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Sign Ups Open: Wednesday Morning, June 21st, 2017 
Sign Ups Close: Friday Night, July 7, 2017 (No earlier than 11:59 EST)- Closed

Giftbox Posting Begins: Saturday, July 8, 2017 
Giftbox Posting Finished: on or before Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Request Spreadsheet Finished: on or before Monday, July 17, 2017 
Fandom Entries Up: on or before Thursday, July 20, 2017 
AO3 Collection/Comments Open: on or before Friday, July 21, 2017
 - All Done

Needy Giftbox Requests Begin: Friday, September 1, 2017 
AO3 Collection/DW Comments Revealed: Saturday, September 23, 2017 
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[sticky entry] Sticky: 2017 Mod Support Post

 Ask any questions, bring complaints, or get help by commenting on this post. All comments are screened.
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What To Do If You Have A Question About A DNW/Like/Etc.

Since it's come up a couple times, if you have a question for a recip, please let the mods know via either the mod support post or a PM. We'll figure out how to get in contact with them, and let you know your answer as soon as possible! It's much better than having a disappointed recip or gifter because of a misunderstanding or unasked question.

(Caveat to the above: Since this is not run on Ao3, we do not have the ability to send participants emails. Answers will therefore depend on how often the person checks their Dreamwidth/Twitter/LJ/Tumblr/etc messages and responds to them.)
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All Requests By Fandom Summaries posted

As the title says, all of the request summaries have now been posted. You can access all of them in one place at this link, along with the requests by media type post.

The Ao3 collection already has 3 works, and we have even more fills in giftboxes on Dreamwidth, which is even better. :D We'll be back in September with the lonely giftbox list, so have fun filling! And if you have any questions, leave them on the mod support post.
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Requests for Fandoms T-Z

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Requests for Fandoms A-E

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Request Spreadsheet + Requests by Media Type

Here's a spreadsheet of all the requests by fandom.

The request posts with all requests by fandom will be up by the 20th.

All requests are also tagged by media type:

All Giftboxes Posted

All giftboxes we needed clarifications on are now posted, and we've finished the corrections we've been sent so far! If you spot anything wrong with your posted giftbox, please let us know.

We're continuing work on the spreadsheet and fandom posts and will post links when those are done.

Have fun filling giftboxes, everyone! :D

Giftbox for Nea

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] Nea
Other Profiles: [livejournal.com profile] freaky_nea or [tumblr.com profile] freaky-nea

General DNWs: Character death, mpreg, unhappy endings, watersports, bdsm, self-harm, extreme violence, darkness without an happy end, out of characterness

General Likes: fluff, happy endings (angstyness is okay as long as it ends happy), crack, AUs (but more like canon divergence: what if x happened instead of y), crossovers, protectiveness, possessiveness (but in a positive way), crack

Star Trek: Voyager )

American Gods )

Dogma )

Chicago PD )

The Shannara Chronicles )

Teen Wolf )

Giftbox for DesertVixen

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name:[archiveofourown.org profile] DesertVixen
Other Profiles: [personal profile] desertvixen
General DNWs:excessive gore/violence (canon level violence is fine), sexual violence, different setting AUs (ie. band camp, HS. etc)
General Likes: fluff, sweetness, bittersweet, relationships, drabbles, fix-it, what-if AU

Baby-Sitters Club )

Lego Movie )

Visionaries )

Agatha Christie )

Wonder Woman (2017) )

Giftbox for Healy

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] Healy
Other Profiles: None that I care to go into here (although I'm Healy most everywhere but here, haha)

General DNWs: Graphic violence, explicit sexual content, noncon/dubcon, incest.
General Likes: Comedy, fluff, family, mysteries, crack, character-based humor, found documents, show-within-a-show type stuff, cartoony art, clean lines, bright or pastel colors, short comics, pixel art

Gravity Falls )

Final Fantasy 6 )

Chrono Trigger )

Knytt Stories )

Giftbox for rollcake

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] rollcake
Other Profiles: N/A

General DNWs: Alcohol use, AUs other than the ones listed in my likes, coping with loss, forced feminization, incest, insults as dirty talk or humiliation*, mpreg/pregnacy, non-canonical character death, rape, rape play, scat, vomiting

*This is gauged more by the presence of contempt than the actual words said.

