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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: Sathari
Other Profiles: Just here on DW.

General DNWs: maledom/femsub as a romantic/sexual pairing dynamic, pregnancy and/or kidfic, kinks involving "former food", character death or sad endings, modern/ordinary-world AU’s (in general, unless I specify a crossover, I like the fandoms to "stay in their lanes" i.e. their own universes with their own mechanics and goshwows and backstories, because the worldbuilding is half of what I love about my fandoms!)
General Likes: badass ladies-in-charge and the hot men who love them for it, whether or not it’s overly femdom/malesub; fluff; fusion verses with either Black Jewels or Kushiel Trilogy; fixits or happy ending AU’s, ICONS WITH TEXT IN THEM. (I use my icons as a hit-and-run mood theme for my comments, so I like to have words on them that express a certain feeling or idea, especially if they do it with an awesome quote from another universe or a song.)

Fandom:Star Wars

Requested Media Types: fic, art, icons, fanmixes, meta, fanvids--- in particular, Vertical Horizon’s album Burning the Days is practically a fanmix for the Skywalker Family Disaster all by itself, and I would die happy for vids from it (I have wanted an Anakin and Obi-wan vid to "Back to You" for five years now, but, seriously, just, that whole album, damn, it fits these people.) (Seriously, even if you ignore my character/pairing requests below, just, Star Wars vids to these songs about whatever works for you in any of the movies, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER.) (Likewise, Star Wars icons with quotes from these songs.) (Ditto Tori Amos’ "A Sorta Fairytale"--- I am not even specifying which of the movies for that one, just... go wild, vids, icons, yes please.)
DNW Media Types: podfic unless a transcript is also provided (this is nothing against podfic as a concept--- in fact I’m glad it exists for fans whose sensory-processing is the opposite of mine! Please make podfic of my fics so that people who prefer that can enjoy them!--- it’s just that I find it incredibly hard and stressful to track on audio-only prose as opposed to music, and even with music I find myself searching up lyrics more often than not; I also can’t do talk radio or audiobooks and I hate talking on the phone!)

Character/Pairing: Kylo Ren|Ben Solo
Prompts: ALL THE FIXITS. All the ways various members of his extended/honorary family saved him! (By all means, bring in the EU/Legends--- Ben loves being a big brother to Jaina and Jacen! Ben’s Aunt Mara figures his stang out and is his awesome mentor! Khabarakh is his awesome bodyguard (and having the Noghri around means that Leia had to sort out what to tell him about Vader a lot sooner, whew!)!--- as well as canon--- Uncle Lando! Aunt Ahsoka! Uncle Chewie! Gramma Maz! Force-ghost Granddad Anakin--- or AU--- Anakin survived his heel-face turn and is a positive influence in his grandson’s life!) Anguisette!Ben a la the Kushiel Trilogy. All the times he jumps ship from the First Order for whatever reason. Being BFF with Phasma and the two of them bitching about Hux together after staff meetings (it’s in the tie-in materials that Phasma disagrees with Hux about the simulation-based training of the stormtroopers, so they’ve got a jumping-off point for bonding about their loathing of him). (Apologies to the Kylux shippers--- YKINMKBYKIOK.) Also GIMME ICONS. I like icons that mix text in with the pictures (check out my icon page for examples) and I NEED MORE KYLO ICONS. And more Ben icons. Especially with lyrics from the aforementioned Vertical Horizon album Burning the Days. And, likewise, fanvids, especially from that album, would slay me.

Character/Pairing: Kylo Ren|Ben Solo/Rey
Prompts: Okay, so I separated this from Kylo|Ben generally because I know it’s a base-breaker of a pairing. I love Rey topping Kylo and both of them VERY much liking it that way, whether it’s angsty or fluffy or whatever! (I really love the idea that he gets OFF on her beating him in duels and/or the scars she’s left him.) I love the idea that Kylo offering to teach her is much more in the line of service submission, where he’s offering up this only thing he’s ever felt anyone valued him for to her. I love fixit AU’s where he didn’t turn and their interaction is positive and adorable from the start! For a Black Jewels fusion, Kylo or Ben is a Warlord Prince who belongs to Queen Rey. Again, fanvids and icons and art, more than welcome.

