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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [personal profile] AlexSeanchai (a pseud of EllieMurasaki)
Other Profiles: [personal profile] alexseanchai, [ profile] alexseanchai

General DNWs: Underage sex. Non- or dub-con. Anything sexy involving eating or excreting (though if you want to write food porn in the sense of conveying what a tasty meal the characters are having, go to town). Disrespectful treatment of [insert marginalized group here]. Cross-generational sexual and/or romantic relationships.
General Likes: Femslash, gen, and sometimes het, with the occasional boyslash. Ladies being awesome. People of color being awesome. Queer people being awesome. Trans and genderqueer/nonbinary people being awesome. (Feel free to genderswap people around in order to have trans/GQ/NB characters where canon doesn't, or doesn't explicitly. Genderswapping cis guys to be cis girls is also cool, but please not the reverse.) Competence kink. Nonperfect people having nonperfect relationships (whether familial, platonic, romantic, or sexual) but all parties are good people trying to make the relationship work as best they know how. Ordinary people caught in extraordinary events. Worldbuilding! If you're leaning porny: bondage, body modification, endurance, sensation play, temperature play, impact play with the emphasis on play, toys toys toys, soft sensuous things, and writing.

Fandom: Sailor Moon Classic

Requested Media Types: fic? art? vid? DW icon?
DNW Media Types: idk

Pairing: Tsukino Usagi/Chiba Mamoru
Prompt: So how do we get from 1990s Tokyo with democracy and shit to some-centuries-later Crystal Tokyo with a world-encompassing monarchy?
Prompt: idk I just want them adorably in love
Prompt: idk I just want them kicking ass together

Ship: FEMSLASH PUPPY PILE starring Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Kino Makoto, and Aino Minako
Prompt: okay here is the thing. I keep seeing on Tumblr how Minako, as the leader of the Inner Senshi, might and probably will someday have to tell these people, her only friends, to sacrifice themselves for Serenity. this is all [ profile] seananmcguire's fault and here is the proof. expansion upon the theme of "For the love of Serenity, burn", please. make it ouchy. (even if they end up all alive at the end, which is not objectionable, make it ouchy.)
Prompt: idk I just want them adorably in love
Prompt: idk I just want them kicking ass together

Pairing: Tomoe Hotaru/Tsukino Usagi II/Helios
Prompt: The princess, and later queen, relies utterly on the support of her lovers, in most realms of life.
Prompt: idk I just want them adorably in love (Hotaru and Helios don't have to be in love with each other though, in fact maybe better if they're not)
Prompt: idk I just want them kicking ass together

Pairing: Tenou Haruka/Kaiou Michiru
Prompt: So how did they become Senshi?
Prompt: idk I just want them adorably in love
Prompt: idk I just want them kicking ass together

Character: Osaka Naru (& Tsukino Usagi)
Prompt: Naru doesn't like that she and Usagi have grown apart. That's all right, though. It is. Really. That happens sometimes. Naru will just have to move on with her life. She's the hero of her own story, after all. Even if Sailor Moon does have to save her life at irregular intervals...
Prompt: What happens to Naru in, or en route to, Crystal Tokyo?
Prompt: Naru's a friend to Usagi of longer standing than even Ami, run with that

Fandom: anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 and Duel Monsters, and manga Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World (go with whatever you're familiar with)

Requested Media Types: fic? art? vid? DW icon?
DNW Media Types: idk

Character/Pairing: Mutou Yuugi & Yami Yuugi aka Atem
Prompt: So are they the same person in different incarnations or different people who happen to look alike and share a profound connection or what's going on here?
Prompt: Yuugi may be cheerful in the concluding moments of the series (this is more apparent in the original than the American dub), but what happens when he realizes that the presence who has been in his head for years is actually gone for keeps? How does he come to terms with this, and what does he do to remember his other self? Does life after Atem ever calm down for Yuugi et al?
Prompt: Especially in Season 0 and the early manga, and counting the people who get insane as well as the people who get dead, Yami Yuugi has a body count. How does Yuugi deal with that?

