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AO3 Name: Zhailei
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General DNWs: Issue fic, unhappy endings, first person POV
General Likes: Tropes and clich├ęs, AUs, ensemble fics, banter, makeouts, unresolved (and resolved) sexual tension, romantic comedy, action/adventure, casefic, wacky hijinks, humour, crack, apocalypses, PWP

Fandom: DC Comics

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Stephanie Brown
Prompts: More Batgirl adventures, please! I love the possibilities presented in the final issue, as well as AUs and crossovers with other DC titles - show me the universe where Steph is a Green Lantern, the one where she's Nightwing, where she's part of a team who love her and aren't jerks. Shippiness with Bruce, Dick, or Gage would be amazing, too.

Character/Pairing: Rose Wilson
Prompts: More adventures with the Teen Titans, team-ups with Damian, being mentored by Dick, clashing with the Terror Titans, or literally anything else Rose has ever done. I ship her pretty hard with either Dick or Kon.

Character/Pairing: John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara
Prompts: Magical adventures, epic shippyness, Justice League Dark ensemble fic - or a fix-it for where that title left off? I also love them together in other continuities, particularly the Bombshells!verse.

Character/Pairing: Buddy Baker/Koriand'r
Prompts: Literally anything springing out of Countdown to Adventure - what happened off-world that we didn't see? What about the aftermath? Do they go on more adventures together? Inclusion of Adam Strange is A+ and handwaving Buddy's family is perfectly fine.

Fandom: Marvel 616

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Jennifer Walters
Prompts: I'd love to read more about Jen kicking ass as a lawyer (or bounty hunter) or as a superhero. Or both! Her adventures as a solo superhero, or as part of a team with the Avengers or FF, or just having some downtime. Hanging out in the kitchen at the Baxter Building? Working a tough new case? Space travelling across the universe to do Magistrati ~stuff? Smashing things (while still being a super intelligent, if somewhat impulse control-challenged, lawyer)?

Character/Pairing: Gwen Stacy
Prompts: I'd most love to see Gwen as a superhero - within the Spider-Gwen verse or any other continuity, superpowered or not, AU, what if?, team-up, future!fic, whatever. I also super loved the Gwen variants, and would be thrilled to read fic about any of those.

Character/Pairing: Scott Summers
Prompts: I just love this idiot, okay. I'd love anything with the X-Men where they don't all hate him, or maybe more space adventures with the younger version. Scott/Emma is my OTP, and I also really loved the possibility of Laura/young!Scott happening.

Fandom: The Dark Knight Legacy

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: John Blake & or / Stephanie Brown
Prompts: I love the concept of Blake being Nightwing instead of jumping straight into replacing Batman, and the introduction of Red Hood and Penguin, and Steph being a cop - and since we won't be getting a continuation of the series, I desperately want to see what happens next. (Do Steph and Nightwing work together, or do they sometimes end up clashing? Is Arthur Brown still Cluemaster? Does Batman need a Robin? A Batgirl? Does he decide to take up the mantle of Batman and pass Nightwing onto her? Make up anything, tell me about it!)

Fandom: Tiny Titans

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Any
Prompts: More Robins! Batgirl parties! Space adventures! Treehouse adventures! Pet club adventures! Batcave adventures! Literally any kind of adventure ever!

Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Justin Russo/Alex Russo
Prompts: Some (but by no means all) of my favourite things: Justin and Alex at WizTech, Justin and Alex on epic adventures together, Justin and Alex saving (or maybe accidentally destroying) the world, Justin and/or Alex screwing something up and having to fix it together, Justin and Alex being thrown together for any reason at all.

Fandom: Big Time Rush

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Kendall Knight/Lucy Stone, Camille Roberts/Logan Mitchell, Ensemble
Prompts: I'd love anything set at pretty much any time in canon (or future!fic) for either of these (as far as Kendall/Lucy goes in later seasons, handwaving is a perfectly acceptable response). Anything from dating to casual hook-ups to full-blown relationships would be fantastic. I also adore the entire cast, so I'd love ensemble fic in general. Ridiculous shenanigans of any type are always A+++ (particularly if it's something where they're superheroes again).

Fandom: Victorious

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Beck Oliver/Jade West
Prompts: Jade and Beck's relationship is my favourite thing about this show. I love the way he keeps her in line, and the way he actually makes her happy, and I really love the way he looks at her - like he's not sure why because she's mostly super crazy, but he absolutely adores her. Also, nothing can convince me they aren't kinky in private. Like, sometimes when Jade's being especially caustic, Beck will just give her this ~look that pretty much screams 'you are so going to be punished later.' Which is maybe half the reason she does it.

