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General DNWs: adultery or cheating, torture, greater than canon-typical levels of violence, bodily fluids, real world politics or social justice issues (canonical ones would be awesome, otoh)
General Likes:
Shippy Stuff

There is a deplorable lack of phone sex*, exhibition, voyeurism, and non D/s bondage in my fandoms. I also like wall sex, shower sex, and on-screen angry sex in an established relationship where they shelve their issues and compartmentalize and still have to come back and get un-angry with each other afterwards. For positions, I prefer switching, missionary, riding with girl in lap facing either direction towards the guy or away. I prefer het and love being around for the foreplay if any.

*in phone-applicable fandoms

Gen Stuff

I love David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi type platonic soulmates, where two cleave together and care for each other and would follow the other anywhere, but preferably where that is not a codependent relationship. I adore partnerships where they'd do whatever it took for the other, and I love chosen family and close friendships.

Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra

Requested Media Types: fanfic, drabbles, LJ icons, art, meta, vid
DNW Media Types: podfic, audio

Character/Pairing: Kuvira, Kuvira/Baatar Jr.
I'd love drabbles or icons of Kuvira dancing or Kuvira and Baatar's sweet, huggy moments.

For fic, I'd love anything exploring Kuvira's backstory or dancing (I love the metalbending dance) or fluffy shippy stuff or postcanon that takes the politics seriously or even seeing her in action as the uniter. I pretty strongly subscribe to the Ironclad story's approach to Kuvira (by iviscrit) where she was not just a crazy villain but rather a strong military leader that went too far and did not authorize the ethnic cleansing but did authorize prison camps, etc. She actually had a lot of politics that made sense. I'd love to see her and Baatar reconciling or her and Su reconciling or baby Kuvira becoming part of the family or her bending lessons or how she came up through the ranks to captain or meeting Toph before the whole rescue after the Zaofu annexation.

I'd love meta on any of this as well that really reconciles some of this stuff while being canon compliant.

For art, I'm going to fall back on dance please or shippy, fluffy (or smutty) stuff.

If you made a vid, you would be above and beyond what I could expect or imagine, but I'd love Beifong stuff that shows her relationship to the family or her fighting because she's amazing and I love how she incorporates her dance skills into it as well.

Character/Pairing: Beifong Family/Metal Clan
Baby Beifongs growing up in Zaofu, how the metal clan was founded as a clan and maybe looking at more of that than just the immediate family because clan has a lot more implications. I'd love meta looking at the founding and running of Zaofu or fic or drabbles of baby Su and Lin or Su's kids growing up together and the shenanigans they got up to together or icons of the Beifong family, especially Opal and Huan. I've never met a Beifong family vid I didn't like.

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Requested Media Types: fanfic, drabbles, art
DNW Media Types: podfic, audio, meta

Character/Pairing: Mai/Zuko
I would love drabbles or fic of little Mai/Zuko moments. I'd love smut or growing up together or angst fic of them or futurefic with establishing their rule in the Fire Nation or raising kids or little Izumi or between the two series. I've always had a hankering to see firebending or knife-pinning bondage in the bedroom for them.

If you're inspired to do art, I'd love Mai in action with her knives or shippy stuff or being parents. I'd love to see Zuko teaching his kid firebending.

Character/Pairing: Azula & Zuko
I would absolutely love to see what might have beens with these two. They were almost always unstoppable when they worked together and Azula seemed to be genuinely playful and sisterly (if annoying, sociopathic a bit) in the flashbacks when she dragged him along with her to go eavesdrop, and sometimes with them, I just think "we could have had it all." Seeing them work together would be amazing.

Alternatively, I would also adore an AU where Ozai's ordered to kill his favorite rather than his firstborn and Ursa saves Azula with their original relationship the same, and how that would affect both of the kids growing up.

Drabbles of just brotherly/sisterly moments between them would also be awesome.

Fandom: Chang Ge Xing | Song of the Long March

Requested Media Types: fic, art, LJ icons
DNW Media Types: podfic and audio

Character/Pairing: Li Chang Ge &/ Situ Langlang
First of all, they're both gorgeous, so if you get inspired to do art, I LOVE the hair and the swords and the stances and would love to have that in original art or icons.

For fic, I'd love to see when she comes to train under him, whether that's shippy or platonic and their mentorship and push/pull and both their serious and less serious sides. I loved the last conversation they had where he talked about wielding the blade with a pure heart and seeing her standing in the doorway after cutting down all those guys in the temple just hits all my buttons. Anything along those lines would be awesome.

Character/Pairing: Luo Shi Ba/Situ Langlang, Luo Shi Ba/Xu Feng
I'd love to see Shi Ba and Situ whether connecting as two swordsmen, from a professional comradery perspective or shippiness, and I've kind of loved the idea of Shi Ba and Xu Feng ever since their interactions while Shi Ba was guarding Chang Ge's door and wouldn't let him in. Art, icons, or fic would be very welcome.

Fandom: Divergent Series - Veronica Roth

Requested Media Types: Fic, drabbles, meta
DNW Media Types: Podfic and audio

Character/Pairing: The Factions/worldbuilding
Prompts: I'd LOVE any kind of meta or fic addressing the faction system and the worldbuilding that's canon compliant and expands how it works or could work and what could be done with it. I want to know more about everything: population growth, serums, ethics, politics, pros, cons, logistics, just everything.

Character/Pairing: Tris/Tobias
Prompts: I'd love anything fic or drabbles or meta exploring Four's masochism, AU where Tris is permanently disabled instead of killed or a canon-divergent AU where Chicago doesn't implode and they actually grow up in a nonwar version of the factions.

Character/Pairing: Cara/Tobias (postcanon)
Prompts: I started shipping them early on in Allegiant, and I'd love to see postcanon where she drags him out of grief or whatever and how they could become a healthy relationship.

Character/Pairing: Jeanine, Andrew, Tori, Evelyn (Former Erudite) (precanon)
Prompts: All of these favorite characters of mine came out of the former Erudite generation and only one stayed there. I'd love to see them interacting when they were younger and the friendship between Jeanine/Andrew and just anything.

Fandom: Shokugeki No Soma | Food Wars

Requested Media Types: Fic, drabbles
DNW Media Types: Podfic and audio

Character/Pairing: Kurokiba Ryou/Nakiri Alice
Cookoffs and growing up together: I'd just love to see moments or snapshots or longer fic of them growing up together and what that looked like considering their dynamic and why he's totally okay with her being the boss, though it doesn't look like it really started out that way, and I just love how they relate and how proud she is of him in general.

D/S: I get the feeling she sends major wild eyes cook Ryou off to deal with everyone else but really keeps the other side of him as in relationship with her. She has pretty much always made it clear that she dominates unless he wins some of it back in shokugeki. They would totally have cookoffs if he wanted dominance to see if he could "earn" it for a night or however long they'd put on the line.

Fandom: Cowboy Bepop

Requested Media Types: Fic, drabbles
DNW Media Types: Podfic and audio

Character/Pairing: Jet Black/Faye Valentine
Prompts: I'd love to see comfort sex, where they've gotten familiar with each other and sort of start something just because they're comfortable, then feelings happen, or even just dealing with the aftermath of the series and developing slowly a working relationship or romantic relationship that takes into account the emotional holes left on the Bepop. I'd adore you extra if they get Ed back.
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