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General DNWs: A rather long list, so link to my DW.
General Likes: Again, link to DW.

Fandom: Anne of Green Gables

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: Anything other than fic

Character/Pairing: Anne/Stella
Prompts: A bittersweet fic about might-have-beens would be amazing! Requited or unrequited, I just want all the sadness, with a touch of gentleness and the typical Anne humor.

Character/Pairing: Diana/Anne
Prompts: No AUs, please. For this, a story about might-have-beens. Rilla/Una incorporation and parallels would get added love!

Character/Pairing: Di/any female character
Prompts: Di's short-lived, ill-fated friendships seem to me to be forerunners of later love affairs. I'd love a romance featuring Di, set during RoI. Sweet and gentle, or something darker, I don't mind either.

Character/Pairing: Paul/Walter
Prompts: This gives me vibes of a creative partnership, focused not so much on sex and sexuality as love, and giving and taking.

Character/Pairing: Rilla/Una
Prompts: Una grieved for her closest friend, of course. But where did everyone get the ridiculous notion that she loved Walter? If only she did. Unrequited Rilla/Una, Walter and Una friendship.

Character/Pairing: Walter/any male character
Prompts: I'd love to read something about the war, what Walter's perceptions of war were before he enlisted and after, how Walter reacts to war, and how he acts in war. A romance-focused fic isn't necessary at all, but I'd love a Walter/any male character romance (or unrequited love, even) which shapes Walter's view of war in some way. (Violence DNW removed for this; graphic violence, rape, torture etc. is fine. Darkfic is good.)

Character/Pairing: Walter/Una
Prompts: I’d like a romantic relationship where neither of them want anything sexual (both of them being ace) and a sweet (or bittersweet) fic, maybe with some nostalgia.

Character/Pairing: Nan & Di
Prompts: I’d like a fic exploring the differences between the twins, and how these impact their relationship, positively and negatively (I headcanon Di as lesbian, and although it’s not necessary, I’d love it if you could work that in).

Character/Pairing: Di, Nan, Faith
Prompts: What were these three doing during the war? Femslash would be welcome (although not between the three of them), and I'd love an exploration of the relationship between Di and Walter, and how things soured between them.

Character/Pairing: Kenneth, Jem, Jerry, Walter, Shirley
Prompts: As you can see, I adore fic about war and its effects, and, again, I want the same thing for these five. (Violence DNW removed for this; graphic violence, rape, torture etc. is fine. Darkfic is good.)

Character/Pairing: third generation children
Prompts: I'd love WWII fic (I can never get enough of this!) and how the children of various characters act and react.

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Requested Media Types: Anything! Please nothing sexual at all for this.
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Azula/Ty Lee
Prompts: The dark!ship of my heart. And by dark, I mean dark. Dub-con, powerplay, mindfucks—throw them all at me, and I'd love it! Loyalty, of course, and tragedy, and anger and passion and also auras, and I just want dark, dark fic.

Character/Pairing: Katara/Suki
Prompts: Sisters-in-arms fic! Katara and Suki fighting together, living together, loving together. Kick-ass women kicking ass, action, adventure! And all the bittersweet fluffiness is also lovely.

Character/Pairing: Kanna/Yugoda, Kanna/Yugoda/Pakku
Prompts: Pakku wasn't the only one who missed Kanna, and who loved her; Yugoda loved her too. Kanna and Yugoda, or the three of them, finding each other again, (and Kanna surprised but pleased at how much Pakku's changed if Kanna/Yugoda/Pakku), and falling in love all over again. Or maybe something about Kanna's girlhood and the aftermath of her eventual escape—bittersweet and gentle, with lots of angst.

Character/Pairing: Suki/Ty Lee, Sokka/Suki/Ty Lee
Prompts: For these two, or these three, I'd love 'Ty Lee joins the Kyoshi Warriors'. Past Azula/Ty Lee would be an added bonus, of course, and I'd love a gentle fic about grief and loss. Hurt/comfort would be lovely, as would a bittersweet tone, and mutual support and bonding. (Or, for art, them being dorky together.)

Character/Pairing: Azula
Prompts: I ship Ty Lee/Azula This is the dark!ship of my heart. And by dark, I mean dark. Dub-con, powerplay, mindfucks—throw them all at me, and I'd love it! Loyalty, of course, and tragedy, and anger and passion and also auras, and I just want dark, dark fic and art. Gen things I'd love include Azula and Ursa, Azula and Ozai, Azula and Zuko, Azula's fucked-up childhood. Especially: touch me and you'll burn. I'd love to see Azula in all her messed-up glory, hating and loving her parents and brother, cast adrift without Zuko's luck (and that's the ultimate irony) in finding someone who'd teach her right and wrong.
And fire! Fire-themed art is everything, especially fire-themed art of Azula and her family, slowly burning up maybe.

Character/Pairing: Katara
Prompts: Lowkey Aang/Katara is fine, but mostly, I love gen. Gen things I adore include Katara and Zuko, Katara and Toph, Katara and Suki, Katara and Sokka, Katara and all the Gaang, Katara with Kanna, Katara and Kya, Katara as the last Southern waterbender, and Katara as a teacher, a friend, a mother.
The A:TLA world is very explicitly misogynist, especially the Northern Water Tribe, but LoK seems to be a much more equal world; what role does Katara and the rest of the Gaang play in bringing that about? Or maybe something to do with Katara finding her place as a waterbender. Or post-canon, what does Katara do? Or Katara and Zuko as friends—I don't ship them, but I do find their friendship intriguing, as they're so similar and yet so different. How would they work?
Waterbending! I'd love to see action poses, Katara and water and how they fit. Or maybe Katara spending time with a grown-up Gaang? Or Katara as a warrior. Or maybe Katara, post-canon and grown up, doing what she's always wanted to do—helping people. Or maybe some Katara and Toph bonding time, because their friendship is so, so lovely.

Character/Pairing: Kanna
Prompts: I ship Kanna/Yugoda and Kanna/Yugoda/Pakku. Gen things I'd love include Kanna in the Nothern Water Tribe, Kanna sailing for freedom, the lost years in the Southern Water Tribe, Kanna and Kya, and Kanna and Katara.
Pakku wasn't the only one who missed Kanna, and who loved her; Yugoda lover her too. The three of them finding each other again, and Kanna surprised but pleased at how much Pakku's changed, and falling in love all over again. Or a story about Kanna's girlhood and the aftermath of her eventual escape would be lovely—bittersweet and gentle, with lots of angst, ship, or gen.
I'd love to see a young Kanna rowing away from the Nothern Water Tribe, proud and defiant, never to return. Or Kanna finding her old lover(s) again. Or Kanna and her family, the family she built for herself, Kya and Hakoda and Katara and whatever unnamed husband or wife.

Character/Pairing: Kyoshi, Yangchen
Prompts: How do Avatars adapt to being thrust into a world of alien cultures and people, and regarded as a god among them? How do they react to this, by clinging tighter to their culture and heritage or letting it go altogether? Basically, I'd love culture clashes and cultural exploration, and a journey to find balance.
If you could translate culture clashes into art, that'd be wonderful! Other than that, maybe F/F with an OC, or either Kyoshi or Yangchen displaying their Avatar powers, or Kyoshi and Yangchen bonding in the afterlife?

Character/Pairing: Suki
Prompts: Ships include Suki/Ty Lee, Suki/Sokka, Suki/Ty Lee/Sokka, and Katara/Suki. Gen I'd love includes, but isn't limited to, Suki and Katara, Suki and the Gaang, and Suki as a leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.
Sisters-in-arms fic! Suki and her warriors (or Suki and Katara) fighting together, living together, loving together, finding their places by each other's side. Kick-ass women kicking ass, action, adventure! And all the bittersweet fluffiness is also lovely.
I'd love to see Suki fighting, leading the Kyoshi Warriors, standing up to Azula, brave and defiant. I adore the Kyoshi Warriors' regalia, so could I see her in that, pretty please?

Character/Pairing: Ty Lee
Prompts: I'd adore Suki/Ty Lee, Azula/Ty Lee or Suki/Ty Lee/Sokka. Gen I'd love includes Ty Lee and her family, and Ty Lee and Azula and/or Mai.
I'd love to see Ty Lee joining the Kyoshi Warriors. Past Azula/Ty Lee would be an added bonus, of course, and I'd love a gentle fic about grief and loss, whether gen, Ty Lee/Suki, or Ty Lee/Suki/Sokka. Hurt/comfort would be lovely, as would a bittersweet tone, and mutual support and bonding.
And bubbly, cheerful Ty Lee, maybe doing some sort of acrobatic stunt, or during her years at the circus, or with her family.

Character/Pairing: Yugoda
Prompts: I ship Kanna/Yugoda and Kanna/Yugoda/Pakku, and gen I love includesYugoda as a healer, Yugoda and her friends, Yugoda and Katara, and Yugoda as a member of the Water Tribe.
Maybe a past or future relationship with Kanna? Or maybe a day-in-the-life fic, seeing Yugoda's role as a Healer in the Southern Water Tribe.
I'd love to see Katara learning advanced healing techniques from Yugoda post-Sozin's Comet, or Yugoda healing. Or maybe Yugoda and a group of friends, or a younger Yugoda playing in the snow?

Character/Pairing: Zuko
Prompts: Ran and Sho with and/or discussing Zuko in the series timeline, maybe? Or Zuko discovering Druk? Zuko and the dragons is a things I love.
I'd also love Zuko’s growth, and his loss of innocence, his redemption and dealing with the conseqeuences of his past (all of them, in all their messiness), and the moments of coming into his own. Zuko navigating Fire Nation politics is also lovely, but don’t let him run away from his responsibilities to go on non-family-related field-trips—in other words, don’t make Zuko Aang, though Zuko and Aang friendship, is, of course, lovely.
Zuko with his family, and the effect his family has on him (all of them—Azula, Ozai, Ursa, Lu Ten, Iroh) is also lovely, and for Ozai especially, but also the rest of the family, non-graphic child abuse and emotional neglect is more than OK, and Zuko dealing with the consequences would also be wonderful.
I love the various friendships Zuko forms, and bittersweet friendship with a touch of angst between various other members of the Gaang and Zuko would be welcome, as would exploration of friendship dynamics.
(Also, please no ships for formats other than fic, and for fic, keep any ships in the background, please)

Fandom: Legend of Korra

Requested Media Types: Any (although, for this fandom, my prompts lean very heavily towards fic—I apologize for that)
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Korra/Asami
Prompts: Yes, of course! For this, I’d like a politic-y, plotty fic, please, with some fluff/fluff, world-building, drama, and also light angst, either during the three year gap or post-Spirit World holiday? Korra and Asami finding their places—together and alone—in a post-apocalyptic world.

Character/Pairing: Lin & Toph & Su, Lin & Toph
Prompts: Family issues! Drama and politics, and also angst. Please keep the fluff to a minimum. Also, generation parallels get extra love for being awesome. I don’t mind a dark theme or flashbacks either.