Ship: Mazaki Anzu/Mutou Yuugi(/Yami Yuugi)
Prompt: Yuugi wants Anzu, Anzu wants Yami Yuugi, Yami Yuugi may or may not want Yuugi (and may or may not be present, depending on where the fill falls in relation to the Final Duel) but certainly wants Yuugi to be happy. (Thus scenes of confusion like in the episode with Step Johnny.) How to resolve the conundrum into happy all around?
Prompt: Anzu knows perfectly well she's supporting cast in a show where Yuugi and his other self are the stars, but damn it all she's also the protagonist in her own life. And she is going to prove that, if only to her own satisfaction.
Prompt: idk I just want them adorably in love

Characters: Kujaku Mai & Kawai Shizuka (optional side of Kujaku Mai/Jounouchi Katsuya)
Prompt: you know it's an adoptive-sisterly relationship basically from the moment Mai and Shizuka meet, and that would be true Jounouchi or no Jounouchi. maybe run with an AU of the anime in which Mai actually realizes this and trades contact info with Shizuka before leaving Battle City, and thus the Orichalcos arc goes hella differently.
Prompt: girls' night out!
Prompt: Once Shizuka gets the hang of the game of Duel Monsters (which process is rather an illustration of why, as they say, the greatest swordsman in the world fears not the second-greatest but the worst), she's fairly competent. Mai's her favorite opponent, because Mai doesn't give Shizuka shit for being a girl in the guys' world of Duel Monsters.

Character: Nosaka Miho
Prompt: Assuming anime Season 0 and Duel Monsters to be the same continuity, more or less—as someone who's trying to write an epic-length fic unifying the two, there are serious problems with this assumption, not least being the RPG at the end of Season 0 and the Yuugi-Bakura duel earlyish in Duelist Kingdom have the same reveal, but assuming it to be more or less true anyway—where did Miho go after Season 0?
Prompt: An AU where Season 0 Miho's at least as involved in the events of the Duel Monsters anime as Shizuka, or maybe even as involved as Anzu.
Prompt: Manga Miho never gets any credit. What if she turned down Honda's date proposal because she saw what happened to the teacher who put the puzzle together? What if she was terrified, and despite-and-because-of that, she said no to Honda? (I mean, we know Honda didn't have anything to do with what happened to the teacher, and we know Yami Yuugi wouldn't have hurt Miho. But Miho couldn't have known either thing.)

Fandom: Original

Requested Media Types: uhhhh
DNW Media Types: idk

Category: original fic (or art or DW icon, and if you vid something I will be seriously impressed)
Prompt: f/f witch/warrior
Prompt: you know all those prophecies of the order of "No man of woman born", and the Scottish Play evades that with Macduff's "from my mother's womb untimely ripped" and LotR with Eowyn's "I am no man"? try starring someone who evades the prophecy by means of being some flavor of genderqueer/nonbinary. (gen is okay. so is something shippy, but GQ/NB folks tend to defy labels like 'het' and 'femslash'.)
Prompt: a priest of a polytheistic religion and someone who previously didn't believe who now feels the call of one or more of the gods. (gen is great! shippy is good but not these two together, that'd be a power imbalance thing, thus dub-con territory.)

Category: book rec requests
Topic: Hellenic polytheism, or reconstructionist/revivalist polytheism with minimal tradition-specificity
Topic: Greek mythology / theology
Topic: anything on ecstatic contact with the divine regardless of religion (such as experienced by forex Teresa of Avila)
Topic: tarot
Topic: feminist economics (to include but not be limited to topics such as women's work, leisure, time, uncompensated labor emotional or otherwise...)
Topic: ecofeminism
Topic: queer theory
Topic: fanfiction (wrt copyright, as a subject of academic study, etc)
Topic: fantasy with canon lesbians who don't die

Category: songfic a la [community profile] jukebox_fest (I mean, have you read [community profile] jukebox_fest? it's basically all original fic inspired by various songs)
Prompt: "Abraham's Daughter", Arcade Fire (how this change in the earliest history of the Abrahamic religions has profound effects on these religions' history and the present day)
Prompt: "Half Jack", Dresden Dolls (the narrator's conflict either with her father or, as a trans woman, with herself and the transphobic society in which she lives. or both!)
Prompt: "Time Travel Girl", Seanan McGuire (and we'll be oh so proud when she takes over the world)
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