would love backstory - what was his life like growing up? Why did he join the Empire, and what was he expecting it to be? How did he fit in as part of the Empire before he met Galen? Or, if he'd survived Scarif, how would he have fit in with the Alliance? Pairings-wise I like him with Galen, Jyn, Luke, Leia, Krennic, and Bor Gullet.

Character/Pairing: Orson Krennic
Prompts:I would really love anything with him being intensely dramatic. Or I would love backstory! I would also love to see him struggling for position right out of the Program, or trying to keep it after he loses Galen on Coruscant. I'd also love any kind of Imperial power games, or mind games with the Erso family. As for pairings, I like him Galen, Tarkin, Vader, Lyra, Jyn and Bodhi.

Character/Pairing: Wilhuff Tarkin
Prompts: I'd love backstory from basically any point in his life - adventures from when he was in the Regional Security Force, or the Judicial Forces, as Governor of Eriadu, or during the Clone Wars. I'd also love anything that delves into his relationships with the other officers, or his subordinates, or Palpatine. Or how would things have turned out if he hadn't died? I ship him with Vader/Anakin, Krennic, Thrawn, and Pryce.

Character/Pairing: Darth Vader | Anakin Skywalker
Prompts: I'd love anything that delves more into his interior life as Vader - what's going on in his head during the trilogy? Does he think of his past, and how does he remember the people he used to know? I'd also love canon divergence AUs - what if he doesn't go Sith? Or what if he raises the twins in the Empire? I ship him with Tarkin, Padme, and Obi-Wan, or him tormenting any rebel or traitor he's managed to hunt down.

Character/Pairing: Padme Amidala
Prompts: I would love anything that delves into her history, either her relationship with her family or her training as a public servant. I would also love some kind of incident set during the Clone Wars. Or her serving in the Senate! Or, I like AUs where she survives the birth of the twins, or something with her reflecting on events after her death as a ghost. I ship her with Anakin, Palpatine, any of her handmaidens, Satine, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan.

Character/Pairing: Poe Dameron
Prompts: I would love anything about him, from his time in the New Republic to his time in the Resistance, to future fic about what he ends up doing after the First Order is defeated. I'd also love anything that delves more into his experience being tortured by Kylo! I ship him with Rey, Finn, Leia, Luke, Kylo, the other pilots in his squadron, Terex, and Hux.

Character/Pairing: Thrawn
Prompts: I want more about the Chiss! How was he chosen to leave the planet? I'd love him and Eli straight solving a Holmesian mystery, or I'd love more action pieces with him fighting the Rebels. I'd also love any and all cultural observations. I ship him with Eli, Yularen, Tarkin, and Pryce.

Hannibal - Hannibal/Will

Date: 2017-08-22 11:24 pm (UTC)
tarlanx: (TV - Teen Wolf - Derek Hurt)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
Title: Deadly Embrace
Author: Tarlan ([personal profile] tarlanx)
Fandom: Hannibal
Pairing/Characters: Hannibal/Will
Rating/Category: NC-17 Slash
Word Count: ~1000
Spoilers: None
Summary: All Hannibal ever wanted was to share all that he was with Will.
Notes/Warnings: Blood and gore

I hope you like this :)

On AO3:

Hannibal (TV), Hannibal & Will, Ghost AU

Date: 2017-08-28 08:47 pm (UTC)
prosodiical: (Default)
From: [personal profile] prosodiical
A Hannibal ficlet for you!

The house is normal, apart from being shrouded in thick fog. The porch light reflects oddly off the mist, fading and casting long shadows, and Will breathes in the chilly winter air. "It's this place?"

"Only one it could be," Jack says, and tilts his head at the FBI agents stationed by the door. "Family of three, all died within minutes of each other. We were following a lead and got here just in time to see Mr. Hobbs kill his wife and daughter."

"And he happened to die when they got there?"

"I shot him." One of the agents tilts her head, giving Will a once-over look. "And good riddance, too. You're the ghost whisperer?"