Character/Pairing: Tenzin, Tenzin's children
Prompts: Airbending and the heritage of the Air Nomads and of Aang, please, and anything to do with that. If you choose Tenzin, him struggling with his father's heritage vs. his mother's would also be lovely.

Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia (books and movies)

Requested Media Types: Fic, art, meta, vid that doesn't feature Susan/Caspian (and recs for these)
DNW Media Types: Anything that's not mentioned above

Character/Pairing: Narnian queens
Prompts: Narnia is my queen-femslash fandom, and some of my 'ships are Susan/Aravis, Lucy/Aravis, Susan/Narnian OFC, and Lucy/Narnian OFC. I'd love to see I'd love political drama and maybe romance, warrior-queens and queens ruling by diplomacy. Illicit, not-so-illicit, queen consorts—all the types of romance would be lovely. I just really, really want wordplay, power dynamics, and queens.
Pomp and splendour and pageantry would be appreciated—dazzle me, please, with the splendour of the Narnian court.
And if you're here for the gen, I'd be very happy with gen versions of these, too.

Character/Pairing: Susan, Lucy, Peter, Edmund
Prompts: For Narnia, see above. For Susan on Earth, I'd love to see Susan post-Lost Battle, grieving for her family, and maybe finding comfort in her lover (or friends if you're going the gen way)? And making a place for herself in this world.
Or I'd love to see Susan in her post-Lost Battle life, maybe at work, maybe in the park, maybe sharing a moment with her lover.
For all of them, I'd love to see day-to-day life as rulers of Narnia, politics and paperwork. Or them coming to terms with being back on Earth, and dropped into the middle of a war they'd almost forgotten. And the fact that it was the people who didn't know Susan who dismissed her in the Last Battle intrigues me—was it just family closeness, or were Susan and the others not on such bad terms as we're meant to believe?

Fandom: The Goblin Emperor

Requested Media Types: Fic, icons, meta. (Politics and grammar porn is perfect perfect perfect, and I prefer gen to 'ship.)
DNW Media Types: Anything not mentioned above

Character/Pairing: Maia
Prompts: I'd adore Maia with Idra, Mirëan, Ino, Vedero...anyone in his family, really. Or maybe Maia from Vedero's or Csevet's PoV at some point in the books? Or Maia as the Emperor, a slice-of-life piece?

Character/Pairing: Kiru
Prompts: Anything about Kiru, really, but for something more specific, maybe a slice-of-life, again? Character studies would also be lovely.

Character/Pairing: Vedero
Prompts: I'd love to see Vedero studying the stars! Other things I'd love include Vedero and Maia, and Vedero and Csethiro.

Fandom: The Hunger Games

Requested Media Types: Fic, art, vid, meta (and recs for these). For this, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. Forced prostitution, bleak angst, characters who do terrible things infidelity, non-con/rape/dub-con, substance abuse, violence and abuse, (mild) gore, torture, President Snow; whatever you throw at me is fine. I’m also lifting the incest DNW—if you can make it work, then go with it.
DNW Media Types: Anything other than fic, art, meta, and vid.

Character/Pairing: Annie/Finnick
Prompts: I always love different versions of growing together. Romance, simple and pure—or maybe not-so-simple? Snow, politics, angst, tragedy, prostitution—all of this is more than fine.

Character/Pairing: Cinna/Finnick
Prompts: Casual relationship with Cinna slowly falling for Finnick, maybe? Please keep Finnick/Annie as a thing—maybe Finnick loves them both, in different ways? Or Cinna's backstory, and how he came to do what he did. And, of course, Cinna and Finnick gen is always good!

Character/Pairing: Johanna/Annie
Prompts: Post-canon or AU, please? Other than that, anything goes.

Character/Pairing: Katniss/Madge
Prompts: Canon timeframe setting and no AUs, please. Unrequited feelings on Madge’s part would be lovely, and if you could include the mockingjay pin and/or Maysilee Donner that’d be an added bonus.

Character/Pairing: Katniss & Johanna
Prompts: I’d love this friendship, post-canon, and side Annie/Johanna would be lovely. Again, snark and banter, and finding ways to heal

Character/Pairing: Victors other than Katniss and Peeta
Prompts: I'd love to see Victors interacting, and the more fucked-up, the better!

Fandom: Percy Jackson (PJO & HoO)

Requested Media Types: Fic, art, meta, fic recs. I give blanket permission for AUs for this fandom—I hated BoO, so post-HoH AUs and fic/art which ignores BoO or is vague about it is more than welcome. Also, please no Will/Nico or Octavian/anyone.
DNW Media Types: Anything other than fic, art, meta or fic recs

Character/Pairing: Annabeth/Percy/Nico
Prompts: The OT3 of my heart! I ship Percy/Nico and Annabeth/Percy both, and this is the obvious solution. I like a Percy-centric relationship, but I’d also prefer them to all be equals in the relationship, although an initially-messed-up dynamic would be fine. Post-Tartarus is lovely, and heavy angst is more than welcome, although I’d like the possibility of an eventual happy ending left open. Also, the price Percy has to pay for the Mark of Achilles, the events in Akhyls’ poison glade, Percy’s self-destructive streak, and the consequences of him being unable to protect his friends are never discussed, and I’d love an expansion on these. Or maybe the different ways PTSD manifests in the three of them and how they deal with it?

Character/Pairing: Annabeth
Prompts: I'd love to see young!Annabeth, or Annabeth and Rachel, or Annabeth and Athena, or Annabeth at Camp Half-Blood.

Character/Pairing: Luke
Prompts: Pre-canon with Annabeth and Thalia, maybe, or post-canon redemption, or any sort of interaction with Hermes or Percy?

Character/Pairing: Zoë Nightshade
Prompts: I adore Zoë, and anything about her would be wonderful—an origin story, maybe, or watching from the stars, or an adventure with the Hunters. No happy AUs for her, please.

Fandom: The Hobbit (movie)

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Arwen/Lírien
Prompts: Arwen and Lírien in Rivendell, something gentle. Music being worked in is lovely, and I'd love discussions of music theory, especially. Just plain bittersweet goodness, really.

Character/Pairing: Arwen/Tauriel
Prompts: As with Tauriel/Lírien, Tauriel visiting Rivendell. Or maybe Arwen as her father's ambassador in the Greenwood, and there meeting a certain red-haired Elf? Partners-in-crime for this, please, lighthearted and fun. A casual relationship would be lovely!

Character/Pairing: Tauriel/Lírien
Prompts: Maybe Tauriel visits Rivendell, post-Hobbit? Or maybe post-War of the Ring? And meets, of course, the lovely musician Lírien. Sweet, gentle romance would be lovely.

Character/Pairing: Tauriel/Galadriel
Prompts: For this, I'd love power dynamics (not of the explicit kind) and teaching/learning. Or something about power and beauty, and about limits which shouldn't be crossed.

Character/Pairing: Tauriel/OFC
Prompts: Something slightly darker here? Both pre- and post-Hobbit is lovely, as is Rule 63'd Kili or trans woman Kili. Something about the darkness Dol Guldur brings, maybe, and dark deeds done in dark times, and love found in spite of it all?

Character/Pairing: Lírien
Prompts: My ships include Lírien/Arwen, Lírien/Tauriel, and Lírien/Arwen/Tauriel, and for gen, maybe Lírien as a musician.
I love music, so anything to do with music would be lovelovelove. For my ships, I'd love, again, slow burn, gentleness, romance in the sunset, and loyalty and music kink.
I'd love to see Lírien playing the harp—and maybe one of her lovers looking down adoringly at her as she plays?

Character/Pairing: Tauriel
Prompts: Ships I'd love include Tauriel/Lírien, Tauriel/Galadriel, Tauriel/Arwen, and Tauriel/Arwen/Lírien, and for gen, I'd love to see Tauriel as a warrior.
I'd like an either gen or ship approach to Tauriel's relationships with her fellow guards—does she get along with them? Does she have a lover? Do they banter and laugh together or are they serious and grim, or both? Is there anyone she hates with the fire of a thousand suns? Or something shippy and gentle for my 'ships, maybe Tauriel visiting Lórien/Rivendell as an ambassador or messenger and slowly falling in love, with all the loyalty kink and music kink. And for Tauriel/Arwen, I'd love partners-in-crime!
I am so in love in Tauriel that it's ridiculous, and I'd really, really love to see he fighting or training, because I'm Very Much Into Tauriel as a warrior. Or a gentle moment with a lover(s), maybe feeding each other or bathing.

Fandom: Lord of the Rings (book)

Requested Media Types: Anything! (Please see general likes for Tolkien-sepcific preferences—they're more Silm than LotR, but some of them still fit)
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Arwen/Éowyn, Éowyn/Lothíriel, and Arwen/Éowyn/Lothíriel
Prompts: Politics! Politics galore, please, and also queens finding themselves away from home and taking comfort from their peers. I don't mind infidelity, but open relationships would be so much better! For Éowyn/Lothíriel especially, but all of these relationships, I'd also like a bit more about the Rohirrim. I love horses, so if you could include equestrian detail in the fic that'd also be lovely.

Character/Pairing: Arwen/Gilraen
Prompts: Oooh, I love this for its awkward connotations. A gentle fic, if portraying their relationship, but I'd also love a look at the awkwardness that would result—"Aragorn, I've already met your Mother. In fact, I've gone down on her too many times to count". A relationship not based on love, but mutual loss and comfort, staving away loneliness, would be an added bonus. And, as above, bonding! I'd love bonding, and discussions/portrayals of mortality and immortality. Also, as in the friendship section below, Arwen/Gilraen in the window of time between Aragorn going away and their betrothal would be lovely.

Character/Pairing: Arwen/Goldberry
Prompts: Arwen stumbles upon a strange woman early in the Third Age, in the peacetime, maybe? Or after Aragorn's death, finding some hope and comfort in life while she waits to pass? Either way, I'd love something gentle about mortality and loss, and/or about love in all its myriad forms. A bittersweet tone would be lovely.

Character/Pairing: Arwen/Ioreth
Prompts: As with Arwen/Gilraen, I'd like learning and teaching for this, a mutual relationship, gentle, but bittersweet, and dealing with mortality and loss.

Character/Pairing: Berúthiel/OFC
Prompts: For this, love, loyalty, and tragedy. Also cats. I want cats. (And no animal abuse! I'd like Berúthiel secretly loving her cats and not that way.) Just two cat ladies not living happily ever after. (Yes, this is a crack pairing. Shhh.)

