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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: redcandle17
Other Profiles: Redcandle17 @ LJ and Redcandle17 @ Tumblr

General DNWs: first or second person POV; original characters as a big part of the fic (though it's okay if you want to use an OC as a narrator to give an outsider's perspective on a pairing - I just don't want to read about the OC's own story); modern or mundane AUs; genderswap; mpreg; Omegaverse
General Likes: What I like depends on the characters and the fandom, but I tend to like pairings that are inappropriate in one way or another. Canon-divergence AUs are good too.

Fandom: Mad Max Fury Road

Requested Media Types: fic, art
DNW Media Types: photomanips

Character/Pairing: Slit/Toast
Prompts: Pre-canon or canon-divergent AU. I will happily accept humor, or healthy and fully consensual romance, but what I desperately crave is dub-con or non-con that Toast ends up enjoying despite herself.

Do Not Want: pegging, anal, humiliation

Character/Pairing: Capable/Nux
Prompts: Nux lives AU? A Groundhog Day AU where the events of the movie occur in different ways until Capable and Nux get to live happily ever after? Pure fluff with Nux braiding Capable's hair and/or Capable reading to Nux?

Do Not Want: pegging, anal, humiliation

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Captain America movies

Requested Media Types: fic, art
DNW Media Types:

Character/Pairing: Winter Soldier!Bucky/OC
Prompts: I'd love some bad/wrong thing where an OC (slight preference for OFC but OMC is good too) is given to the Winter Soldier for his use. Or maybe someone in Hydra wants to live dangerously by ordering the Winter Soldier to top them.

I would also welcome humor and/or fluff about Bucky reacting to the modern world.

Fandom: Flesh and Bone (2015 TV mini-series)

Requested Media Types: gif sets, fic, art
DNW Media Types:

Character/Pairing: Bryan/Claire
Prompts: Obsessive love and dysfunctional relationships are two of my favorite things and this is that and canon at that. :D

The first time someone mistakes Claire for his girlfriend instead of his sister and Bryan doesn't correct them? Or the first time Claire goes to Bryan's bed? Or the first Valentine's Day after their relationship becomes incestuous? Or an AU where Bryan goes to watch Claire's performance instead of trying to leave?

I would also love to get gif sets for this pairing. I desperately need my favorite scene in gif set form (the scene that starts at minute 53:00 of the second episode - particularly Bryan chasing Claire out into the rain and holding her against him while she struggles until she stops struggling)

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire (book canon only!)

Requested Media Types: art, fic
DNW Media Types:

Character/Pairing: Catelyn Tully
Prompts: I'd love art of Catelyn as she's described in the books (she's no older than 35 when she dies) - that Tully coloring is so lovely. I'd also love fic about her youth in the riverlands, her betrothal to Brandon, her establishing herself as the Lady of Winterfell after Robert's Rebellion, her governing the North while Ned was fighting the Greyjoy Rebellion, or her relationship with her daughters.

Do Not Want: Game of Thrones television canon, any images depicting or inspired by Michelle Fairley

Character/Pairing: Cersei Lannister
Prompts: I love Lena Headey, but she's just not right for book!Cersei. She has a cold, aristocratic look that - while it reflects Cersei's inner self - doesn't match the facade she presents to the world. Until she began unraveling, Cersei tried to present herself as seductive and charming.

I would love something that explored the theme of Cersei and Gregor as a dark version of the lady and her knight trope. Something about Cersei as a young girl at Mad Aerys' court or something about the early days of her marriage to Robert would be great too. Art or fic of Cersei with Myrcella would be loved and cuddled and called George. :D

Do Not Want: Game of Thrones television canon, images depicting or inspired by Lena Headey

Fandom: Blinder (2013 movie)

Requested Media Types: fic
DNW Media Types:

Character/Pairing: Mort/adult!Sammy, Tommy/adult!Sammy/Mort
Prompts: My id is craving fic set post-movie where Sammy and Mort realize they're still attracted to each other.

Fandom: Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types:

Character/Pairing: Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt (there's a fair amount of Reiner/Bertholdt fic, so I'd appreciate some Reiner/Bertholdt/Annie, Annie/Bertholdt, or Reiner/Annie)
Prompts: Anything set in the actual canon setting or a canon-divergent AU.

No non-canon AU i.e. settings other than the canon setting, please. I'd prefer no or minimal Armin as well.

Fandom: Original

Requested Media Types: gif sets, pic spam
DNW Media Types:

Character/Pairing: Real person - actor Josh Helman
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