Prompts: ALL THE FIXITS. Especially partial to Empress-or-Chancellor Amidala universes where Anakin is her strong right fist, and they raise their children together and Leia in particular is totally her dad’s devoted sidekick (and eventual Supreme Commander of her mother’s forces, because LEIA). I have headcanon that half the reason Anakin and Padme got married at the end of AotC is that they just kinda looked at how the Republic and the Jedi were fighting a war (Padme’s DNW) with cloned slaves (Anakin’s DNW) and they were just flapping about how these people had lost all moral suasion over them; that can be a canon-compliant story or an AU where they went public with their revulsion, IDC. But really, just all the times these two got to be happy and raise their kids and grandkid(s) together. Black-Jewels crossover where he’s a Black-Jeweled Warlord Prince who belongs to her but her Jewels are so light that she’s not able to be effective at holding his emotional leash! Kushiel-verse where he’s maybe got a double-dose of Kushiel’s hand on him (Kushiel’s Dart--- anguisette--- and Kushiel’s line, he’s basically a switch) and she fails to handle that well. (For either crossover, I’d like to see the mechanics of BJT or Kushiel spliced into the GFFA, but if you get bunnied in a different direction by this prompt, that’s cool too!)

Fandom: Final Fantasy IV

Requested Media Types: fic, art, fanmixes, fanvids, icons, anything visual
DNW Media Types: podfics without transcripts attached (see above)

Character/Pairing: Kain/Rosa
Prompts: very loving and affectionate femdom/malesub. Maybe she’s helping him work off his guilt about the Tower of Zot? Maybe he’s allowed to be her "champion" a la variations on courtly love and be chastely devoted to her and do her bidding even while she’s married to Cecil? IDEK.

Character/Pairing: Rosa and Sheila (Yang’s wife), Yang/Sheila, Rosa/Kain/Cecil
Prompts: Sheila is a very, very experienced dominant, helping Rosa understand how best to hold her boys’ leashes the way Sheila holds Yang’s.

Character/Pairing: Porom
Prompts: Just... everything ever about the quietly awesome little white-mage prodigy whose brother grabs the spotlight! Maybe Porom’s actual strength with white magic is in fact greater than Palom’s with the black? Maybe she actually would find it easier to become a sage than he would but she can’t be arsed? Maybe while Kain’s on Mount Ordeals he keeps needing to be healed, and the two of them bond over being the less-favored child? Just... I love the polite little bitty genius who has to keep her loudmouth brat of a brother in line. (And I did not realize until writing this prompt that she and Leia Organa might indeed have a lot to discuss about being the lady-twin who gets less attention for her ~magical strength~ than her brother, so, have fun with that if it appeals to you, crossover away in whatever direction!)

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII

Requested Media Types: fic, vids, icons, art, mixes, anything visual
DNW Media Types: Podfic without a transcript attached

Prompts: This is another of my fave pairings for femdom/malesub. It can be hatesex, it can be a political marriage, either pregame AU or postgame Vayne-lives!AU--- I am particular to the idea of a Much Ado About Nothing variation with a grownup!Larsa and Penelo having happily admitted their own feelings for each other and then scheming fondly to coax Vayne and Ashe into falling in love, because my brain is made of cracky crossovers. Speaking of which, splice the Black Jewels mechanics onto Ivalice and make Ashe the Queen to whom Vayne belongs, and I’ll die happy.

Prompts:...I don’t know how I think this would be femdom/malesub, but there’s no accounting for kink. Go wild. (Again, a Black Jewels fusion where Penelo holds Vayne’s leash, whether she’s his Queen or "just" a Healer whose protector he is? Joy and wonder and love.)

Character/Pairing: Penelo and Larsa
Prompts: I... just love these two, all right? All their friendship, whether or not they grow into lovers when he’s older. Just, yeah, these two. Have fun.
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