Character/Pairing: Éowyn/Tar-Míriel and Éowyn & Tar-Míriel
Prompts: Honestly, I'm not too picky about whether this is shippy or not. I am just very, very on board with the Tar-Míriel is the Witch King theory and I'd like darkfic about that. Canon divergence, of course, is fine, but so is canon 'verse gapfilling. I just want anger and tragedy and angst and all the yummy darkness. Make it as messed-up as you like—rape/non-con/dubcon are all fine for this fic. I just want a really, really fucked up dynamic, whether shippy or otherwise!

Character/Pairing: Goldberry/Lady of the Blue Brooch
Prompts: There are so many lovely fics for this pairing, but I still want more! For those of you who don't know, the Lady of the Blue Brooch was a woman, presumably a noble of Cardolan, and her brooch found its way into the tomb of the last prince of Cardolan. And, of course, Goldberry (and Tom) knew her. From there, I'd love whatever your take on this would be!

Character/Pairing: Ioreth/OFC
Prompts: I'd love something connected to Imloth Melui and its roses—why do they have such significance to Ioreth? Was it because of a lover she had when she was 'a lass'? The relationship ending in a bittersweet way or unhappily is more than fine, but if you choose to focus on their time together, I'd like that to be happy, a relationship out of the old tales—one which even a king would be content with.

Character/Pairing: Mithrellas/Nimrodel
Prompts: Ah, the good old mediaeval lady/handmaiden trope. I'd like to see Mithrellas' grief and longing for her lady, maybe, but also anger at Nimrodel for tossing her aside so easily when Amroth arrived. And maybe marrying Imrazôr is her way of saying 'fuck you' for that? And maybe she realizes that isn't enough? Or is there a gradual descent into madness? Hurt feelings and anger, power dynamics—all things I want. Whether they find each other again is up to you, but if you're focusing on them finding each other, then a completely happy ending isn't my thing —bittersweet or angsty would be better.

Character/Pairing: Arwen & Gilraen
Prompts: What does Arwen's mother-in-law think about her? Surely they must have spent time together in Rivendell, possibly in the years before Arwen was betrothed, but after Aragorn had gone away. How did they get on? Very well, or not at all? Did Aragorn's youthful crush result in mutual embarrassment? Or did they laugh over it? And I'd love advice, given and received, and also Elven vs. Human perceptions of passing time.

Character/Pairing: Mithrellas & Gilmith
Prompts: I recently dug into the dusty corners of UT which concern Mithrellas, and a fascination for this was the result. I'd love an exploration of Mithrellas' relationship with her children independent of her romantic life, but side Mithrellas/Nimrodel or Mithrellas/Imrazôr is also welcome.
And what was Mithrellas like as a mother? Did she love her children or hate them, or was it more complicated?

Character/Pairing: Arwen
Prompts: Ships I 'ship include Arwen/Goldberry, Arwen/Éowyn, Arwen/Éowyn/Lothíriel, Lothíriel/Arwen, Arwen/Gilraen, Arwen/Ioreth, Lírien/Arwen, and Arwen/Tauriel. Gen things I'd love to see include Arwen as the Queen of Gondor, Arwen adjusting to mortality, Arwen and Elanor Gardner
I'd love to see Arwen adjusting to her new mortality and its consequences, as well as her role as Queen of Gondor. For Arwen and Elanor, something about Elanor being very excited to see the Elven Queen she's heard so much of? Eventual Arwen & Elanor friendship would, of course, be much appreciated. Arwen/Goldberry: Arwen stumbles upon a strange woman early in the Third Age, in the peacetime, maybe? Or after Aragorn's death, finding some hope and comfort in life while she waits to pass? Either way, I'd love something about mortality and loss, and about love in all its myriad forms. A bittersweet tone would be lovely.
Maybe Arwen staring out at Gondor or standing in a clearing? For art, I'd prefer to see an Arwen who doesn't resemble Liv Tyler too closely, although general face ref is, of course, more than fine! I also have a very vague and probably-not-very-executable prompt, but if it's at all possible, I'd love to see Arwen as an immortal who has chosen mortality, and her position between two worlds because of this.

Character/Pairing: Celebrían
Prompts: I 'ship Celebrían/Goldberry, and, for gen, I'd love Celebrían with her children, Celebrían with her parents, or Celebrían in her younger days.
I'd love to see Celebrían in happy days, or in Valinor—bittersweet fic and angst would be lovely, but I don't want darkfic for her. I'd love to see her bantering with friends or family (including Elrond!) or a love (or lust!) story between her and Goldberry.
I don't know why, but I'd adore art of Celebrían dancing, alone or with family or friends or Elrond or Goldberry. I'd also like to see her happy, laughing and smiling and talking, or out in the woods.

Character/Pairing: Éowyn
Prompts: Pairings I love include Éowyn/Lothíriel, Éowyn/Arwen, Arwen/Éowyn/Lothíriel, and Éowyn/Tar-Míriel. Also some gen things: Éowyn as a warrior and ruler, Éowyn and Arwen and/or Lothíriel.
Anything with equestrian stuff would be great. I'd also adore seeing Éowyn as a warrior, during, pre-, or post-LotR. Or maybe something to do with ruling and politics?
Éowyn riding over the plains of Rohan, or Éowyn riding into battle, or Éowyn fighting. Or dark Éowyn/Tar-Míriel.

Character/Pairing: Finduilas (of Dol Amroth)
Prompts: I 'ship Finduilas/Denethor, and gen I'd love includes Finduilas and her family, Finduilas with her children, and Finduilas adjusting to Gondor.
Finduilas/Denethor in which they really do love each other, but in a fucked-up way, would be wonderful, as would bittersweet family fic in Gondor. I'd also love to hear about a lover from Finduilas' youth. Or Finduilas longing for the sea, maybe, or Finduilas with her children, or both?

Character/Pairing: Galadriel
Prompts: I 'ship Galadriel/Lúthien, Galadriel/Melian, Galadriel/Andreth, and Galadriel/Tauriel, and gen I 'd love includes an AU where Galadriel will take the Ring and become a great and terrible Queen, and all shall love her, and despair.
And yes, the dark AU would be lovely, but I'd also adore Galadriel fighting Sauron, fighting the long defeat, a battle that's been raging for years. Or the early years, and striking out to build her own realm, or being the only woman to stand tall among the contending princes on the day of the Oath. Or navigating politics, and putting into practise the crafts she's learnt from Melian, or running or participating in athletics, or learning from Melian.

Character/Pairing: Goldberry
Prompts: Pairings include Goldberry/Arwen, Goldberry/Haleth, Celebrían/Goldberry, Goldberry/Lady of the Blue Brooch(/Tom)...Goldberry/any female character, really. For gen, maybe Goldberry with the River-woman, or Goldberry and Tom Bombadil.
I see Goldberry as a sort of Middle-earth Calypso, doomed to fall in love with women who can't stay for crimes which may or may not be mentioned. Or something about her and the River-woman, maybe? Or something to do with water-lilies, maybe, or the River-woman embracing her daughter, or Goldberry weaving enchantment over her lovers.

Character/Pairing: Ivorwen
Prompts: Ivorwen and Gilraen, Ivorwen's role as a seer in Dúnedain society. Politics, foresight, and their roles in Dúnedain society would be lovely—I'd also love to see Aragorn or Gilraen with Ivorwen, and maybe both in one fic would be gorgeous!
I'd love to see Gilraen and Ivorwen interacting, maybe talking, maybe working together on something—anything goes, really, as long as it features these two.

Character/Pairing: Malbeth
Prompts: Foresight and its mixed blessings, and court politics. I imagine that Malbeth would have led a dark, if not completely unhappy life, being blessed/cursed as she was with foresight so deep into the future and the knowledge of the downfall of the Dúnedain and the rise of Sauron (and his eventual defeat, but that wouldn't have been much of a comfort against the horror). And maybe, again, court politics and the role of seers in Dúnedain society?
I really, really want two other Seers and Malbeth to go 'when shall we three meet again/in thunder, lightning, or in rain?' (But all joking aside, I'd love art where Malbeth channels the witches, because yes. Or something about the future Malbeth sees, and what role foresight plays in her life—maybe her seeing a vision? )

Character/Pairing: Vidumavi
Prompts: I 'ship lowkey Vidumavi/Valacar, and I'd love to see something on the culture of Rhovanion, or Vidumavi and Vinitharya.
Maybe cultural clashes either with Valacar or when she goes to Gondor, or both, and what role and duties Vidumavi had as a Princess of Rhovanion, and about her sibling, if she had any.
What does Vidumavi look like? I'd adore seeing the traditional garb of Rhovanion, maybe on a formal occasion.

Fandom: The Silmarillion

Requested Media Types: Any! (Please see general likes for Tolkien-specific preferences.)
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Aerin/Morwen
Prompts: For me, this ship is about finding strength in each other and leaning on each other to get through dark times. As such, something about companionship (maybe with hints at dark things) would be wonderful, but I certainly don't mind messy, entangled feelings and rage and betrayal either.

Character/Pairing: Anairë/Fingolfin, Fingolfin/Fëanor, Anairë/Fingolfin/Fëanor
Prompts: I'd really, really love it if you could have Fingolfin loving both of them! (OT3 would also be lovely but not a requirement.) For both ships, I'd like passion and fire and promises and betrayal and all the stuff of tragedy and song.

Character/Pairing: Aredhel/Elenwë
Prompts: For them, I see a relationship based, not on love, but need. Rough, grief-induced interactions, messy dynamics, infidelity, all of these would be lovely.

Character/Pairing: Elemmírë/Írimë
Prompts: I'd love questions about duty and love, family and honour, and about betrayal and truth. Not-so-fluffy Valinor would be lovely if you're so inclined, or maybe Elemmírë saying goodbye to her lover or Írimë reminiscing in Beleriand? Again, I don't like happy endings for this pairing, and problems with no easy answers would be welcome.

Character/Pairing: Erendis/OFC
Prompts: Surely Erendis wasn't alone all the years after Aldarion left her (or before that)? A casual relationship, no-strings-attached, is, of course, fine, but if you don't mind something longer, I'd also like a look at Númenorean politics and the role of women in Númenorean society.

Character/Pairing: Erendis/Uinen
Prompts: Was Uinen connected to Erendis' drowning? (And did she drown, really? Or was it something else?)

Character/Pairing: Finduilas/Nienor, Nellas/Nienor, Finduilas/Nellas, Nienor
Prompts: If you can make this work canon-'verse, that would, of course, be lovely, but I am here for all the canon divergence AUs! I want these ladies to get a happy ending—taking back their lives, taking control. I don't mind initial angst, of course, if the beginning of their relationship is what you want to create, or bittersweet endings—I just don't want complete tragedy.

Character/Pairing: Fingon/Maedhros
Prompts: I'm fine with anything Fingon/Maedhros, really—go as dark or as fluffy as you like, but a bittersweet tone would be lovely, especially post-Darkening. Give me betrayal or tragedy or doom or death (or all of the above!), but also love amidst the darkness, love transcending all other bonds (including the Oath—I know everyone has their theories on this), an imperfect, ultimately fruitless love, but beautiful and passionate. Love, loyalty, Oaths, questioning oneself, problems without answers—throw them all at me! Angband and the trauma and repercussions which followed—for both of them—would also get extra love!

