Jun. 5th, 2016

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2016 Rules

Jun. 5th, 2016 09:25 am
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Sign Ups/Requests

  1. Please use the provided template for sign ups.

  2. Please leave your sign up form in the textarea to make my life simpler on creating your post. If you want to also provide one without the textarea, you can simply copy/paste the completed sign up after the textarea and delete out the textarea tags.

  3. Please use an additional form for each fandom. This is also to make my life easier in reposting so those filling requests can easily find yours.

  4. You are required to sign up with a minimum of three fandoms. This should improve the chance that your giftbox will be sufficiently filled. If you have only two fandoms you're interested, please contact the mod via the Mod Support post. If one is a megafandom, original, or an easily consumed five-minute fandom, you may be allowed to sign up with two fandoms at the mod's discretion.

  5. If you are open to receiving "original" work, whether that's art or fiction, please use that as the fandom name. If you are not open to receiving original work, you can add it to your DNWs or simply not sign up with "Original" as a fandom.

  6. Please indicate on your sign up which media you are willing to receive gifts in. Art is required to be at least 100x100 pixels and fiction is required to be at least 100 words.

  7. If you want fanmixes or fanvids or any other medium, you can specify that in your list, but please do not make them your only request.

  8. Please remember to read/view and comment on your gifts after reveals. Bookmark/track your giftbox post when it goes live if you need to. Noncommenters may not sign up next year until they have commented on their previous gifts.

  9. If you receive any gifts you feel are abusive or meet a DNW or are otherwise inappropriate, please contact the mod immediately through the Mod Support post so it can be addressed. You are not obligated to comment on gifts that are abusive or against the rules.


  1. To fill a giftbox, please comment on the post of the recipient. Comments will be screened until reveals.
  2. Each gift must be unique to the recipient. If you wish to gift more than one recipient, please make a new gift for each one.

  3. Fills are required to be at least 100x100 pixels or 100 words, in a requested fandom and medium, and avoiding all stated DNWs. Gifts that do not meet minimum requirements will not be unscreened.

  4. Do not offer a fill with a stated DNW. Such comments will not be revealed or unscreened.

  5. No comments that could be considered abusive or insulting to the requester.

  6. Gifters can be anonymous or signed in.

  7. Fills can be added to the AO3 collection, but you are not required to do so.

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Sign ups that do not follow the rules will not be posted until they are revised to do so. If you revise your sign up, please reply to your original comment so I'll know which one to edit.

RULES | FAQs | Mod Support | Schedule

Sign Up Form

You are required to sign up with at least three fandoms, one of which may be original. For exceptions, please read the rules. There are no character/pairing min/max requirements. Please leave your sign up in the textarea tags.

DNW means Do Not Want.

General Sign Up Section (optional; post at top):

Fandom Section (please include once for each fandom):


Fandom Giftbox

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