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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: raininshadows
Other Profiles: (general), (dedicated Dear Writer letters account; if you're looking for fandom-specific likes or more prompts, go here)

General DNWs: incest, interspecies romance (even non-sexual), humiliation, and issuefic. I am generally not a fan of mundane/modern AUs, but other AUs are fine - for example, an AU where Harry Potter doesn't have magic and works at Starbucks would be a DNW, but one where he was a girl named Harriet or where Aunt Petunia was also a witch would be great.
General Likes: mythology, anthropology, worldbuilding, gore, fluff, family, friends, and couples being cute together, hurt/comfort, and dysfunctional relationships platonic or romantic.

Fandom: Sunless Sea

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Frostfound
What is Frostfound? I understand the lore I haven't seen explains who the original owner was, but what did they do to it? Has it evolved since then? Why does it know you so well? Is it really all in your head? Even if it is, does that mean it isn't real?

Fandom: Steven Universe

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Lapis Lazuli
We've seen Lapis's take on her backstory; how accurate is that? What is she going to do from here? What was being stuck as Malachite for that long like?

Character/Pairing: Yellow Pearl
She seems like she's got more personality than most Pearls are allowed to. Why is that? How is it that Yellow Diamond lets her get away with what she does?

Fandom: Transformers: Windblade/Till All Are One

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Windblade/Chromia or Windblade & Chromia
Something horrible happens to Windblade, and Chromia goes off to save her and/or wreak bloody vengeance on whoever hurt her. Or the other way around!
Windblade and Chromia talking about the bombing. We know the conversation must have happened, but we never see it.
More in that Dear Writer letters account I linked above. This will apply for all of these requests except where noted.

Character/Pairing: Windblade/Starscream or Windblade & Starscream
Starscream and Windblade have to pretend to be in a relationship for political reasons, and it develops into actual feelings.
Windblade finds out he’s been hallucinating Bumblebee. How does she react? Sympathy? Fear? Trying to get him ousted as ruler? (How does Caminus tend to handle mental illness, if you’re going anthropological? I suspect this is coming in canon, by the way; it’s totally fine if your fic doesn’t line up with how canon handles it.)

Fandom: Transformers: Devastation (video game)

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Nova Prime
(Please be aware you won't be able to find anything in the Dear Writer letters for this fandom.) What was Nova like, beyond being incredibly inspirational? What did the Proudstar crew overall think of him? What was their Cybertron like?

Character/Pairing: Jhiaxus
Prompts: Jhiaxus was apparently a brilliant scientist who was converted to optimism and happiness over the course of his time on the Proudstar. What was he like before that, though? Is he similar to his other iterations, or not?

Character/Pairing: Nova Prime/Jhiaxus
Prompts: I cannot possibly be the only person who read their relationship as having romantic potential. More of that, please.

Fandom: Transformers: Rescue Bots

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Quickshadow
What was Quickshadow doing in Europe before? What else is she doing? Might the Rescue Bots wind up accidentally involved with one of her other missions?
Quickshadow says she used to be in Special Ops. Now, odds are good that this is some sort of bizarre Rescue Spec Ops thing, and certainly Rescue Bots is never going to go anywhere else with it, but I like the idea that she works for regular Autobot Special Ops. If you’re not interested in going that dark, what else did she do in Europe before we meet her?

Character/Pairing: Quickshadow/Heatwave
Heatwave and Quickshadow have a serious talk about her taking over the Phodolite mission/the incident with Myles and Evan, what happened, and how that affected the both of them.

Character/Pairing: Rescue Bots Team
I just really love the team dynamic, how they respect each other and work together even when they don't agree on everything.

Fandom: Transformers: Prime

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Megatron/Soundwave
Post-canon fic where Soundwave somehow extracts himself from the Shadowzone and heads off to find Megatron. Maybe he’s planning to reform the Decepticons; maybe he’s just looking for his boyfriend. Regardless, I can’t imagine he’d be expecting post-Predacons Rising Megatron.
What persuaded Soundwave to start following Megatron?

Character/Pairing: Dreadwing/Megatron
An AU where Starscream, for whatever reason, never rejoins the Decepticons, and Dreadwing continues on in his new position. With more time to prepare him and their relationship, would Megatron be able to explain how Skyquake died in a way that Dreadwing reacted less violently to? Would he even try? How does Megatron deal with having a less backstabby second-in-command?

Fandom: Transformers: War for Cybertron

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Cliffjumper/Jazz
Cliffjumper and Jazz on another mission, or perhaps later in the game. Did they make it off Cybertron? Where have they worked together before? What were they doing before WFC?

Character/Pairing: Megatron/Soundwave
Megatron and Soundwave during Soundwave’s repairs of him in FOC. Even if Megatron doesn’t know how Soundwave feels about him, that’s the sort of thing that could play into pining-type stuff easily.

Character/Pairing: Breakdown
How did Breakdown do with the reign of Starscream? He seems to be pretty different than the bot we saw in Prime, although he's actually surprisingly non-paranoid and unlike his G1 counterpart in WFC; how did he get from A to B?

Character/Pairing: Shockwave
Some of his other experiments, like maybe those obnoxious sniper things.

Fandom: Transformers: Robots in Disguise/The Transformers

Requested Media Types: Fic, art
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Arcee/Prowl
Sometime around Combiner Wars, Arcee and Prowl meet up. Maybe they’re dealing with feelings that they never really expressed to each other before the Earth trip, or maybe they were already in a relationship.
Something about Prowl and Arcee’s relationship before the Devastator mess.
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