Character/Pairing: Fingon/Maedhros/Fingon's Wife
Prompts: I have my very specific headcanons for this—Fingon's wife was married, before, but her partner died, Fingon and Maedhros have a bond that no-one can touch, and Fingon's wife knows she'll never be able to love them enough to sacrifice what they do for each other, but she also loves them both in a less intense, less consuming manner, and they feel the same towards her—but that's basically the history of my version of them, and I'd love anything (and by anything, I really do mean anything) you create! Messy dynamics are awesome, as is jealousy, as is companionship, as is—well, pretty much everything, for this ship.

Character/Pairing: Galadriel/Andreth
Prompts: AU where Galadriel takes Aegnor's place, maybe? Or Galadriel visiting Andreth, with or without Finrod. I just want philosophical and political discussions, duty vs. love dilemmas, and maybe an unhappy ending (because I'm evil like that).

Character/Pairing: Galadriel/Melian
Prompts: Melian mentoring Galadriel, please! Political things would be lovely, and so would fluffy goodness (although I wouldn't be averse to something darker).

Character/Pairing: Haleth/Lúthien
Prompts: Beren not being the first mortal Lúthien loved—I'd love questions about duty and love, mortality and fate—all the hard questions with no easy answers, which is what I picture this relationship to be like. Or maybe a bittersweet or sad goodbye, which made Lúthien resolve to take the chance if she ever fell in love with a mortal again.

Character/Pairing: Ilmarë/Varda
Prompts: Power dynamics! (You can go the sex-y way if you want to, of course, but I'd prefer a different kind of power) Loyalty, faithfulness, even through misguided decisions?

Character/Pairing: Indis/Nerdanel
Prompts: I absolutely love this pairing, although its basis is extremely obscure. Here's the quote: (let's pretend I haven't memorized it): “But Nerdanel would not go with [Fëanor], and she asked leave to abide with Indis, whom she had ever esteemed...” (The Later Quenta Silmarillion (II), Morgoth's Ring, page 279 in the 2002 HarperCollins paperback edition). Anything to do with Indis/Nerdanel would be fine, really—I count only five Indis/Nerdanel fics on the Internet; I want more!

Character/Pairing: Inzilbêth/OFC
Prompts: I'd like an exploration of the King's Men/Faithful schism, with a dash of politics! Side Ar-Gimilzôr/Inzilbêth, with all the messiness that arises, is fine for longer fic (or more detailed art? I don't know how that'd work out for art, though), but I'd like the focus to be on Inzilbêth/OFC, please.

Character/Pairing: Lindissë/Silmarien
Prompts: Lindissë is a barely-there character who appears in the family tree in Aldarion and Erendis, and we know so little of her and Silmarien, but I've somehow latched onto this pairing and I'd love to see more! Númenorian politics and the role of women in Númenor would be lovely, of course, but fluffiness would also be very welcome!

Character/Pairing: Lindórië/OFC
Prompts: Lindórië was Inzilbêth(Tar-Palantir's mother)'s mother, was of the House of Lords of Andúnië, and one of the Faithful. Other than that, we know nothing about her. Maybe Lindórië/OFC, and maybe featuring a little bit on the political situation in Númenor? Tension, betrayal, secrets and lies—all of that is fine with me, as is implied/future/endgame Lindórië/Tar-Calmacil's descendant, as long as it's made clear that Lindórië does love the OFC (and is she of the Faithful? loyal to the King? doesn't care either way?).

Character/Pairing: Nellas/Goldberry
Prompts: I've always wanted Nellas to get her happy ending, and, of course, I jumped at this 'ship. Nellas surviving, taking her life back, finding happiness again, being able to give her heart to Goldberry where she'd once thought she'd never love again, and, of course, the Nellas/Goldberry/Tom OT3 shenanigans. I'd like something mainly happy for this, please, but am also more than fine with an undercurrent of bitterness and loss.

Character/Pairing: Núneth/Almarian
Prompts: I'd love it if Almarian had a vested interest in getting Aldarion to marry Erendis! Maybe she and Núneth were childhood sweethearts, and Almarian regrets that she didn't take a chance with her lover, even though she loves her husband and children? I want something with nostalgia, please, and might-have-beens. Later Núneth and Almarian friendship, of course, is lovely, as are Aldarion/Erendis and Núneth/Almarian parallels.

Character/Pairing: Tar-Ancalimë/Nessanië
Prompts: I get quite a lot of kicks out of imagining Tar-Ancalimë in love with Hallacar's sister! Something gentle would, of course, be lovely, but I'd also love politics and drama.

Character/Pairing: Tar-Míriel/OFC
Prompts: I want Tar-Míriel to have a slice of happiness before—or after—everything goes wrong. Make the setting (and plot, if you're planning in the fic and plott-y direction) as dark as you like—the darker the better—but the relationship itself I'd prefer if it were more gentle, and loving. And, of course, Tar-Míriel as the Witch King is welcome!

Character/Pairing: Tar-Telperien/OFC
Prompts: Because The Line of Elros saying that Tar-Telperien 'would wed with no man' got me thinking of the woman she married. I want politics, all the messy political entanglements, and how Tar-Telperien came to be seen in history so negatively (no queen-blaming, please, I'd prefer a Those Pesky Historians version!).

Character/Pairing: Tar-Vanimeldë/OFC
Prompts: Maybe Tar-Vanimeldë falls in love with a dancer? I have a headcanon that she was deeply unhappy about Herucalmo wielding power but since he had many supporters and she didn't want to risk a civil war, she let him be. I'd like a little love to lighten up her life, please!

Character/Pairing: Ailiniel & Almiel
Prompts: We hear so much about Aldarion and so little about his sisters—I'd like a story about the two of them, about life and love, but also ultimately sisterly bonds. Any sister/OC, is, of course welcome, although I wouldn't be adverse to bringing in other obscure Second Age characters. A politic-y drabble(-type thingy, and longer fic is also more than welcome, as kis art!) about fighting misogyny in court would be lovely. And, of course, the love/hate relationship common to all siblings!

Character/Pairing: Almarian & Erendis
Prompts: Friendship, politics, and women in Númenor. And Erendis and Almarian plotting—the oiolairë bough scene would be of special interest to me, if you could include it, and if you could combine this with Núneth/Almarian, I would love that!

Character/Pairing: Lúthien & Melian
Prompts: I want to know more about how Lúthien and Melian interact with each other—messy family dynamics, pain, betrayal, anger, teenage angst, all that schist, but also a mother and daughter loving each other deeply but also leading lives independent of each other.

Character/Pairing: Andreth
Prompts: I ship Galadriel/Andreth, and gen I'd love includes Andreth as a Wise-woman, Andreth and Adanel, Andreth debating, and Andreth and her family
I love Andreth's bitterness and her pragmaticness and some of the lines in the Athrabeth are so, so beautiful. I'd like to see a piece exploring her relationship with Aegnor and/or Adanel and/or her brother Bregor. (Finrod is a grey area for me, as I dislike his condescension in the Athrabeth, but if you can make it work, then I wouldn't mind seeing this, too!)
Or maybe a something that scene at Tarn Aeluin with a star caught in Andreth's hair, only with Galadriel instead of Aegnor? Or Andreth and Galadriel walking through the woods? Or Andreth learning from Adanel? Or debating with Finrod?

Character/Pairing: Anairë
Prompts: Anairë/Fingolfin, Anairë/Fingolfin/Fëanor, and Anairë/Eärwen are all 'shippy things for me, and I'd love to see gen about Anairë and her children, or Anairë's life outside her family (what did she do? Was she a painter, a poet, a scholar, something else?).
I'd really, really love it if you could have Fingolfin loving both Fëanor and Anairë—maybe OT3, maybe a v-shaped relationship—and I'd love to see how this would affect Anairë. For this, I'd like passion and fire and promises and betrayal and all the stuff of tragedy and song—an AU where Anairë came with Fingolfin? Or maybe she chose to stay anyway. For gen: why did Anairë stay behind?
I'd also love to see Anairë doing something she loves (or) with her children, especially Aredhel—mother-daughter bonding would be hugely appreciated!

Character/Pairing: Aredhel
Prompts: I 'ship Aredhel/Haleth, Aredhel/Vána, Aredhel/Lúthien, non-romantic (i.e. friends-with-benefits and no-strings-attached) Aredhel/Elenwë, and I'm going to add Aredhel/OFC, because while I love all OFC-related 'ships, Aredhel/OFC is a Thing for me.
I'd love to see Aredhel in either Valinor or Middle-earth (I don't mind which), a wild-child who goes where her heart wills, bright and beautiful and yearning to be free. And if you want something more specific: Aredhel with her friends, Aredhel with her siblings and/or parents, Aredhel and Idril, Aredhel as a princess of the Noldor, Aredhel as a warrior, hunting and riding and exploring (both in Valinor and Middle-earth), Aredhel on the Ice, urging her people on.
Aredhel bantering with her (female) friends, maybe, or trying (and failing) to navigate Gondolin and its complexities. And maybe Aredhel and Galadriel's mutual indifference to each other, and annoyance at being pushed together at family gatherings because they're girls, and of course they have a lot of things in common. This usually Ends Very Badly, possibly, or maybe just Aredhel and Galadriel being snarky at each other and the world in general.
When I think of Aredhel, I think of freedom and joy, and I'm not sure how to translate that into an art prompt—but anything about Aredhel, freedom, and joy. Or, if you want a specific situation, I'd love to see Aredhel laughing with friends or family, or Aredhel dancing in the rain, or Aredhel dancing, period.

Character/Pairing: Elenwë
Prompts: I 'ship non-romantic Elenwë/Aredhel, and I'd love gen of Elenwë and Idril, Elenwë with the women of the House of Finwë, or Elenwë and her friends.
I'd love anything to do with Elenwë—and by anything, I mean anything. I'm not picky about the subject! (But if you want prompts, maybe little Idril and Elenwë, or Elenwë chatting with Eldalótë?)
I'd love to see art of Elenwë surrounded by stars, as befitting her name, or of her jumping to save Idril, or laughing among family or girlfriends.

Character/Pairing: Emeldir
Prompts: Emeldir the Manhearted, leader of her people, Emeldir and Morwen
I love Emeldir's leadership and her bravery, and I'd love to read more about her as a leader, and what happened after she reached Brethil—did she stay or go back, and what happened? I'd also love an AU where she stayed behind and fought as she wanted to, and what this would mean for Beren and Lúthien and the fate of Middle-earth. I'd also love to read about Emeldir and young Morwen—maybe mentorship, maybe just companionship, maybe Morwen idolized Emeldir. Anything goes, really.
Emeldir leading her people to Brethil, or fighting, sword in hand.