"This is him," Jack says, covering for Will's grimace at the term. "Katz."

She gives Jack a quick nod and leaves her post at the door. "Turns out Hobbs was the one behind a series of disappearances - all brown-haired, blue-eyed girls."

"Like his daughter?"

"Yeah," Jack says. "Except these, he was eating."

Will feels goosebumps run up his spine when Jack says it, and gives a wary glance to the door. The hair on his arms is standing on end. "You don't think it's him."

"I've got my suspicions about the girl," Jack says. "There were no signs of struggle; how was he getting them to leave with him? He'd take them away to his cabin in the woods, and he took his daughter on some of his trips. Whether he was just hunting then, or... well. Her name was Abigail Hobbs."

Will bites back a number of comments, increasingly incisive, and asks the question that's been nagging at him. "How'd he know you were coming?"

"Could've just been coincidence," Jack says. "No phone calls, no texts, no emails. The neighbors saw no one. Maybe he saw the car outside and had the feeling today was the day he'd be done for."

Will looks at the house, the quiet suburban street. "There's no such thing as coincidence."

"Maybe not. I'll let you do your thing. Be careful in there."

"I always am," Will says, and pushes open the door.

It doesn't creak. His steps don't echo in the house, the floor well-crafted, the carpet clean and soft. There's a stain on the floor by the entrance, and Will sees the afterimage of a woman, choking on her own blood, before he blinks and it's gone. The crime scene's been cleaned, the bodies removed, everything relevant gone to evidence processing, and Will sets his hand on the couch and sees a girl, her father: then, nothing.

The silence is muffling his thoughts. "Hello?" Will says, and heads around to the dining room, the kitchen. He presses a hand to the wall and there’s —

— a rush of sound, a girl on the floor, blood streaming from her throat as she gasps for life and breath; a man by the corner, thrown back by gunshots, one, two, three —

Will pulls his hand away, breathing harshly through his teeth, and sees a man standing by the door.

“Who are you?” he says, and it comes out hard and sharp. “Jack said he wouldn’t let anyone in — “

The man turns toward Will, and Will’s ire rushes out of him. He’s a ghost.

It doesn’t make the incongruity of his presence make any more sense. “Hello,” the ghost says; his voice is cultured, accented foreign. He’s wearing a three-piece suit in colors muted by death, has not a hair out of place. There’s no indication as to how he died. “Will Graham, I presume?”

“Yes,” Will says, warily. “You’re not one of the Hobbs’.”

“A pity,” the man says, “isn’t it?” He walks toward Will with a deliberateness rare to those who don’t need to walk any more, and stops beside him, casting an inscrutable look at the shade of the girl on the floor. “Abigail.”

Will blinks, and she’s upright, leaning against the bench where her father died. There’s a scarf around her neck, probably to hide the gaping wound. “Hannibal,” she says. She looks at Will, and he offers her the vaguest twitch of a smile.

“It is,” Will says, “a pity. I’m sorry for what happened to you. But you should know you’re causing a bit of a localized weather disturbance.”

“Bad for business?” Hannibal - apparently - says. “Abigail tells me there was a real-estate agent by the house last week. How… callous.”

Will grimaces. “They didn’t tell me why. And this was an FBI investigation first.”

“A pity,” Hannibal repeats. “And yet, to have you of all people called out to the scene…”

“You’ve heard of me.” Will had thought they’d just been eavesdropping.

“Of course. You’re nearly one of us.” Hannibal’s expression shifts slightly; not quite a smile, but a careful, guarded friendliness. “I’ve wanted to meet you for some time.”

Abigail makes a quiet noise of disgust. Will raises his eyebrows as Hannibal looks at her, and she bites her lip and drops her gaze to the floor. “Perhaps an eye on the agents,” Hannibal says to her, more an order than a suggestion, and she nods quickly and disappears.

“How long have you wanted to meet me?” Will asks.

