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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: Melody_Jade
Other Profiles: None, although you can look at my dreamwidth for other exchange letters.

General DNWs: A/B/O, BDSM, bestiality, deathfic, mpreg, underage sex, zombies, crossovers/fusions, and modern/mundane AUs (canon divergent AUs are fine).
Each fandom might also have their own individual DNWs in addition to those listed above.

General Likes:
- Worldbuilding, especially the implication of the premise on ordinary lives.
- Canon fix-its and canon-divergent AUs.
- Loyalty, families of choice, and strong familial relationships.

Fandom: Inception

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: Art
Fandom-specific DNW: Focus on romantic pairings. (Background pairings are fine as long as it's not the focus of the fic.)

Prompts: You can write about any character or even OCs for these prompts.
- I really love the worldbuilding of Inception, and the whole concept of dream-sharing in general. I'll love to see other applications of dream-share beyond what we've seen in the movie (ie corporate espionage). How about stuff like recreational dreaming, or dream therapy, or spying/espionage government programs?
- I also like the idea of exposing dreamshare and PASIV technology to the entire world, and the fall-out that will result from its exposure. I'll love to see the news/social media response to dreamshare going public - so anything like newspaper articles, opinion editorials, interviews, blog posts, courtroom transcripts, research notes, etc., will be very welcome.

Fandom: Into the Badlands

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: Art

Pairing: Lydia/The Widow
Prompts: Gen, preslash or femslash all fine.
- Post season 1, Lydia doesn't go back to her father but is found by the Widow instead. Together, they take on the badlands.
- Lydia, not Waldo, is the Widow's mole in Quinn's household. What would make Lydia agree to spy against Quinn?
- Pre-series fic about Lydia and the Widow - how they first met, supporting/helping each other in a male-dominated society, secret affair behind their husbands' backs, etc.

Characters: The women of the Badlands
Prompts: I'll also love to see worldbuilding fic about daily life in the badlands, particularly for the women. I'm especially interested by Zephyr, and how she rose to her position in the men-dominated ranks of the Clippers.

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: Art
Fandom-specific DNW: Non-con, infidelity/cheating, love triangles.

Pairing: Regina & young Henry & old Henry
Prompts: One of my favorite scenes in season 5 was when young Henry meets old Henry, and they exchange a few words about Regina. I'll love an expansion of that scene where the three of them get to spend a little more time together, or maybe later when Regina tells her son more about his namesake.

Pairing: Regina/Daniel
- Fix it, please! Write me a fairy tale ending for them pre-Evil Queen, complete with true love kiss and happily ever after.
- Alternatively, I'll also love a scene where they get to say goodbye in the Underworld, maybe Daniel even meets Robin and gives his blessing? (Maybe his unfinished business is to see Regina happy? For this prompt, please ignore the last few episodes of season 5.)

Pairing: Regina/Jefferson
Prompts: Hate sex during the cursed years in Storybrooke! They're lonely and they're the only two people who still remember the past, so they're drawn to each other despite all the hatred and anger.

Fandom: X-Men movies
(Note: There may be some spoilers for X-Men: Apocalypse in this.)

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: Art
Fandom-specific DNW: Focus on romantic pairings. (Background pairings are fine as long as it's not the focus of the fic.)

Pairing: Charles & Raven
- Canon fix-its/canon divergent fics for XMFC. Maybe Charles managed to say the right thing, and Raven chose to stay after Cuba. Maybe Raven still left, but they're still part of each other's lives and still meet up occasionally to catch up. Maybe they reconcile afterwards, when one of them is in danger and one of them goes absolutely BAMF to rescue the other.
- Power swap, where they realize how difficult it is to walk in the other's shoes, and this leads to a greater understanding of each other.
- I'll also love to see scenes of them reconnecting after X-Men: Apocalypse, and working together to build a safe haven for mutants while training the X-Men how to fight.

Pairing: Charles & his students
Prompts: I love how light-hearted and casual he is with them in XM:A! I'll love to see anything where he welcomes students to the school, helps them, comforts them, teaches them. Pretty much anything of Charles being a teacher and/or surrogate father. The more heartwarming, the better! Especially of Charles and Jean, and them bonding over the burdens of telepathy. Any time period is fine, whether it is young Charles or old Charles.

Ficlet: X-Men Movies - Charles and his Students

Date: 2016-08-02 06:27 pm (UTC)
tarlanx: (X-Men - Wolverine)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
Title: Gifts
Fandom: X-Men movies
Characters: Charles and his students
Rating: GEN

Edited Date: 2016-08-02 06:32 pm (UTC)
melody_jade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] melody_jade
I've commented over on AO3, but just want to say thank you here as well!
tarlanx: (X-Men - Wolverine)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
You are most welcome :)
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From: [personal profile] x_disturbed_x
“Hey mom. Why did you want to meet at Granny’s so early?”

Regina quirked a brow. “Do I need an excuse to see my son?”

“At 7:00AM on a saturday? Yeah, you do because it means something’s up.” Henry flashed Regina a tiny smirk. “Mom, I know something is bothering you. What’s up?”

Regina couldn’t feel annoyed at Henry’s insistence that something was wrong. Instead, Regina felt a burst of pride for how intuitive he had become; always had been really.

“I wanted to talk to you about your grandfather. You two had such a brief meeting. I was wondering if you wanted to hear a few stories about him… and yes at 7:00AM in the morning.”

“Yeah, Mom. I totally want to hear about Grandpa Henry. Are you sure you’re up for talking about it though? We don’t have to do it now, Mom.”

Regina reached over the table to grasp Henry’s hand, gently squeezing it. “No reason other than the stories are fresh in my mind and I want you to get to know a little more about your grandfather.”

He grinned. “Breakfast and then an embarrassing childhood story?”

“Yes, but don’t you dare tell anyone about what we discussed today,” Regina warned playfully.

“Scouts honor, mom. It’ll stay between us.”
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From: [personal profile] melody_jade
I've commented over on AO3, but just want to say thank you here as well!

Re: Ficlet: No One Needs to Know (XMFC)

Date: 2016-09-22 03:51 am (UTC)
melody_jade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] melody_jade
Thank you so much for this, this hit my Charles&Raven feels right in the gut! I'm so glad that Raven continued to send Charles letters even after she left, and that their ties weren't completely severed - I really wished this had happened in canon too!


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