Character/Pairing: Erendis/Uinen
Prompts: Erendis and Ancalimë, Erendis and the women of her household, Erendis and her parents, Erendis and Almarian. I love love love how flawed and human Erendis is, bitter and angry and petty but still bright and beautiful, so bitter, proud, and unyielding Erendis would be wonderful.
Politics, the role of women in Númenor (and Erendis' speech to Ancalimë about men is of special interest—more, please?), and Erendis and Almarian plotting—the oiolairë bough scene would be of special interest to me, if you could include it.
I'd love to see Tar-Elestrinë, with star on brow and her eyes shining brighter even than the gem. Or maybe Erendis' drowning? Was Uinen involved?

Character/Pairing: Finduilas
Prompts: I 'ship Finduilas/Nienor, Finduilas/Nellas/Nienor, and for gen, I'd love Finduilas lives AUs! And leads the refugees of Nargothrond?
What would change if Finduilas lived? What wouldn't? Would she get together with Nellas and/or Nienor? With another woman, maybe a refugee from Nargothrond? Or would she lead a solitary but extremely full life as a huntress, soldier, and leader?
Finduilas Faelivrin, they call her, and I'd love to see light glinting off her hair or skin, to mirror her name, while she's strolling in the gardens of Nargothrond (maybe with Nienor?). Or alternately, a Finduilas lives AU where she's leading troops into battle or refugees from Nargothrond into Brethil.

Character/Pairing: Haleth
Prompts: I 'ship Haleth/Lúthien, Haleth/Aredhel, Haleth/Írimë, and Haleth/Goldberry.
Haleth as a leader, Haleth as a warrior, Haleth with her warriors, Haleth leading her people through Nan Dungorthreb.
I'd adore seeing something about Haleth's role as a leader and warrior. Or maybe one of my 'ships, the immortal fascinated by Haleth's mortality, Haleth by the immortal's otherness?
Art showing Haleth fighting, leading her people through Nan Dungorthreb, maybe? Or Haleth with one of her bodyguards?

Character/Pairing: Idril
Prompts: Idril and Aredhel, Idril as a princess and politician, Idril and her father, Idril after Gondolin
A plotty fic with lots of drama and politics would be what I'm looking for with Idril—I'd love to see her dealing with various political situations, or leading refugees out of Gondolin, or both. Anything with a lot of plot would be lovely!
Idril barefoot in the grass, Idril leading refugees out of Gondolin

Character/Pairing: Indis
Prompts: Indis as a princess of the Vanyar and as the Queen of the Ñoldor, Indis with her children and with Fëanor's children, Indis attempting to reach out to Fëanor (and maybe initially succeeding?), Indis and friends.
I'm always interested in fic which explores Indis' role amongst the Ñoldor and the Vanyar. Or maybe something to do with her thoughts on being Finwë's second wife, in a society where that's usually taboo? Or Indis reaching out to her children and Fëanor's children, and maybe dark-ish family fic intertwined with politics? Or how Indis reacts to the fact that Finwë and Fëanor have 'a double bond of love' and her children will always be second-best to their father? Or Indis and Nerdanel in the house of Indis after Fëanor's Exile, or later, after the Darkening and the Doom, helping each other to cope. Also Indis and Fingon doing things (family fluff, politics, whatever rocks your boat), because I imagine them to be very fond of each other (and maybe Maedhros joins them occasionally, but also very guiltily, because she's his step-grandmother and his sort-of-husband's grandmother, but his father hates her?).
I'd love to see Indis and Nerdanel, something passionate and intense—kissing, maybe, or even just talking to each other. Or I'd love to see Indis as the Queen of the Noldor—and my costume porn is showing. Or Indis as Finwë first saw her, singing and gloriously beautiful in the golden light. Or Indis, laughing at a joke or immersed in something she's passionate about. Or Indis with her children (especially Fingolfin and Írimë).

Character/Pairing: Írimë
Prompts: I'd love gen about Írimë and Aredhel, Írimë and her siblings, or Írimë and Indis.
I'd love to see Írimë laughing and bantering with her (female) friends/Aredhel/Findis, or what sort of relationship she has with her siblings. As for Aredhel, I'd love lots of snark, laughter, and banter, and a bright, vivid soul.
Or Lalwen, the laughing maiden, her eyes alight, hair streaming down her back, caught in mid-laugh, or in a half-smile, radiating joy and happiness.

Character/Pairing: Lúthien
Prompts: Ships: Haleth/Lúthien, Thuringwethil/Lúthien, Galadriel/Lúthien, lowkey Beren/Lúthien.
Lúthien singing or dancing among the flowers, Lúthien defeating Sauron and Morgoth
For gen, maybe something to do with Lúthien and any friends she had in Doriath, and how she deals with her admirers and what she did with her time before Beren. For Thuringwethil/Lúthien, I'd love seduction and anger and darkness—all the love/hate relationships, please! For Galadriel/Lúthien, I'd love give-and-take and both of them learning from each other. For Lúthien/Haleth, Beren not being the first mortal Lúthien loved—I'd love questions about duty and love, mortality and fate—all the hard questions with no easy answers, which is what I picture this relationship to be like. Also a bittersweet or sad goodbye, which made Lúthien resolve to take the chance if she ever fell in love with a mortal again.
Lúthien dancing with flowers in her hair in the starlit woods of Doriath, or in front of the throne of Morgoth, or for Mandos. Lúthien and her mother in a moment of companionship. Lúthien and a lover, tangled together in a grassy clearing underneath the stars.

Character/Pairing: Melian
Prompts: I'd love to see Melian and Thingol entranced with each other, standing as the stars wheeled above them. Alternately, Melian on her throne in Menegroth would be lovely, or Melian teaching Galadriel how to use a Mirror-like device, maybe or some other kind of what we mortals would call 'magic.

Character/Pairing: Nellas
Prompts: I 'ship Nellas/Nienor, Nellas/Goldberry, and Nellas/Finduilas/Nienor
We don't know much about Nellas' fate, and I'd like to see more! I'd like her to have a bittersweet story, a ever-moving, flitting-about sort of existence, maybe, a bittersweet drifting between people and places, especially if you're doing Nellas/Goldberry.
Or I'd love to see Nellas dancing with her lover(s), beautiful and wild and free. Or any joyful moment, really, I just want happy, joyful art!

Character/Pairing: Nienna/Estë
Prompts: Nienna/Estë, Nienna's role as a Valië, Nienna and Gandalf.
Nienna's pity for all beings, even Melkor, and its importance in the Music, is something I love, and maybe Gandalf would also be a part of this fic, as a student of Nienna's learning pity and mercy from her? Or a gentle fic about Nienna and Estë, and the Healer soothing the hurts of the Weeper, especially since Nienna loved to walk by Estë's pools, if my faulty recollection is correct.
Nienna weeping with the world, however you visualize that, maybe, or Nienna and Estë in a gentle moment?

Character/Pairing: Silmarien
Prompts: I 'ship Lindissë/Silmarien, and gen I'd love includes Silmarien as a politician, Silmarien with friends, Silmarien and her parents, Silmarien and her siblings and/or other relatives (especially Yavien and Mairen—I ship them together,) or (for either fic or art) I'd love love love an AU where Silmarien was the first Ruling Queen (and the results of that).
Silmarien is one of the more obscure characters of the legendarium, so, of course, I adore her. I'd love to see her in any capacity, but especially as a leader equal to—or better than—her father and brother, and as a politician. I'd love to see Silmarien forming connections and power. Or, if that's not your thing, I'd also adore a bittersweet romance with Lindissë—Silmarien marries Elatan eventually, and I'd like that to be a mutually beneficial if not completely agreeable marriage, so Silmarien and Lindissë find their way through that? Awkward threesomes, if Elatan is open-minded? An open relationship based on the same premise? Or are they parted? (And maybe, for any of these—or any other idea you have—Silmarien starts a long campaign to allow same-sex marriage which culminates in Tar-Telperien's marriage to her wife many generations later?)
I'd be happy with just about any art featuring her, but for ideas? Maybe art of an AU where she became the first Ruling Queen, or just her as a princess. Or a quiet moment with Lindissë, the two of them entwined in each other.

Character/Pairing: Tar-Ancalimë
Prompts: Tar-Ancalimë/Nessanië is my only 'ship for her, and for gen, I'd love Ancalimë and her parents and the effects of her childhood on her later life, Tar-Ancalimë the first Ruling Queen, or Tar-Ancalimë and Anárion
I get quite a lot of kicks out of imagining Tar-Ancalimë in love with Hallacar's sister! A gentle fic shipping fic is lovely, but I'd also love politics and drama.
I'm interesting in what made Ancalimë the domineering, hard-hearted woman she was made out to be. Pulling a Those Pesky Historians is, of course, fine, but I'd also enjoy Ancalimë being forced to be controlling as she's a woman in a man's world, and a case of 'damned if you, damned if you don't. Or, you could have her naturally arrogant and work with that. It's anything goes for me! I'm also interested in seeing what sort of relationship Tar-Ancalimë had with her son and granddaughters—were they estranged? Chilly? Close? A mix of the above?
Pomp and splendour! I'd love something majestic, and I'd love Ancalimë wearing lots of dazzling jewellery, and being commanding in general. Or, in contrast to that, a private moment with Nessanië, a comfortable companionship with her lover.

Character/Pairing: Tar-Míriel
Prompts: Femslash 'ships, please? Maybe Tar-Míriel/Uinen, Tar-Míriel/Elendil's wife, Tar-Míriel/Isildur's wife, or an OFC. Or Éowyn/Míriel Witch-King 'verse, For gen, Tar-Míriel as the Witch-King of Angmar! Tar-Míriel with her father, Tar-Míriel as a ruler.
I'd love to see Tar-Míriel aiding and abetting the Faithful despite her husband. Alternately, I'd also love a gloriously unrepentant Ar-Zimraphel ruling alongside Ar-Pharazôn—just lots of politics with maybe a dash of femslash thrown in, please. For femslasj, I want Tar-Míriel to have a slice of happiness before—or after—everything goes wrong. Make the setting and plot as dark as you like—the darker the better—but the relationship itself I'd prefer if it were more gentle, and loving. And, of course, Tar-Míriel as the Witch King is welcome! For the Witch-King/Éowyn (or Éowyn and the Witch-King, I don't mind either way): I am just very, very on board with the Tar-Míriel is the Witch King theory and I'd like darkfic about that. Canon divergence, of course, is fine, but so is canon 'verse gapfilling. I just want anger and tragedy and angst and all the yummy darkness. Make it as messed-up as you like—rape/non-con/dubcon are all fine for this fic. I just want a really, really fucked up dynamic, whether shippy or otherwise
Tar-Míriel as the Witch-King would be lovely, wild and dangerous and terrible and dark, and, of course, all the femslash pairings for that. Or maybe Uinen took Tar-Míriel in after she 'drowned'? Or art of the Ruling Queen, sad and beautiful, or powerful and cunning, or both. Elaborate costumes and weird and wacky color palettes all around!