“The Ripper case,” Hannibal says. “Your work there was enlightening.”

The Chesapeake Ripper case was closed more than a year ago. Ghosts, usually, don’t tend to linger long; a strong will only gets one so far. Hannibal must have some unfulfilled purpose to still be here, not tied to object or person or continent, if Will’s guess is right, and there’s a wariness he can’t shake unrelated to the way Hannibal’s gaze makes a chill run down his spine. “Thank you,” he says. “Were you the one who warned Hobbs?”

A flicker crosses Hannibal’s expression before it smooths. “Very astute of you,” he says.

“You must have expected it,” Will says, “bringing up the Ripper case like that. His surgical trophies, Hobbs’ collection of the girls’ blood and bone and meat - I’d always wondered if it was cannibalism in the Ripper case, too.”

“You didn’t share your thoughts with the FBI,” Hannibal says, and Will shakes his head.

“Gideon wouldn’t have thought of it himself,” he says, “so it didn’t matter. He’ll still be locked up until he dies. What are you doing with Abigail?”

“She died in front of me,” Hannibal says. “Her continued existence is due to my actions. I felt… responsible.”

Will can’t read him at all. “Is that all?”

“Do you expect some ulterior motive?” Hannibal tilts his head slightly. “Your wariness is expected, of course, but I assure you I have no malevolent intent toward her.”

“Or me?” Will asks, and Hannibal’s mouth curves. His eyes stay flat.

“Or you.”

Abigail appears out of the corner of his eye, and Will notices the slight shift of visual adjustment he needs to make to see her properly. Disquiet itches at his throat. “They’re getting restless outside,” she says. “One of them’s headed in.”

“Thank you, Abigail,” Hannibal says, and sets a hand on her shoulder. She exhales, an old mannerism of the newly-dead. “You wished us to leave, yes? Then, let me say - it was a delight to meet you, Will Graham.”

“I didn’t catch your name,” Will says.

“Hannibal Lecter,” Hannibal says. “And I will warn you - you will have no luck searching that name.”

“Thank you,” Will says, and Hannibal inclines his head and - Will blinks.

He’s gone.

There’s still a strange feeling in the air, and Will crosses the kitchen in a few steps, uncertain if he’s being watched. When he kneels down to where Garrett Jacob Hobbs died, there’s a lingering feeling of frustration, a work unfinished. Ghosts have manifested for less. And Abigail…

“You killed him,” Will says, testing, into the empty air. Nothing happens, but then, he thinks, nothing would.

Jack’s pleased enough at the sudden clear weather, and Will takes two aspirin and rubs at his temples to soothe the pounding headache he has as he flies home. By the time he drives up to Wolf Trap it’s past midnight, and the haze of mist and light isn’t strange, but —

Abel Gideon had plead insanity. Will had testified at his trial: no ghost can make anyone do anything. Now, he’s starting to wonder if it was premature.
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Re: Hannibal (TV), Hannibal & Will, Ghost AU

Date: 2017-09-25 08:44 pm (UTC)
rosecake: Jaylah from Star Trek: AOS. (star trek - jaylah)
From: [personal profile] rosecake
Thank you so much for writing this for me ♥ I love the whole universe ghost AU you've set up in this, it's really cool, and I especially love how Will's got a set idea of how things work and by the end of it Hannibal's shaken that belief! And I loved the atmospheric effect the ghosts have. I also really liked the way it mirrors the events of the first episodes, with Hannibal still feeling responsibility/having a purpose for Abigail, and I really love that Hannibal already knows who Will is, and he's been sizing him already, it's very nicely disorienting!

Re: Hannibal (TV), Hannibal & Will, Ghost AU

Date: 2017-10-02 09:44 pm (UTC)
prosodiical: (Default)
From: [personal profile] prosodiical
Thanks for the lovely comment! I love Hannibal being weird and unsettling and your prompts were great; I'm glad you liked this!

