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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: telophase
Other Profiles: DW, Tumblr

General DNWs: Fluff (two exceptions noted below), ABO (one exception noted below), humiliation/embarrassment, noncon, underage, bestiality
General Likes: Gen is always welcome, NSFW is also fine, plotty, found family, strong non-romantic relationships like brother-sister or parent-child (whether related by blood or choice), competent people doing competent things, mysteries, wit, dry humor, bittersweet endings, happy endings

Fandom:Dragon Age: Inquisition

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Cullen/Female Lavellan OR just Cullen
Prompts: Yeah I admit it, I’m a Cullenmancer. My first playthrough I thought he was kind of boring until we hit the lyrium subplot, and then all of a sudden he became interesting and complicated. I don’t really like fluff in romances--there’s a post floating around Tumblr that characterises romances with various DA:I characters that’s heavy on the soppy “fingers in your hair" or “butterfly kisses" thing and I’m...ummm, remember that bit where he finally gathers his courage and give Inky this intense look before sweeping all the stuff off his desk and throwing her on top of it? Or barks at the subordinate who interrupts the moment on the walls? Great passion, barely restrained, even though he’s also a giant dork. More of stuff like that and less of the saccharine stuff. Anyway, your Inky is not my Inky so I’m not going to worry about her characterization too much. (Also I named her LadyWhatt[TheFuck] because she looked like she was going “WTF?!" at everything so that’s not really conducive to non-parody fic. So do feel free to name her something else!) I played her as a mage, so something focusing on the mage/Templar conflict might be nice. Or something dealing with his coming off the lyrium. Or pick a prompt from one of my generators (linked below in “Original") and let your imagination fly.

Character/Pairing: Cullen & Cullen’s Mabari
Prompts: Right, so I discovered via FFA that Cullen’s Mabari is an AO3 tag, which made me go YES PLEASE Cullen’s Mabari fic or art or other work! This is one where I don’t actually mind fluff because CULLEN SOPPY OVER GIANT DOG. I don’t have a particular name for the dog so if you fic it up, feel free to name it whatever. Possible prompts (feel free to ignore them): housetraining, training a working dog, the dog being smarter than Cullen at relationship stuff. Er, none of that in the porny way.

Character/Pairing: Cassandra
Prompts: I love Cassandra. Strong in her faith, strong in her physicality, and not afraid (after a bit of prompting) to admit she loves reading terrible genre fiction. I really wish I had more prompts than “MOAR CASSANDRA PLZKTHKS." So if there’s a Cassandra story or artwork in you that you’ve been thinking about: here’s your chance! I don’t have a grand preference for pairings with her, so take your pick. (I did romance her with a male Trevelyan rogue named SerTired[OfThisShit], wherein I picked all the atheist options when I had a chance, so feel free to riff off that or go your own way.) Or pick one of the prompt generators linked in Original and have a go with that.

Fandom: Witcher 3

Requested Media Types: any
DNW Media Types:none

I don’t mind spoilers. I haven’t played the first two games, I’ve only just started reading the books, and we’re only partway through the game as I sign up for this, but I’m not trying to avoid plot or character spoilers so don’t worry about that. (If you make up any OCs, you might want to note them so I don’t go looking for them in canon!)

As with all of these, feel free to use my random prompt generators to spark something, if you’d like.

Character/Pairing: Geralt
Prompts: My husband is being very kind to me and playing Witcher so that I can stare at Geralt’s ass while not having to figure out the stupid complicated controls. I also find it hilarious that every woman he chases ends up using him. GERALT I THINK YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES.

Character/Pairing: Geralt & Ciri
Prompts: YES to this father-daughter relationship. How about something from their past that just illustrates or illuminates that bond? Wilderness training, maybe, out on a campsite or hunting monsters?

Fandom: Discworld

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: Art, vid, etc.

Character/Pairing: Sam Vimes, or Sam Vimes/Lady Sybil
Prompts: For some reason, no visual representations of Discworld characters have ever matched the ones in my head, so I’m just steering clear of that for this one. Anyway. I have always loved Vimes--there’s something about that grumpy, angry bastard who’s learned tight control the hard way, who is convinced that he doesn’t deserve Sybil. Alas, not much in the way or prompts for this one too, except to stress staying away from soppy. (Domestic does not automatically equal fluff!)

Fandom: Skyrim

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Murderface McKenzie
Prompts: Right. So I’ve been learning to use the controller while playing Skyrim, which is kind of hard because I have terrible hand-eye coordination (no I have no idea how I can do art). So my Dragonborn character is pretty much a dumbass who mangs into doors several times on the way out of a room, and falls into rivers, although he’s getting better as I get used to the controller. It’s slow going. I’ve been writing up his adventures and posting them to Dreamwidth and Tumblr. I would love art (or fic!) of him. Feel free to go nuts, pair him with anyone, do whatever. It’s all good.

Fandom: Original

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Prompts: I have a number of random prompt generators online. I’d love it if you used one (or more) to come up with something. It can be original, or any fandom you’d like, gen, porn, fluff, AU, whatever. Just the idea that someone has used one of my generators for inspiration means a lot to me. Note: I’ll suspend my DNW against fluff and ABO here, but I’d still prefer not to see noncon, humiliation, or underage due to personal squicks.

Kinkfic Prompt Generator:
Cool Bits Story Generator:
Steampunk Random Story Generator:
YA Dystopia Story Generator: (tongue in cheek!)

Random Art Prompt Generator:
Fantasy Art Prompt Generator:
(I have to apologize for the crappy state of the fantasy generator--I threw up the beta version had haven’t taken the time to edit the prompt segments to make grammatical sense.)
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