Character/Pairing: Tar-Telperien
Prompts: I want politics, please, all the messy political entanglements, and how Tar-Telperien came to be seen in history so negatively.
Debauched orgies and parties, with Telperien at their center! Or Tar-Telperien's marriage; a visual depiction of that would be wonderful.

Character/Pairing: Tar-Vanimeldë
Prompts: Tar-Vanimeldë dancing, and people entertaining her. Maybe Tar-Vanimeldë falls in love with a dancer? I have a headcanon that she was deeply unhappy about Herucalmo wielding power but since he had many supporters and she didn't want to risk a civil war, she let him be. I'd like a little love to lighten up her life, please! Or did she love decadence and just decide to let her husband rule because partying with her girlfriend's much more fun? I'd love either interpretation!
I'd love to see Tar-Vanimeldë dancing, maybe wearing a long skirt and veil and gold jewellery (and maybe an ear piercing), and maybe a (female) lover watching her dance? Or dancing with a female lover, or watching a female lover dance from her throne.

Character/Pairing: Thuringwethil
Prompts: I 'ship Haleth/Thuringwethil, Lúthien/Thuringwethil, and Ungoliant/Thuringwethil.
I am here for the female blood-sucking Middle-earth vampires and all the blood-sucking fic ever. Honestly, this is my only need. (Okay, I lied. I would also quite adore some sort of dark femslash fic, with dark ladies being gloriously and unabashedly evil, or good ladies and evil ladies clashing and hating each other very very much, but, again, blood-sucking. Blood-sucking is awesome and the reason I exist.)
For art, Thuringwethil sucking someone's blood, or flying, or, in an astounding feat of gymnastics, both!

Character/Pairing: Ungoliant
Prompts: Ungoliant/Arien and Thuringwethil/Ungoliant are my 'ships.
Ungoliant's beginnings, Ungoliant with Thuringwethil, Ungoliant sucking the Light out of the Trees (I'd love it if you used Ungoliant's expanded story in Morgoth's Ring, and also Myths Transformed, but I will also equally love anything to do with her—there's so little, and I want more!)
An origin story, maybe? We know that both Sauron and Morgoth Fell from grace, as it were, and we know how, but what about Ungoliant? What happened? What was her beginning? What made her Dark? Where did she gain her hunger for Light? Or alternately, what happens to Ungoliant?—her fate isn't clear after she flees to Nan Dungortheb, so there's plenty of room for exploration there. Or maybe Ungoliant overpowering Morgoth, because yessss. Anything goes, and I'd love it if you included Ungoliant/Arien in any situation, but I want a majestic, glorious story for her, please, in tone if not in content.
I'd love a visualization of the scene where she sucks Light out of the Two Trees. Or Ungoliant and Arien—the Sun and a giant spider, I'd be interested to see how that worked. Or you could have them take human raiment—that's something I'd love to see. Basically, all the spider art, because I love spiders and there's not enough of them.

Character/Pairing: Vairë
Prompts: Vairë and her weaving and her recording of history is fascinating, and I'd love to see something about that—is she indifferent to what she witnesses, or does she rage at events that occur, or does she laugh at foolish mortals? Or does she, once or twice, intervene?

Fandom: Star Wars (OT, PT, TFA, TCW, Legends)

Requested Media Types: Any! (Please see likes for Star Wars-specific preferences)
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Han/Luke/Leia
Prompts: I thought I'd gotten over my shippy stage for the OT a long time ago, but I re-watched it recently, and apparently not. This is the OT3 of my heart, and I love the messy dynamics and political manoeuvring and adventure and philosophy and all other stuff this entails. I have very specific likes for this pairing—I picture Luke as being vaguely uncomfortable about sex—ace-ish—and Leia and Han being sexually active but not Luke. The romance and love part, though? Luke excels at this, in an awkward, cute sort of way. Messiness is lovely, and all the angst and conflict (especially over Leia's and Luke's birth family) and guilt and general fucked-up things, although their dynamic itself I picture as very gentle, based on love and trust and mutual support, as well as 'let's-see-who-kicks-ass-best' competitions.

Character/Pairing: Phasma/Rey, Phasma/Jessika
Prompts: Go AU all you want! What if Phasma had been the one guarding Rey when she escaped? What if Jessika was captured? The possibilities are endless. I don’t mind redemption, but not too easy (although something set far, far into the future with vague past redemption is fine)—and for these pairings, dark is lovely. Tragic backstory is always a bonus!

Character/Pairing: Rey/Jessika, Rey/Female Resistance Pilot
Prompts: Partners in crime—flying together, whoever you choose being Rey's right hand (and yes, hand jokes welcome. Also Han jokes). Or maybe love in unexpected places? Whichever you choose, I’d love something gentle, something about companionship. I don't mind either during TFA or post-TFA, and if post-TFA, speculation on the direction the next movie will go would be lovely!

Character/Pairing: Rey/OFC
Prompts: Rey wasn't completely alone on Jakku once upon a time. I know this has to end in tragedy (or at least mutual separation), but for the duration of the story I'd like a fierce, passionate, but ultimately gentle love.

Character/Pairing: Padmé/Sabé
Prompts: Queen and handmaiden on Naboo or later political intrigue would be lovely, of course, but I'm particularly interested in Padmé-lives fic. And this doesn't even have to be very AU! Everything can go as planned in the OT! And Leia's remembering her mother in RotJ makes a little more sense! Basically, I'd love Padmé and Sabé being rebel leaders together.

Character/Pairing: Adi Gallia, Depa Billaba, Shaak Ti, Stass Allie
Prompts: Councillors and Jedi in action. High Council meetings. I'd love to see them either individually or together (although Stass Allie, of course, is a Councillor later than the other three).
I'd love to see a Council meeting in progression. There's plenty of room for humor there, and, of course, angst and drama. I'd like to see what being a Jedi entails, especially a Jedi Councillor, one of the leaders of the Order.

Character/Pairing: Ahsoka Tano
Prompts: Ahsoka and Barriss, Ahsoka and Anakin, Ahsoka with Obi-Wan, Ahsoka with the clone troopers, Ahsoka and Padmé, Ahoska post-RotS facing down Vader (whether in reality or in her dreams, I just want her mourning her master), Ahsoka the Rebel. (The last two not as in Rebels, because I—dislike that series)
I'd love to see Ahsoka on any sort of mission. Ahsoka with her friends in the Temple is something we see very little of in fic—I want more! I'd also adore Ahsoka as a Rebel, setting up the network, recruiting for the Alliance, maybe dropping in on little Leia (and not knowing she's Anakin's daughter, for the extra angst factor). And if you want to go the Padmé lives direction, I'd love Padmé, Sabé, and Ahsoka, forming the Rebel Alliance together. (OT3, anyone? Or OT4, if Mon Mothma wants to join in?) Or an AU where Ahsoka is Obi-Wan's padawan instead of Anakin's (and I'd love it if you managed to include 'You never would have made it as Obi-Wan's Padawan', suitably modified for circumstances, of course—maybe Anakin's just a little jealous, because we all know how possesive he is?), and what would change, and what wouldn't (basically an excuse for Obi-Wan and Ahsoka to interact, because yessss. Also, even if you don't go with that AU, Obi-Wan working behind the scenes to exonerate Ahsoka in Season Five, anyone? Or an AU where Anakin doesn't find Ventress in time and Obi-Wan decides to take action?)
I crave baby Ahsoka art, but older Ahsoka and action wouldn't go amiss either. Or, if you really want to hit me where it hurts, angst! Anything after Anakin's Fall, maybe featuring Obi-Wan, maybe Ahoska alone. (Ahsoka alone. Hah.) Or...this is very specific, but that last scene in TCW where Ahsoka's leaving, framed by the pillar-things in the Temple? A mirror of that, her re-entering the Temple and seeing the destruction Anakin wrought?

Character/Pairing: Apailana, Jamillia
Prompts: Apailana and Jamillia as rulers of Naboo, Padmé advising her successors, Apailana and Jamillia looking up to and admiring Padmé.
I'd like to see Apailana and Jamillia as queens, as rulers of Naboo. I don't really think child-monarchs are a good idea (see: Padmé, who was a good ruler, but politics were not her strong suit as a young girl) but maybe you can convince me. Or maybe you agree with me? Or Apailana and Jamillia, and the legend of Padmé, and how expectation is different from reality.
Costume and hair porn! I adore the costumes of the rulers of Naboo, and how elaborate they are, because I've a mind to setting a challenge ;). On the plus side—your imagination can go wild, as the royal coffers are very deep and price is not an issue.

Character/Pairing: Banet Eerin
Prompts: I'd love to see Bant and her friends having a good time together in the JA timeline. Or maybe catching up with each other after their Knightings (and some Obi-angst if you're so inclined!)? Or Bant and Tahl, and Bant grieving for her Master's death, of course, but also their relationship and them spending time with each other. And what did Bant do during the Clone Wars? I want to know! Really, I just love Bant and her gentle heart, and I want to read anything and everything about her.
Mon Calamarians are weirdly cute in all the artistic depictions I've seen of them! I'd love to see any Bant art, especially Bant with her friends—and grown-up Bant isn't anything I've seen at all, so more of that, maybe? A lot more of that? Because that'd be wonderful!

Character/Pairing: Beru Whitesun
Prompts: Beru with her family and friends, Beru growing up, Beru and Luke, Beru in the desert.
I'd love a story about Beru's childhood and teenage years. Maybe Beru comes from Mos Eisley or Mos Espa, and her life as a merchant's daughter. Or your own version of her backstory—or the EU one, if it exists. Or maybe her blossoming romance with Owen? Or some fluffy little Luke and Beru with suitably dark undertones. Or Beru in her last moments. Or Beru with friends (or a girlfriend!), and friendly banter and day-to-day life in Tatooine.
I'd love to see any art about Beru, really, since there's a huge dearth of Beru art, but especially Beru with baby Luke, because adorableness, or Beru reading to Luke. Or Beru framed in the binary sunset (binary sunset porn is my favourite thing) or ghost!Beru standing amidst flames. Or both. Both is good. I'd also love to see what you think younger Beru would have looked like, maybe as a teenager or little girl, maybe with friends or family.

Character/Pairing: Breha Organa
Prompts: Breha as a Queen, Breha and Leia
I'd love to see Breha in her role as Queen of Alderaan and/or Breha sheltering, supporting, and co-ordinating the fledgling Rebellion, because I adore politics fics. Or a day-in-the-life, on Alderaan, maybe, with politics but also Leia and Breha and a comm call to Bail?
Dress porn, fancy hairdos (it's not only Padmé Leia takes after in that respect?) and gorgeous, regal queens for me, please. For Breha/Bail, I'd love loyalty kink, maybe with Bail kneeling in front of Breha and kissing her hand or pledging his sword or some such archaic marriage ritual?