Fandom: Princess Protection Program

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Carter Mason/Rosalinda Fiore
Prompts: Carter and Rosie rescuing princesses together and maybe Rosie sometimes gets a little jealous because, hello, she knows Carter's type! PPP: The College Years! Adventures in Ruling a Country That is Not on Most Maps!

Fandom: Avalon High

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Allie Pennington
Prompts: Past lives! Mythology! Quests and prophecies and, idk, fighting monsters or magic or just trying to survive high school? Or the magical girl AU version!

Fandom: Happyland

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Ian Chandler/Lucy Velez
Prompts: What I crave is the 'series of unfortunate events' fic where they keep getting thrown together in ridiculous, UST-y situations and then make out a whole bunch, obviously during the time period where they believe they're brother and sister. Or an AU/plot twist where, surprise, they really are related after all, would be awesome, too.

Character/Pairing: Theodore Chandler/Lucy Velez
Prompts: Theodore/Lucy I did not expect to ship, but then he kept being all intense and disapproving and reallyreallyclosestanding, and so here we are. I'd love just about anything for them, from angry backstage wall!sex to having to work together (maybe Theodore has to fill in as Prince Charming one day?) to random park shenanigans to ~family misunderstandings.

Fandom: Miss Match

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Kate Fox/Adam Logan
Prompts: I'd particularly love post-series fic where he keeps pursuing her, and where she (reluctantly) falls for him (especially if their relationships with Michael somehow stay intact). Or literally anything else, during or post-canon.

Character/Pairing: Nick Paine/Victoria Carlson
Prompts:Hookups at the bar? Sexy roommates with benefits? Mutually being in denial about the fact they they're totally (still) dating?

Fandom: Andromeda

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Seamus Harper/Ronnie
Prompts: One of my (many!) favourite things about this pairing is how utterly, completely, 100% into Rommie Harper is. Also everything about her also being a ship and him being totally into that and also all the parts where he (virtually) goes inside her, and the way he literally created her and the way she completely trusts him. And when they went to Earth together and everyone thought they were dating! And all the times when they fight/are annoyed at each other and make super amazing faces. Maybe they have to go on a mission together, or are stuck on a planet, or alone on Andromeda or literally anything else where they're together and then maybe make out.

Fandom: Bodacious Space Pirates

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Katou Marika
Prompts: I love Marika, and the yacht club and her space pirate crew; I love how she jumps into things headfirst and sometimes messes up but is actually a pretty decent captain; I love how her captaincy was passed down from her dad but the real legacy comes from her mum, who is super amazing. I also really love Chiaki and her accidental friendship with/crush on Marika, and I love it when her dad teases her about that <3 I'd love to read anything set during or post-canon, featuring the yacht club or the Bentenmaru crew or both, especially if it features more ridiculous space adventures and occasional piracy.

Fandom: Code Geass

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Ohgi Kaname/Villetta Nu
Prompts: The relationship between Ohgi and Villetta was my favourite thing about this show - the way they're enemies who accidentally fall in love and then spend the rest of the time alternately being super awkward about it and trying to kill each other <3 <3. (Except when somebody else tries to kill Ohgi, because Villetta is having none of that.) I love the genuine and super complicated feelings they have for each other post-amnesia, and my only regret is that we didn't get to see more of them interacting with each other and having to deal with that. I also really, really loved the school carnival episode, which could only have been improved with 100% more Ohgi/Villetta makeouts, so anything super tropey and ridiculous in that vein would be amazing also.

Fandom: Samurai Flamenco

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Gotou Hidenori/Maya Mari
Prompts: So many reasons why I love this pairing. Mari's uniform fetish! The way Goto took her in after her encounter with torture king! When she tracks him down to tell him to stop texting his dead girlfriend! There are so many things I'd want for this, from adorable domestic fluff when she's living with him to dirtybadwrong fic where he punishes her for using him and his uniform to fic where Mari's performing or fighting bad guys and Goto is also there and then they hook up for ~reasons.

Andromeda - Rommie and Harper

Date: 2016-08-06 11:49 am (UTC)
tarlanx: (TV - Fringe)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
I hope you like this wallpaper (1920x1080). Click on image to go to large size.

Andromeda - Rommie and Harper by Tarlan


Re: Andromeda - Rommie and Harper

Date: 2016-09-24 11:36 pm (UTC)
amathela: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amathela
Thank you so much, I love it!

Re: Andromeda - Rommie and Harper

Date: 2016-09-25 08:59 am (UTC)
tarlanx: (Film - MCU - Dancing Groot)
From: [personal profile] tarlanx
I am so glad you like this :)

Re: Andromeda, Double Drabble - Best Behavior

Date: 2016-09-24 11:37 pm (UTC)
amathela: ([andromeda] rommie)
From: [personal profile] amathela
This is so great! I love their banter a lot, thank you so much!


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