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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: Isilloth
Other Profiles:tumblr: isilloth
General DNWs: modern AU, gore
General Likes: canon divergence AU, strong women characters, OCs, happy or bittersweet endings.

Fandom: Silmarillion and other Tolkien's works

Requested Media Types: Fic or art
DNW Media Types: photomanips, fanmix

Character/Pairing: Maeglin/Oficial female character
Fi: canon divergence, where Maeglin had an affair with someone else than Idril - it could have tragic end, but I'd like some happy moments. Other option (maybe more likely) is post canon time - after reembodied. Frankly, I just want to read something about happy (or at least not depressed and despaired) Maeglin.
Fanart: I see Maeglin as really pale and raven-haired, almost always dressed wholly in black.

Character/Pairing: Finduilas (daughter of Orodreth)
Fic: I'd like to read something about her, running Nargothrond during Finrod's abscence (after his death or not). I imagine she was stronger personality than her father and had a lot to say (maybe she guides Orodreth from behind the scene?). Rather something before Turin.

Fanart: it's to Maeglin's prompt as well - I don't like elves with too big, almost caricatured ears. They could be pointed, but not as big as head.

Fandom: A song of Ice and Fire

Requested Media Types: Fic or art
DNW Media Types: other

Character/Pairing: Sansa Stark/Petyr Baelish "Littlefinger"
Fic: going with books version - Littlefinger and Sansa are in Vale of Arryn, although she is promised to Harry the Heir, she is to much like her mother for him to resist.
Fanart: unleash your imagination! I don't want just actors' portraits, rather your own interpretation of characters.

Character/Pairing: Arianne Martell/OFC
Prompts: Arianne and female guardian (or servant) after failed Myrcella's kidnapping - she is imprisoned and has conact only with few people, the OFC make prison easier to stand.

Fandom: the Stormlight Archive
Requested Media Types: Fic or art
DNW Media Types: other

Character/Pairing: Shallan/Renarin
Prompts: Renarn fall in love with brother's fiancee. He doesn't want to betray his older brother, and he is struggling with his feelings. And now, when he is Radiant as her, they have a lot in common.
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