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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [ profile] youtomyme
Other Profiles: [ profile] rufusdrumknott (inactive, but might be useful)

General DNWs: Angst, sad tropes, psychological stuff (includes identity angst), things that require warnings on ao3, anything rated E, crack, m-preg, gender-bending, religious/cultural holidays, any other ships, generic gifts, graphics.
General Likes: Fluff, hurt/comfort (nothing too melodramatic), shenanigans, AUs, introspections into feelings before acting upon them, catalysts, meet-the-family/family acts as matchmaker (built families/close friends count), older characters (for original, late 20s is the youngest I'd like, and I don't mind senior characters at all).

Fandom: Discworld

Requested Media Types: Fanfiction, fanart
DNW Media Types: Anything else.

Character/Pairing: Havelock Vetinari/Rufus Drumknott
Prompts: Introspection into Vetinari’s feelings as he falls in love with Drumknott, confessing their feelings, subtle flirting, AUs! No crossover AUs, but silly generic AUs like coffee shop or high school (Assassin Guild?) AUs are fine, Roundworld AUs where they are in an open relationship? People’s reactions to that relationship?

Character/Pairing: Havelock Vetinari & Roberta Meserole
Prompts: Madam acting as matchmaker when she notices Vetinari and Drumknott’s feelings for each other, Vetinari introducing Drumknott to her as his sweetheart, Madam taking care of Vetinari when he was a child/teenager, Madam visiting him as the patrician to give him advice/check up on him.

Fandom: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Requested Media Types: Fanfiction
DNW Media Types: Anything else

Character/Pairing: Christopher Chant/Millie
Prompts: Just more Christopher confessing to Millie, Christopher proposing to Millie, their relationship as they are married, fic where they are young adults with budding feelings for each other, Christopher snubbing people/other girls for Millie’s sake, fic that shows how Millie has been the only girl in Christopher’s life almost since the moment he met her.

Character/Pairing: Gabriel de Witt & Christopher Chant & Millie
Prompts: Gabriel objecting to Christopher wanting to marry Millie/making him prove himself out of protectiveness for Millie, bonding with/taking care of Christopher and Millie, Gabriel’s relationships with the other members of the castle’s Family.

Character/Pairing: Chrestomanci Castle Family (Gabriel’s time)
Prompts: Everyone’s relationships with each other! Christopher is clearly very fond of everyone. Magical adventures together? Shenanigans during lessons? How everyone reacts to Conrad when he first arrives and tries to make him comfortable?

Fandom: Ace Attorney

Requested Media Types: Fanfiction, fanart
DNW Media Types: Anything else

Character/Pairing: Simon Blackquill/Bobby Fulbright
Prompts: AUs where Bobby lives. If the Phantom kept Bobby prisoner: Simon knew him before he was kidnapped and after DD they help each other get over their respective traumas, getting used to life as normal people, if Simon didn’t know him, Simon meets him after DD and falls in love. If the Phantom didn’t exist/impersonated someone else: cute relationship development, Simon confiding in Bobby about Athena, Bobby letting Simon stay with him after DD and taking care of him.

Character/Pairing: Phoenix Wright/Franziska von Karma
Prompts: Them already being close friends when Phoenix is disbarred so Franziska helps him cope/babysits Trucy sometimes, leading to them developing feelings for each other, discussing marriage/getting married, or reuniting sometime after Phoenix adopts Trucy and she and Franziska getting to know each other, Phoenix introducing her to his protégées as his sweetheart.

Fandom: Original

Requested Media Types: Fiction
DNW Media Types: Anything else

Character/Pairing: Boss/Secretary
Prompts: I love this the most in a sophisticated setting, either the characters are very formal people themselves, or in an old-fashioned setting (see: my love for Vetinari/Drumknott). My love for this trope comes from loyalty out of duty changing into loyalty out of true affection. Perhaps the boss is a normally stoic person who opens up to the secretary about some problem, or has to rely on the secretary to solve some problem for him (a la The Proposal, if Andrew and Margaret were both Stiff Upper Lip British guys). I would vastly prefer m/m for this, but m/f is acceptable if the boss is the male. Age differences highly recommended. I love meek and gentle secretaries with a secret tough/badass side that they show off to defend or protect their boss, and I love emotionally detached bosses who somehow find themselves depending on their secretaries more than they intended to.

Character/Pairing: Beauty/Beast
Prompts: Okay, by beauty/beast, I mean that one of them is not conventionally attractive, which makes them somewhat repulsive to the other and hesitant of accepting their feelings. I love this trope as the unattractive one being a genuinely nice person, maybe they’re proud/aristocratic/aloof to boot that further prejudices the other person against them, but the other person eventually comes to love them. Maybe just in a general setting, or maybe the unattractive person proposes to the other person and they accept because they need the financial stability or some other reason, and eventually learns to love them. Basically Pride and Prejudice if Mr Darcy were unattractive, or The Adventures of Sally if Sally agreed to marry Carmyle and fell in love with him after they married. I love this as sophisticated/old-fashioned characters too. M/F preferable, with the male being the unattractive one.

Character/Pairing: Older person/person
Prompts: So you know how in Bachelors Anonymous, the #1 member of BA falls in love with a widow and Wodehouse remarks that because Trout never fell in love before, all the passion he should have spent in parts during his youth came overflowing out of him when he met his lady? I’d like more of that please. Could be an older person falling in love with a younger person (see: Vetinari/Drumknott), or an older person falling in love with someone the same age, but either way, it is the first time they’ve fallen in love and their own passion surprises them. Maybe spontaneous asking out/marriage proposal like in BA if they are the same age, or if there is an age gap, quietly dealing with their own feelings because they think they’re too old until the younger asks them out, or just surprising the younger person with their romanticism because the older person is usually stoic or detached (sensing a pattern? Yes). Once again, sophistication or old-fashioned settings preferred, m/m or m/f, but the older must be the male.

Character/Pairing: Widow(er)/old flame
Prompts: In Cart and Cwidder (spoilers), the MC's father dies and his mother pretty much immediately goes to marry the sweetheart she had before. It's not an impulsive or passionate thing, her family was in a very tight spot and she wanted to do the best for her children. But once they got there, her children realised she was a lot happier, and she belonged in that place more than she had with their father. She had loved their father and done her duty by him, but to use traditional words, he wasn't The One. What's more, the lifestyle he led with her wasn't the one she liked or was used to. SO BASICALLY, I'd like fics of this sort of thing. The bittersweetness of finding a new partner so soon after losing an old one, they could be mixed up inside about it, or they could be adamant about their choice while still mourning their old love. I love how in Cart and Cwidder, the mother said, 'I did my duty by your father, but this is my choice alone now'. It's very sad, but the strength she had amazed me, so I'd love to see more takes on this situation.

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