Character/Pairing: Leia Organa
Prompts: I 'ship Han/Luke/Leia and Leia/Mon Mothma.
Leia with Rey, Leia as a Senator, a Princess, a soldier, a General, Leia in Alderaan with her parents and friends (and Sabé? Ahsoka? Rex? Cody?), Leia being part of the New Republic, Leia with Ben Organa, Leia's (complicated) relationship with Anakin, Leia and Padmé (especially Padmé lives AUs) and/or the Naberries, Leia on Naboo pre-ANH, Leia training to be—and becoming—a Jedi, Leia with Luke and Han.
I'd love to see Leia dealing with the aftermath of Ben's choice, or maybe Leia and Rey, or shippy OT3 fic or Leia as part of the Rebellion, or post-RotJ, rebuilding what was lost. I'd love to see SW politics and how Leia handles the overlap of political and personal.
Space braids! Hairstyles are a special turn-on for Leia, especially if they're practical as well as pretty, as most of her styles are. Other than that, art with Leia and her family (whatever your definition of this is), and Leia with a lightsaber, and just Leia being awesome. I'd especially love seeing what you think Alderaan would have looked like!
Anything featuring Leia, obviously, especially Leia as a leader and warrior! I also love how the differences and similarities between the OT3, and a vid highlighting that would be gorgeous too.

Character/Pairing: Luke Skywalker
Prompts: I 'ship Han/Luke/Leia
Luke and Leia, Luke and Han, OT3 friendship, Luke and Obi-Wan, Luke's “awesome Jedi powers”, Luke's childhood with Aunt Beru, Luke and Anakin and/or Padmé, Luke and Ben, Luke training Rey, Luke's time on Tatooine between ESB and RotJ, and how he changed then.
Adventure, drama, and angst! Luke on Tatooine, post-ESB, and his training and how he discovered himself and dealt with the knowledge of his father and became all serene. Or, if you don't want to do that, I love Luke not understanding how his powers look to outsiders and people being intimated/terrified by how powerful he is. I also love Luke grappling with Anakin and the past—he loves his father, but also, he did terrible things, and Luke and Leia would probably have different opinions on this. Finding the old Jedi Temple at Coruscant, maybe?
For art, young Mark Hammill is so pretty, in a doll-like way, and I just want that very much, especially those eyes. Or, alternately, older Luke is also cool, because that beard. And those eyes, so haunted now. For ideas: Luke as a teacher. I'm fascinated by Luke as a teacher, and any art to do with that would get a million thumbs up, especially for Rey or Ben! Or family fluff with Leia and Han, or finding the Naberries, or Force ghosts! Just family things. Or Luke's heritage on Tatooine. Or Yoda training Luke in ESB. Or a sacrifice he had to make. Or Luke, waiting for Rey. As you can see, I have ideassssss.
Luke growing up and coming into his own is a favourite theme, as well as love, loss, and heritage. Dark-ish, bittersweet but hopeful would be the perfect tone. And the binary suns. The binary sunset/sunrise porn is perfect for a Skywalker family vid, yes? Richard Thompson's Sunset Song, Pink Floyd's Two Suns In The Sunset, Fiddler on the Rood's Sunrise, Sunset, Sigh's A Sunset Song, The Cloud Room's Sunset Song, Avalanche City's Sunset...the opportunities are waaaay too many to count.

Character/Pairing: Mon Mothma
Prompts: Ships I 'ship include Leia/Mon Mothma and Padmé/Mon Mothma. Gen I'd adore: Mon Mothma and the Delegation of Two Thousand, Mon Mothma and the Rebels, Mon Mothma with her family (EU children and partner, or parents if you don't like that bit of the EU), Obi-Wan and Mon Mothma. [Please note my dislike of the Rebels TV show.]
I'd love Leia/Mon Mothma fic in any form. Specific prompts include mentorship (you can spin this on the gen angle if you want, too), politican-ly peers and in a casual relationship (before Leia gets together with Han, though—and either of these could also fit Padmé?), or Leia going to Mon Mothma for help with the Resistance after Ben Falls, and finding comfort in an old friend maybe wasn't part of the plan and certainly not officially sanctioned, but... Or if you want RotS-era things, Mon Mothma planning the Rebellion, and lots of politics! Or an origin story, because I haven't seen any. Or a Padmé lives AU? Because I adore those, both gen and shippy, and I'd love to see Mon Mothma shelter Padmé (and maybe Sabé and Obi-Wan, who come along for the ride—orgies, anyone?) for a little while, before their little ragtag band truly goes on the run. And in a different but not-unrelated prompt, I have a strange fascination with seeing Mon Mothma and Obi-Wan interact—any premise you can think up, any time period.
Genevieve O'Reilly has an almost creepy resemblance to Caroline Blakiston in the new Rogue One trailer, so her face is fine as reference for RotS Mon Mothma, but I do prefer Caroline Blakiston's slightly different face to Genevieve O'Reilly's version for the OT. Either way, her costume is gorgeous, and she even looks inspiring. Maybe her giving a speech, perhaps to the Senate? Or the Rebellion or the New Republic? Or, I adore her quotes about war from the EU (can't recall the specific novels, sorry, but one of my favourites has got to be when she does what amounts to forcing Luke to take his head out of his ass), so something based on that? Or the Delegation of Two Thousand and the Cantham House meetings. I just adore Mon Mothma as a leader and politician. Or Leia and Mon Mothma—Mon Mothma mentoring Leia, or the two of them just talking. Or something pre-TFA but only by a few years, a quiet love scene, General Organa and the former leader of the Rebellion and of the New Republic. Also Mon Mothma and Padmé looking out at Coruscant, shippy or gen-like, whichever way you swing. And as above, Mon Mothma and Obi-Wan interaction, either with some backstory or delightfully context-free—I don't mind either way!

Character/Pairing: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Prompts: Obi-Wan and Anakin (Obi-Wan and Anakin oh gods I want so so much of this and in a fucked-up, messy way, because Obi-Wan sees Anakin as a brother, a grieving older brother stepping up to take Qui-Gon's place but never able to properly stand in his shoes, whereas Anakin sees Obi-Wan as a parent, and Qui-Gon is only a distant figure hero-worshipped, whose name is used to get Anakin's way, and that distance between them is too wide to bridge), Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, Obi-Wan the Rebel, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, Obi-Wan and Leia, Obi-Wan and Padmé (and maybe the handmaidens), Obi-Wan with Mace Windu and/or Master Yoda, Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia and/or Siri Tachi, Obi-Wan with Garen and Bant and Reeft, Obi-Wan and the ghosts of the people who've died because of him, Obi-Wan on Tatooine, Obi-Wan as a Knight, as a Master, as a Councillor. And Obi-Wan as a Master who never got to be Knight—or if he was a Knight, he earned his Mastery quickly (see: 'Master Kenobi' in AotC, which most people interpret as just a form of address, I know, but even Yoda calls him that. And the final scene where Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan are having what amounts to their own private Council session (when Obi-Wan isn't even on the Council) shows a closeness between the three that I think does show that Obi-Wan is a Master). Obi-Wan's unselfish love. Obi-Wan attempting to justify the fact that he didn't kill Anakin, that he left him to suffer and now there's a monster let loose on the galaxy.
Oh, I have so many ideas for Obi-Wan fic. Obi-Wan, struggling to let go off his attachments and stay true to the Jedi principles. Obi-Wan, after his Master's death, dealing with being suddenly thrust into Knighthood and gaining a Padawan of his own. Obi-Wan and Anakin, and how things slowly go downhill. Obi-Wan, putting himself on the line trying to protect Padmé and Anakin and their marriage. Obi-Wan in the Council, and struggling to deal with his duties as a Councillor and General while keeping to the Code. Obi-Wan, finally realizing the Code isn't everything, that he's got to find middle-ground, balance, because he's not a perfect Jedi, he hasn't reached a perfect state yet, but he can live with that. Or, alternately, learning to let go. Enlightenment, in the Buddhist way, and how Obi-Wan comes across it, and learns not to be attached. But most of all, the legend of the Jedi and of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and how it grew, both in the Empire and in the Alliance, until it came to be what it was in ANH, and how Obi-Wan Kenobi became Princess Leia Organa's only hope.
Or, if you want to go AU, Mustafar AUs are always lovely, the more fucked-up the better, or maybe an AU where Obi-Wan finds out about Anakin's reaction to Shmi's death? Or Qui-Gon lives! (and Anakin Falls anyway. Or does he? There are so many ways to play this; Qui-Gon training Anakin and on good terms with Obi-Wan, them drifting apart, Obi-Wan training Anakin, Qui-Gon in a coma until some years after Naboo...) Or, if you're interested in writing Jedi Apprentice-era stuff, an AU where Obi-Wan is permanently injured at some point (he's blinded at New Apsolon, maybe, for the added angst [no, I'm not sorry]) and what that'd change in the PT movies. Or a Padmé lives AU where Obi-Wan and Padmé (and Sabé and Ahsoka?) go on the run with Luke and Leia. Either way, something based on 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift, please—it's my Obi-Wan AU theme.
All the angsty art! Obi-Wan alone, or looking at the people he loves while they're all looking somewhere else, or Obi-Wan on Tatooine. Just Obi-Wan and everything he's given up and/or lost. Or Padmé and Obi-Wan in a moment of friendship, or, if you want, Obi-Wan, Bail, Padmé, Mon Mothma, and other Senators of the Delegation of Two Thousand, meeting. Or maybe a fluffy moment with Luke and/or Leia. Or Anakin and Obi-Wan. (For inspiration: 'my shadow's over you 'cause I am the opposite of amnesia'. Fall Out Boy's Centuries is my theme song for these two, switching between Anakin's and Obi-Wan's POVs. For Obi-Wan's, Little Mix's 'Lightning', only not romantically.) I love Obi-Wan in his brown robe, both with the hood drawn up and drawn down, though just the tunic doesn't do as much for me (unless Geonosis. I adore Geonosis. Also the final scenes of RotS with Padmé, and Luke and Leia). And Soresu stances, too, and kick-assery, and Ewan McGregor's lovely face in its many manifestations,
For vid, Obi-Wan's lost so much, and a teary video highlighting that, please? Or the fall of the Jedi Order? Or his legend, growing and growing until he becomes a legendary hero of huge prowess to the Alliance? Or his growth from Padawan to Councillor and General?

