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Fandoms F-J


Fairy Tail

Fairy Tales

  • Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale) for ozsaur: Requests



Fate/stay night and Related Fandoms

Final Fantasy

  • Final Fantasy IV for sathari: Requests

  • Final Fantasy XII for sathari: Requests

  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for batman: Requests

  • Final Fantasy Type-0 for batman: Requests

Fire Emblem

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening for abarero: Requests

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening for evilmuffins: Requests

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening for slipperykick: Requests

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening for kalloway: Requests

  • Fire Emblem: Fates for abarero: Requests

  • Fire Emblem: Fates for kalloway: Requests

  • Fire Emblem: Fates - Conquest for evilmuffins: Requests


Flesh and Bone

  • Flesh and Bone for redcandle17: Requests

For the Love of Cars

  • For the Love of Cars (TV) RPF for rosied: Requests


  • Freaks (1932) for schlitzie_ramone: Requests


Freier Fall | Free Fall

  • Freier Fall | Free Fall (2013) for trillingstar: Requests


  • Frozen for schlitzie_ramone: Requests

  • Frozen/Brave (crossover) for iggy: Requests

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) for jordannamorgan: Requests


Gakkou Gurashi | School-Live

  • Gakkou Gurashi | School-Live for rubylilly: Requests


Gargoyles TV

  • Gargoyles TV for lady_katana4544: Requests

Ghost in the Shell

  • Ghost in the Shell for randomme: Requests

Gilmore Girls

Ginger Snaps

  • Ginger Snaps Trilogy for ozsaur: Requests


The Goblin Emperor

  • The Goblin Emperor for som_fics: Requests


  • Grantchester (2014) for trillingstar: Requests

Gravity Falls

Greek Mythology

  • Greek Mythology for slipperykick: Requests






Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter for alley_skywalker: Requests

  • Harry Potter for iggy: Requests

  • Harry Potter for lovepeaceohana: Requests

  • Harry Potter for mimm: Requests

  • Harry Potter for seal_nonnie: Requests

  • Harry Potter for goddess47: Requests

  • Harry Potter (all) for fresh_brainss: Requests

  • Harry Potter (books or movies) for isabelquinn: Requests

Hart of Dixie


Hell on Wheels

  • Hell on Wheels for misspinkman: Requests


Historical Farm (UK)

  • Historical Farm (UK TV) RPF for trillingstar: Requests

History RPF

  • Ancient History RPF for dhampyresa: Requests

Hockey RPF

Hogan's Heroes

Houdini and Doyle

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

  • The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith for rosied: Requests

Hunger Games

  • Hunger Games for the_wavesinger: Requests

Hunter x Hunter



Into the Badlands

  • Into the Badlands for melody_jade: Requests

Is the Order a Rabbit?

  • Is the Order a Rabbit? for rubylilly: Requests



Jekyll & Hyde

  • Jekyll & Hyde (2015) for trillingstar: Requests

John Carter of Mars

  • John Carter of Mars / The Barsoom Stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs for sharpest_asp: Requests

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (book or tv) for scripsi: Requests