Date: 2017-08-29 03:37 pm (UTC)
lorata: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lorata
(also found on AO3 here)

Memories swirling, swilling, like blood mixing with the sand to make a slurry that time the stormtroopers shot the shopkeeper in Tythoni Square —

(was it a shopkeeper? or was it a priest, or a thief, or a deserter, or a bystander wearing the wrong jacket, or was it all those things at different times, mingled together to make one picture in several layers, like negatives or half-developed images on thin flimsiplast placed atop each other and blurred together with a wet paintbrush, he saw an art exhibition once, he thinks?)

(that makes no sense, this makes no sense, nothing makes sense)

Bor Gullet is in his head, reaching, ripping through his mind, tearing and teasing, knocking the memories aside like shipping crates, yanking off the lids and letting the contents spill out on the floor in a giant mess while the ship pitches and yaws, banking to toss everything against the walls. He needs to sort it out but there’s no manifest, no way to tell what goes where, and he’s scrabbling on the floor trying to put it all back but it’s dark and the pieces slip through his fingers. But now it’s not shipping crates and cargo, now it’s grease and engine oil, and he tries to scoop it back into the container but he’s coated to the wrists and the stink fills his nostrils and it doesn’t matter, nothing matters, he’s lost and alone and Bor Gullet took everything, his name is somewhere but he can’t find it, where is it, who is he, who

“You’re the pilot.”

The voice, thick and gravelly but warm, somehow, cuts through the layer of panic. Bodhi wakes up gasping, sits up with a jolt, and at once he knows himself again. Bodhi Rook. I’m the pilot. “What?” he says anyway, stupidly. He blinks against the light, white and harsh, the headache drilling through his temples. He chases away the feeling of slick tentacles sliding across his skin.

The man snorts and leans back against the wall instead of repeating himself, letting his eyes fall shut. His friend, with the kind face and milky eyes, leans over and pats Bodhi on the knee. Bodhi reaches for their names but they slip away. He’s still learning. New memories don’t stick as well when he first scrambles out of sleep. The kind man smiles. “I sensed the conflict in your dreams, friend. Worry not, you have not lost yourself. The surface is agitated but the pool runs deep.”

“Don’t mind him,” says the big man, without looking up. “He always talks like that. He’s like an engine nobody can figure out how to turn off.”

It’s comforting in a way he doesn’t really understand, both the man’s voice and the soft edges to his smile, even the metaphor of the constant flow of words like the purr of a ship’s systems. People are hard but ships are easy. Even when the once-simple act of long-haul piloting became complicated (Can you say you played no part in this? Galen Erso said, the day he changed everything. You know what became of your cargo), the ships themselves didn’t change. Bodhi could fix them, tinker in their innards and lose himself in the physical act of mechanical repair, and know that no matter how conflicted he might feel, he’d always know how to fix the ship.

“It’s all right,” Bodhi says. “I like engines.”

It feels like an inane thing to say, but no one laughs or scoffs at him. That in itself feels odd, like stepping on a floor tile that’s not quite aligned — a memory swims to the surface like a reluctant fish, his friends at the Academy laughing uproariously at his Jedha accent, at the way he tried to clip his consonants and round his vowels to sound more like Imperial Standard, how they all teased each other constantly, friendships built on a scaffold of friendly mockery — but warmth blossoms in his chest and that’s all right, maybe.

He doesn’t want to sleep. Bor Gullet stalks him whenever his mind slips sideways, and Bodhi can’t let it catch him again so soon. He fears the dark, that terrible intimacy and the knowledge that nothing, no one, will ever know him so well ever again. But K2 has the helm for now and the course is laid in, and there’s nothing to fix and nothing to tinker with. He even nabbed an empty shuttle so there’s no cargo to sort and no manifest to read. Absolutely nothing to keep him occupied as they hurtle through hyperspace toward the secret rebel base and the exhaustion scrapes at him with jagged fingernails.

