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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: Healy
Other Profiles: healyg on Livejournal, and Healy practically everywhere else.

General DNWs: Noncon/dubcon, incest, underage, porn or explicit sexual content, and graphic violence.
General Likes: Comedy, action, fake documents, mysteries, humor, mysterious places, heartwarming junk, humor based on people acting like jerks (hey! I can like two things), bros being bros, show-within-a-show stuff, wordplay/puns, weird junk, character studies, and hidden jokes.
For art, I like clean lines, bright colors (if there are any), cartoony styles, rad set-pieces, cheesy 4 panel gag strips, and other kinds of comics as well.

Fandom: Steven Universe

Requested Media Types: Fanart and fanfic, mostly
DNW Media Types: None comes to mind

Character/Pairing: Peridot & Steven Universe
Prompts: These two are adorable together. I wanna see more of Steven introducing Peridot to new things, like donuts or camping or another TV show. Or how about them causing some sort of trouble around town? Maybe they could pull off a caper together.

Character/Pairing: Pearl
Prompts: Pearl's amazing, isn't she? I'd love to see more of her taking care of Steven and the house. Of course, a picture (or story) of her fighting gem monsters would great. And how's that swordfighting training going, anyway?

Fandom: Gravity Falls

Requested Media Types: Fanfic and fanart, mostly
DNW Media Types: None comes to mind

Character/Pairing: Dipper & Mabel Pines
Prompts: I wanna see more of their adventures in Gravity Falls. Maybe they go on a monster hunt, or search for hidden treasure. I'd also like something about them interacting with the members of the Shack (including Ford). Maybe another Dipper's Guide/Mabel's Guide? Perhaps an encounter with the supernatural in Piedmont, too?

Character/Pairing: Stan & Ford Pines
Prompts: These awful grunks, I love them! I'd love to see some of the adventures they have on their boat. What kind of sea monsters have they fought? Maybe they travel to another dimension and cause a ruckus there. Or you could draw/write something cute with them and the younger twins. (Note: I'd prefer nothing too angsty with these guys.)

Character/Pairing: Bill Cipher/Ford Pines
Prompts: One of my only ships for Gravity Falls. I love this pairing most when it's crack or angst (no fluff, as that doesn't seem very Bill). I'm having trouble thinking of specific prompts, though... Maybe something involving the One of Us AU? (I don't think Ford would join Bill under normal circumstances, but if it were to save Dipper and Mabel...) I love Owlapin's demon!Ford design for that. Oooor you could set it during the pre-portal accident days, when Bill is still working with Ford. I've also got an idea kicking around for a vid of these two set to "Man-Made Object" by Lemon Demon, if you've got any skill with that sort of thing.

Fandom: Chrono Trigger

Requested Media Types: Fanart and fanfic, mostly
DNW Media Types: I've never played Chrono Cross, and frankly I dislike a lot of what it did to the main cast, so any fanwork that relied on Chrono Cross heavily would be a DNW for me.

Character/Pairing: Lucca Ashtear
Prompts: I like her quiet reserve of strength, her brainiac tendencies, her sense of humor. I love her friendships with Robo and Marle, and would love to see her interacting with them or any other member of the main cast. For prompts, how about Lucca visiting Robo post-canon? How is he holding up after the game's events? Or maybe do something with one of Lucca's inventions. In what way does it go wrong?

Fandom: Original

Requested Media Types: Recs for ASMR videos
DNW Media Types: anything other than recs for ASMR videos

Prompts: Yeah, so I'm really into this ASMR thing. Unfortunately, it's gotten a lot harder to sort the wheat from the chaff over the past couple years, so I'd appreciate some recs for good videos to watch. I'm interested in no talking, unintentional, and/or videos under 30 minutes the most, but really, anything's good. I have a preference for female voiced videos as well.

Date: 2016-09-09 05:41 pm (UTC)
merryghoul: nucky be lapel (nucky lapel)
From: [personal profile] merryghoul
Dough, Not Nuts, Steven Universe, Peridot & Steven, general audiences

Date: 2016-09-22 04:41 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This is great! Thank you so much.

Date: 2016-09-22 05:11 am (UTC)
merryghoul: the knightmare (the knightmare)
From: [personal profile] merryghoul
You're welcome!
lady_ganesh: (Gojyo)
From: [personal profile] lady_ganesh
"Ford! FORD!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Ford said, putting his notebook down and picking up the hypodermic syringe he'd carefully prepared a few hours ago. "It's important to categorize--"

"Categorize! Categorize!? This thing is--"

"A particularly rare variation." Ford calmly climbed up the stairs of the Stan O'War II. "If we tag this one properly--"

"It's tryin' to eat me! Can we stop it from eating me before we get excited about the tags?" Stan was waving a harpoon gun at the squid, which was a step up from shooting at it, like he had last time. They'd eaten well for a while, but you couldn't track the migration patterns of--


Ford sighed, ran up to the nearest tentacle, and injected the sedative. The squid struggled for a few minutes and managed to wrap one tentacle around Stan's neck, but the drug took effect soon enough and the animal shuddered to sleep.

"Man," Stan said, unwrapping the tentacles. "Slimy. Why they gotta be so slimy? No, wait, don't answer that."

Ford smiled to himself a little. "If it's any consolation, I adapted the tag. It's a nanochip, and it was injected into the animal along with the sedative. All we have to do is dump it back into the water when it starts stirring again."

"And if it tries to kill me again?" Stan asked, rubbing ruefully at his neck.

"We'll think of something," Ford said, with a shrug. "This one didn't sting, at least."

"Yeah," Stan said, chuckling. "But next time, you stay up here and get yanked on, I'll come in at the last minute and save the day."

"Sure." Ford said. "Go head and take a break, I put some coffee on. And I can show you how to inject the next one." He wasn't as strong as Stan, but Stan was faster up the stairs. It would all work out. "I'll keep an eye on this, can you get my kit on the way up?"

"Sure. And I'm gettin' a clean jacket."

'Clean' was a relative term on the Stan O' War II, but Ford didn't bother pointing that out. He settled on the deck and watched the squid. An animal that size wouldn't stay asleep for long.

Stan's voice floated up the stairs. "This isn't decaf, is it?"

"It's not decaf!"

"Well, all right then..."

Ford listened while his brother grumbled to himself. It was probably just his imagination, but it almost seemed like something was moving under the skin of the animal. Like a pulsing. Like a light.



"...just grab that harpoon gun while you're at it, will ya?"
From: (Anonymous)
Oh man, this is almost too good! Now I wanna know what's up with that squid! Your Stan and Ford seem very in-character. Thanks so much!
lady_ganesh: A Clue card featuring Miss Scarlett. (grin)
From: [personal profile] lady_ganesh
I'm so glad you liked it! I miss Stan and Ford so much.


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