Character/Pairing: Padmé Amidala
Prompts: 'Ships include Padmé/Sabé (or any of the other handmaidens), Padmé/Mon Mothma, and Padmé/Siri Tachi.
Queen Amidala, Senator Amidala, Padmé and Mon Mothma and/or Bail Organa and/or Breha Organa, Padmé and Obi-Wan and/or Ahsoka, Padmé with her handmaidens, Padmé and her family. All the Padmé lives AUs, and anything with Padmé being awesome, because my biggest problem with the PT (other than the dialogue) is the writers not letting Padmé live up to her full potential.
A Padmé lives AU where Padmé becomes a Rebel leader, please! She can die when Leia and Luke are young, or watch from the sidelines during the OT, if you want to keep canon as-is, but canon divergence would also be lovely, as would Padmé/Sabé. If you're writing canon 'verse, I definitely don't mind glossing over her romance with Anakin to focus on other aspects of her life—her family, her friendships, her work. And Padmé with Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, maybe a night out, and Jedi and Senate politics being discussed, and friends doing friend things.
Two of my favourite things collide: space hairstyles and costume porn. Also, there is a shortage of Padmé/Sabé art, and art where Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Padmé are awesome, chill friends. Yes? Yes. Fluffy, majestic, long as Padmé's in it, I guarantee I'll love anything you draw.
For vid, I adore 'Across the Stars', and Padmé/Ani would be fine, but also...I would adore you if you could do a Padmé lives AU vid! Other than Star Wars footage, Natalie Portman's also appeared in a lot of other sci-fi/fantasy movies, and using that footage is more than fine! (Also Padmé/Sabé? With Keira Knightly? Yes? Yes.)

Character/Pairing: Phasma
Prompts: Phasma/Rey and Phasma/Jessika are my 'ships, and for gen, Phasma as a commander, Phasma's origin story, Phasma as a young Stormtrooper rising through the ranks, and how Phasma gained her name.
I'd love to any version of Phasma you write—a fanatic who believes firmly in the ideals of the First Order, a commander who loves her job, a soldier doing her job (and doing it well). I'd adore redemption stories, but an easy redemption arc is not my thing—I'd love to see her conflicted, trapped in a dilemma, maybe confused as to why FN-2187 would do what he does, and it spinballs from there. Or, alternately, a day-in-the life thing (but please no Hux, period). Or maybe an origin story? Or dark Rey/Phasma? Dark femslash with fucked-up power dynamics is always the greatest, and I'd love to see a Stockholm Syndrome-type prisoner/jailer fic.
I love Phasma's armour—so shiny! For some reason, the helmet and regular clothing worn together is a major kink for me. Also loyalty kink—I'd love to see (a) female Stormtrooper(s) kneeling to Phasma, or Phasma kneeling to Rey (or vice versa). Rey being held prisoner and Phasma looming over her is also a Thing for me (or, again, vice versa; and if so, Phasma stripped of her armour (and it being scattered around her?) would also be great). And a hand on the prisoner's jaw, turning her face to the jailer.

Character/Pairing: Rey
Prompts: Ships: Rey/Phasma, Rey/Jessika, Rey/Female Resistance Pilot, Rey/OFC On Jakku
Rey learning to be a Jedi, Rey and Leia, Rey bonding with Finn and Poe (but especially Finn), Rey on Jakku, Rey as either a Skywalker or a Kenobi, Rey and Obi-Wan (whether as a Kenobi or otherwise, maybe just him watching over her, and especially 'these are your first steps').
Rey training with Luke, and maybe her heritage? Or I'd adore femslash, especially bittersweet femslash, partings and letting go. (Also, if you're doing Rey as a Kenobi, trans man Obi-Wan/the Force and immaculate conception? Yes?) I'd adore angst, because Rey is made for bittersweet angst and there just isn't enough of it out there.
Ooh, I adore any kind of Rey art, but especially happy art or Rey with her lightsaber and/or staff (maybe she could wield a lightstaff, like Maul in TPM? That I'd love love love to see!). I prefer pastels for her, and I have a Very Big Thing for fabric porn, so that would be gorgeous.
Action! Adventure! Rey! If you choose this character, I really, really don't mind whatever you do with the vid. I just want Rey.

Character/Pairing: Siri Tachi
Prompts: Padmé/Siri is my 'ship, and for gen Siri and Adi, Siri and Ferus, Siri and Obi-Wan, or Siri and her friends.
I'd love to see an AU where Siri lives. Or an AU where she and Padmé fall in love instead of Anakin and Padmé—what would that change? What would that not change? And Siri and Obi-Wan as adults or teenagers, in their prickly, antagonistic, friendship, and being protective of each other. And Siri with her other friends. I also have a soft spot for Adi, and I'd love to see her and Siri together, talking, training, on a mission—anything is fine!
Fierce!Siri, her eyes glowing, lightsaber out, in a fighting stance! Action-packed art would be lovely. Or, Siri in a rare gentle, unguarded moment, maybe with friends, maybe with Adi, maybe alone.

Character/Pairing: Shmi Skywalker
Prompts: Shmi/The Force is my OTP (yes, I am serious). For gen, Shmi with Anakin, Shmi after Anakin was freed, Shmi before Anakin, or Shmi as a young girl.
I'd love an origin story for Shmi, or something about her and her family—how did she gain her strong set of values? Or maybe the relationships, both platonic and romantic, she forms with other slaves. I'd love to see Tatooine culture and legends, and borderline Force-sensitive Shmi would be a delight!
Shmi caring for Anakin would be a treat to see—maybe putting him to bed, or watching him play with friends. Or Shmi and a (female) partner, in a quiet moment together. I'd love to see Shmi alone in the desert, and I'd love to see how you visualize Anakin's conception (this is where Shmi/The Force comes in!).

Character/Pairing: Tahl
Prompts: Tahl and Qui-Gon (and their other friends), Tahl and Bant, Tahl and Obi-Wan.
If Tahl lived, what would change? Everything? Nothing? I'd love to see. And I'd love to see Tahl and Obi-Wan interacting—any sort of interactions. Or Tahl, a night out with her friends. And Tahl and Bant, Tahl instructing Bant in some way, maybe? Either way, I love Tahl the capable Jedi Master and technology genius, and I want moarrr.
Give me beautiful honey-skinned Jedi Masters or give me death! I adore visual deciptions of Legends characters, and Tahl is no exception. I'd love her with curly hair and an action pose, fighting.

Character/Pairing: Toryn Farr
Prompts: Toryn Farr's beginnings, her joining the Rebellion, Toryn Farr as a Rebel officer, Toryn Farr with her fellow rebels.
What's the reason Toryn joined the Rebellion? What's her home planet and family like? I'd love to see your version of this, but I'd also love the EU version, if it exists. And what's it like being a female officer in a very obviously male-dominated environment (and are there any reasons other than misogyny for the Rebellion we see being male-dominated)? I'd love to see more of Toryn's life in the Rebellion, both on missions and on the Rebel base, and maybe with her girlfriend or wife, also part of the Rebellion. And what does she do post-RotJ? Does she join the government or military of the New Republic? Does she take on a civilian post? The questions are endless!
A military pose, maybe, or Toryn on a mission for the Rebel Alliance, or downtime with a fellow (female) Rebel officer and romantic partner? Or working, or—anything, really, there's so little art for her that anything at all would cause me to squeal with joy!

Character/Pairing: Zam Wessell
Prompts: Uh, bounty hunter things? Zam in a cantina, or in a shootout, or performing another task for a client.
She's one of the characters I'm asking for whom I know very little about and want to hear more! You have a totally blank slate, and anything goes, but for ideas, maybe a day in the life of a bounty hunter?
I have a strange fascination with Zam's face mid-transformation. Or maybe an action scene? Or a running (and extremely charged ;)) rivalry with another (female) bounty hunter?

Burned - Azula

Date: 2016-07-05 09:01 pm (UTC)
seal_nonnie: (Default)
From: [personal profile] seal_nonnie
When she was just starting to firebend, her father lectured her on the spirit of fire. Fire burns, Ozai had told his daughter. It burns because you burn. Feed it, let it grow on your hate and anger.

By the time Azula turned five, it was clear that she was the family prodigy, the bright star in the constellation of Fire Nation Royalty. Fires that burn twice as bright live half as long, one teacher had warned her, and Azula burned brighter than the sun. Therefore, it should have been little surprise when she exploded, burning everyone and everything she had ever known.

In the end, she was no more brilliant than anyone else, no more talented than she had driven herself to be. She was fire embodied, ephemeral and dangerous, and she had burned.
Edited Date: 2016-07-05 09:02 pm (UTC)

Re: Burned - Azula

Date: 2016-09-23 04:18 pm (UTC)
the_wavesinger: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_wavesinger
This is such a gorgeous drabble; thank you so much. I especially love the last two lines (break my heart why don't you) and everything is so perfect in general, so much emotions in so few words (and I am doubly in awe because I've never mastered the art of drabble-writing myself.) Thank you so, so much ♥♥♥.

Re: Burned - Azula

Date: 2016-09-23 09:00 pm (UTC)
seal_nonnie: (Default)
From: [personal profile] seal_nonnie
You're very welcome!

Star Wars Icons

Date: 2016-07-22 04:27 pm (UTC)
tarlanx: (SGA - Teyla)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
Here are some icons I created for you of some of the wonderful women in Star Wars. I hope you like them.


01 02 03 04
The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016 The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016 The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016 The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016
05 06 07 08
The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016 The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016 The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016 The Wavesinger - Fandom Gift Box 2016


Re: Star Wars Icons

Date: 2016-09-23 04:19 pm (UTC)
the_wavesinger: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_wavesinger
These are such gorgeous icons! (Especially Zam ♥) Thank you so much.

Re: Star Wars Icons

Date: 2016-09-23 05:06 pm (UTC)
tarlanx: (SGA - Teyla)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
I couldn't decide which of your favorite female characters to pick so decided on several! So pleased you like these :)

Re: ATLA, Dark and Bright

Date: 2016-09-22 11:16 pm (UTC)
seal_nonnie: (Default)
From: [personal profile] seal_nonnie
I love how Azula's aura is described, as well as Azula being not safe and fire because no one taught her anything else.

Re: ATLA, Dark and Bright

Date: 2016-09-23 04:23 pm (UTC)
the_wavesinger: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_wavesinger
So, so beautiful! Especially the fire/moth metaphor. And the sense of danger is lovely; I especially love the bit about Azula holding tiny flames to Ty Lee's lips. And Tye Lee seeing Azula in terms of her aura ♥. Thank you so much ♥♥♥.
Edited Date: 2016-09-23 04:25 pm (UTC)

Date: 2016-09-19 09:01 pm (UTC)
annariel: Leia from Star Wars (ep 7) (Star Wars:Leia)
From: [personal profile] annariel

Click through for full size image.

Date: 2016-09-23 04:24 pm (UTC)
the_wavesinger: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_wavesinger
This is such a gorgeous banner; I love the colors, and your wonderful use of the parallel scenes. Thank you so much ♥.

Date: 2016-09-24 08:29 am (UTC)
annariel: Leia from Star Wars (ep 7) (Star Wars:Leia)
From: [personal profile] annariel
Glad you liked it!


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