Worse, he can’t remember the last time he downed a cup of caf or popped a stim tab, and the headache in his temples has escalated to a full-scale construction crew pounding on the inside of his skull. But he already scoured the shuttle and came up with nothing but the most basic medical supplies, so on top of his mind skittering and trying to drag him into a quagmire of confused images and mutated mashed-up memories, now he has stim withdrawal to deal with.

Bodhi curls up in a corner of the shuttle and pulls his knees up to his chest. He’s dealt with exhaustion on long flights, that’s nothing new to a cargo pilot, but this — the helplessness and humiliation, the terror of being a prisoner in his own mind, afraid to close his eyes and rest even for a moment — this is beyond anything he ever trained for. He feels the burn in his eyes before the tears start sliding down his cheeks, and he hates himself for such weakness in a ship full of people who’ve seen a city burn, but there’s nothing he can do to stop it.


Bodhi sucks in a wet breath, and it’s futile to wipe his eyes because that would only draw attention so he hopes the shadow of the bulkhead will hide him instead. This time his mind supplies the name easily: Jyn Erso, daughter of Galen Erso, the man who pushed him, who prodded and poked and wormed his way into Bodhi’s head just like Bor Gullet and made him question everything he’d ever taken for granted because he saw something behind the anxious, exhausted cargo pilot who only wanted to do his job, get paid, and not think too hard or ask any questions.

He glances at her. She looks like Galen but softer, the same sharp cheekbones and delicate facial structure but with rounded features, instead of skin pulled taut over bone and sanded by grief and age. She has a fire in her eyes that had long burned out in Galen except in private, until the day he gripped Bodhi’s shoulder and forced him to reconsider everything he knew.

She’s pretty, too, piercing eyes and a strong jawline. Everything about her exists in a strange kind of tension, a push and pull between vulnerability and impenetrability, like walking toward a beautiful garden and slamming face-first into an invisible force-shield. She holds weapons like Cassian does, with a casual, almost thoughtless proficiency that says they’re part of her but an expression of quiet discomfort that says she wishes that they weren’t. Her hair has dried from the downpour, curling around her ears.

(Bodhi isn’t a — well, he was a pilot, you don’t get to be a pilot in the Imperial Academy without, you know, and he knows he’s — let’s just say he’s had at least a dozen admiring individuals of various species along a sliding scale of inebriation tell him that he has very lovely eyes — but this isn’t, he’s not at his best right now, all right. That soak from the storm was the most he’d bathed since defecting, and that included the days in detention soaked in sweat and his own filth. Not that now’s the time or anything, but apparently even traumatized and fighting bone-gnawing fatigue Bodhi would much prefer he’d at least seen this side of a refresher and a bar of soap before she sits this close.)

Bodhi can’t help be drawn to her, the daughter whose memory kept Galen alive as his spirit crumbled, but he hasn’t forgotten the tense exchange she’d had with Cassian, both of them twisting daggers in the other’s ribs.

Jyn doesn’t look at him. She stares down at her hands, twisted in her lap, brows furrowed. Bodhi swallows, but he fights down the nervous urge to talk to fill the silence and lets her come to it herself. “I used to think of a hole,” she says. Bodhi blinks, and she sighs, softly, and rubs her forehead with the back of one hand. “When my mother died — when they took my father — I hid in a hole for days until Saw found me. I didn’t know he was coming, I just knew I was supposed to stay there, and so I did. After that, any time I had a bad feeling, or something I didn’t want to deal with, I’d just … put it in the hole. I’d imagine shutting it up there, where it couldn’t get me.”

After Saw, after Bor Gullet, after days of sitting in that cell and waiting to die while his mind slowly unravelled, a dark hole is the last place Bodhi would imagine when he wanted to feel safe. But to a child, alone and scared and hiding from the monsters, he can see how that might make sense. Jyn lets out a quiet laugh, almost a scoff, and twists the leather cord she wears around her neck between two fingers. “But now that hole’s been blown wide open. All those things I shoved away in the dark have all come back into the light, and I don’t know how to hide from them anymore.”

She finally turns toward him, and she doesn’t quite meet Bodhi’s eyes but it’s close enough. “I don’t know if anything I’m saying makes sense, except — I know what it’s like to feel like everything’s been ripped away, and for nothing to feel safe, even in you’re own head. But you’re here, aren’t you? You made a choice, and it made a difference. You did something, and now we’re going to fight, and that’s because of you.”

He’s not sure what makes him do it, but Bodhi reaches over and takes her hand. For a moment she stiffens, and he wonders if she’s going to pull away but then she squeezes back. Bodhi closes his eyes and lets himself focus on the contact, warm and solid and grounding, chasing away the last of the slithering touch of Bor Gullet lurking at the back of his mind.

“I’m the pilot,” Bodhi says to himself. Somewhere between Jedha and here it became his mantra, pulling him back when he starts to slip. “I’m the pilot.”

He risks a glance at her again. She doesn’t smile, exactly, but the corner of her mouth twitches a little and Bodhi feels that warm glow in his chest. He’s still terrified, still half convinced that at any moment some great mysterious evil force is going to march in and rip open the side of the shuttle and fling him into open space, but maybe she’s right. In the end he did make a choice. Now all that’s left is to see if he can make up for all those choices he pretended not to see before.

He still wears the Imperial insignia on his uniform. In another story, another Bodhi might take this moment to rip them off, ask for a knife in a grand gesture so he could ferret out the stitches and toss the patches aside, but — no. No, he chose this life, he chose to ignore the implications of his job for years so he could live a good, quiet, steady life while others starved and burned and staggered under the lash. The insignia is a part of him, just like his choices. He can’t pretend they’re not.

There’s no going back, Bodhi tells himself. He looks out the narrow window at the mottled grey blur of hyperspace. There is only forward.

“If you want to sleep, I can wake you if it looks like you’re having a nightmare,” Jyn says after a while, startling him. “I’m sure you could use the rest.”

He takes a deep breath and enjoys the feeling of clarity, of feeling grounded in himself and where he is for the first time in days, the rumble of the engines and the feel of the hull, firm and solid, beneath his boots. “I’m all right,” Bodhi says. “But thank you.” Sitting with Jyn is one thing, but the thought of her watching him sleep sends a shiver of — something, not unpleasant but not exactly safe, either — that he can’t identify and doesn’t have time to chase down.

Jyn nods, then lets go of his hand and pushes herself to her feet. “Chirrut, tell us a story?” she calls out, strolling over and dropping down onto the floor.

“Ah!” Chirrut exclaims with exaggerated delight. “I know many tales, my dear. What kind of story would serve you best?”

Bodhi closes his eyes again and lets the man’s voice wash over him as he spins a tale of a group of brave animals who journey across the desert to confront a terrible foe. He remembers the story from his childhood, though he suspects the creatures have been tweaked in favour of the listeners, and Bodhi loses the thread of the words and lets the cadence of Chirrut’s voice carry him to sleep.

Date: 2017-08-30 11:17 am (UTC)
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Happy Fandom Gift Box Day!

Warmth: A Synonym for Affection (1768 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mulan/Red Riding Hood | Ruby
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - In Storybrooke | Cursed, Camping, First Kiss, Getting Together, Huddling For Warmth
Summary: Ruby can't believe there's someone living in Storybrooke she's never met before. (Canon divergence: Mulan was part of the first curse)
Edited Date: 2017-09-19 08:54 pm (UTC)

Fic: Blue Plate Special (Hannibal, Teen)

Date: 2017-09-23 01:45 am (UTC)
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Hello! I wrote you a kinda coffee shop AU, with some Hannibal/Will flirting. Hope you like!

Blue Plate Special (697 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Flirting, Implied Cannibalism, Hannibal is a Cannibal, I'd still eat there tbh

Will was hesitant to try the newest café in town, but circumstances were not on his side.


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