General Likes:
• AUs I like: biker/girl gang, flower shop, ghost, Hogwarts, vampire; canon divergence, fix-its, missing scenes, pre-canon, post-canon
• Angst, fluff, gen, humor, PWP (except where otherwise noted). Can be dark as long as it doesn't start out fluffy and end up feeling hopeless.
• All the POVs, including first/second person POV, and experimental art/writing styles are very welcome

Bulletproof kinks/tropes:
Domesticity, D/s dynamics, found family, going on dates, hair kink, healing from abuse, height/size difference, holding hands, kissing, loyalty kink, mutual pining, praise kink, service kink

More bulletproof kinks/tropes, but these were kind of wordy, so they're in a separate list for easy reading:
• Bonding over shared interests, cultural differences, mutual obligations, food, etc.
• Complicated relationships (i.e. not sure if they're dating or just friends but whatever they are is pretty nice, external circumstances make being together difficult)
• Falling asleep on/against/next to each other
• Hurt/comfort (i.e. emotional hurt/comfort, colds/fevers, temporary injury that makes the injured party unable to do a things and feel useless)
• Little intimate moments and subtle displays of affection
• Seasonal/weather tropes (i.e. huddling for warmth, rainy days, sharing umbrellas)
• Various clothing kinks/tropes (i.e. alternate outfits, dressing/undressing, sharing clothes, unnecessarily detailed descriptions of clothing)

Note: I am open to gen or porny interpretations for all of the above and the presence of the word "kink" doesn't indicate a preference for porn. Also, I tried to come up up with a variety of prompts to help with inspiration since a lot of my requested pairings are rare, but it's totally fine to not use them. I'm happy just get things as long as they don't touch upon my DNWs.

Captive Prince )

Fire Emblem Fates )

Persona 5 )

Original Works )

Giftbox for rosecake

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] rosecake
Other Profiles: [personal profile] rosecake, [tumblr.com profile] rose-cake

General DNWs: explicit underage porn, a/b/o, mundane AUs
General Likes: gen, het, slash, femslash, fluff, tragedy, comedy, action & adventure, mysteries, backstory, timeloops and time travel, hurt/comfort, domesticity, holiday fic, huddling for warmth, fake dating, sex pollen, loyalty & betrayal, sacrifice, pining, threesomes, costumes and uniforms, tentacles, mind controls, ghosts and hauntings, bondage, captivity, stockholm/lima, violence, choking & biting, death fic, corruption, dub-con and non-con

DC Comics )


Dollhouse )

Legend of the Galactic Heroes )

Hannibal )

Marvel Cinematic Universe )

Once Upon a Time )

Star Wars )

Giftbox for Themisto

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] Themisto

General DNWs:
- General/no fandom wishes & wish cards. Fandom is my happy place.
- Gen or canon-pairing focused
- Het fanworks (except for my requested het pairings)
- Permanent death of requested characters (canonical deaths can be the exception, though fix-its are very welcome! Also, temporary or presumed death sounds great!)
- Unhappy endings, hopeless mood endings
- Friend or lover intentional betrayal (unless it's canon): friend/team loyalty and protectiveness are several of my favorite likes

For high rated dislikes, likes, and specific scenarios, here are my smut swap letter:

And my nonconathon letter:

General (mostly fic) Likes:
I Do Love any kind of shippy fic about my pairings, though especially first times. ♥ I’m also a sucker for all the hurt/comfort scenarios, especially when the character is (or both them are) put through the wringer! I love when sexy-times happen as a misguided means of coping with the hurt, of the psychological kind especially, like past torture or non-con for example. I enjoy canon compliant fic as well as divergent canon AUs. For superhero canons I also like non-powered AUs where they still have their usual jobs (or anything that canon suggested they could have done) but no secret superhero life, and they meet each other/get to know each other/have sex/get together in this kind of context. Prompts:
+ A and B (and C?) getting in trouble
+ A getting in trouble and B (and C?) coming to the rescue
+ A close call w/ much hurt and some comfort
+ Acting on their own feelings
+ Accidental Marriage, Marriage Tropes
+ Accidental Sex
+ Accidental soul bond becomes requited - generally any soul bond AU (I’m not picky at all, but some of my favorite takes of soulbond/soulmate AUs are: bonds require bondmates' forced proximity or frequent sex to be healthy, denial of feelings and later learning to cope/accept they are bondmates and making the best of their situation, or learning at a later point that when they let themselves enjoy it and put aside embarrassment or pride or whatever, it is totally worth it)
+ Angst with a Happy Ending
+ Brainwashing and/or Recovery
+ Canon Compliant, Canon Divergent, AUs (except for mundane AUs)
+ Celebrating Holidays with Family of Choice
+ Competent characters
+ Dangerous situations and getting hurt to protect the other
+ Drunk Confessions, Drunk Sex Aftermath
+ Earn Your Happy Ending
+ Fake/pretend couple/threesome becomes real
+ First date
+ Fix-It. All the fix-its!
+ Getting outed and dealing with it; or alternatively coming out to friends/family, or to the public (for in-canon famous people)
+ Getting Together
+ Handcuffed Together
+ Happy Ending
+ Huddling For Warmth
+ Hurt/Comfort
+ Hypothermia
+ Kink Exploration
+ Idiots in Love
+ Loss of Powers
+ Love Confessions
+ Loyalty (I have a thing for both loyal-to-the-cause characters, and loyal to the team/partner characters; and for when you’re proven that your trust in someone was well placed when the rest of the world or someone else was trying to convince you otherwise)
+ Moving In Together
+ Peggy Sue
+ Plotty/Long fics (putting this tag here in the event your story is longer than you meant, short stories will be loved too!)
+ Post-Canon
+ Post canon death: A realizing B’s presence dispels his loneliness, makes him feel good
+ Prison survival or escape
+ Protectiveness, situations where it becomes apparent
+ Realizing You Care
+ Rescue missions or self-rescuing themselves
+ Road Trip/On Vacation Together
+ Sex Pollen, or what comes after it
+ Shippy brief moments, like a first kiss or a confession of feelings or something like that
+ Sharing a bed/body warmth leads to sex
+ Shenanigans during the mission
+ Snowed In
+ Spontaneous consensual Dom/Sub play (I'm cool with any character assuming either role)
+ Stranded or stuck somewhere together
+ Surprise married due to messing up with time travel
+ Temporary amnesia/memory loss
+ Temporary or permanent loss of sense or limb: learning to cope with the loss.
+ Time travel: A and B aren't romantically involved with each other when they meet their future selves, in a very compromising position...
+ Trust (I have a thing for when requested character A places trust in requested character B while someone else or the rest of the world is trying to convince A not to trust – for some agenda, or bias – but A gets proven to be right to trust B.)
+ Undercover missions, Undercover as Couple/Married
+ Woke Up Married

Art Likes: Shippy wallpapers (my monitor’s 1920x1080), photomanips, comic-like or manga-style comic strips or drawings or b/n sketches illustrating a scene or a gesture, for ex. a kiss, a hug, h/c moments, pairing bathing/showering together, etc. I’m good with any rating, kinky (for ex. spitroast, face-fucking, gang bangs, tentacles, etc; or hardcore BDSM imagery with my ships, for ex. chains, painplay, Dom/sub dynamics – non meant as the Dom/Sub AU verse – are a guilty pleasure of mine) as well as vanilla flavors of smut or PG rated artwork.

Vid Likes: I love many kind of vids, action-focused, or romance or mistery or anything else that my canons would inspire, but I’d prefer if my ship would get to be the main focus of the vid. So, feel free to use any shippy-flavored scenes that canon provided, and I’ll be happy. :D I also really enjoy constructed reality vids, maybe vids that use outside source material to tell a story that didn't happen in canon, in the event you like doing those, or have a rec for me. :)

Note: feel free to disregard my lists of prompts, and write/art/vid whatever you prefer. As long as it is shippy and avoid my DNWs, I’ll be happy.

Dark Matter )

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow TV )

DCU Comics & DCAU/Young Justice Cartoons )

The Flash TV 2014 )

Giftbox for Morbane

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] Morbane
Other Profiles: LJ, DW

General DNWs: Gifs. Please don't give me gifs. Otherwise - amnesia where not present in canon or used as a humorous or romantic set-up. Harm to hands. Substance abuse, especially narratives about people trying and failing to resist addiction.
General Likes: Worldbuilding, original characters, outsider viewpoints. Loyalty. Magical realism. Trains, cities, dramatic weather. Wishes and their consequences. Mentors and their protegé(e)s. Competent characters - or characters who screw up and then learn from their mistakes. Descriptions of skills and technical or practical processes, or things that are very specific to a location and time. Complicated consequences of simple things. Uplifting and hopeful messages. Cool gadgets and enthusiasm for scientific innovation. Beautiful animals or beautiful landscapes or beautiful homes. Wingfic. Vivid colours and textures. Multiple identities and identity porn (especially the kind where person A has secret reasons for protecting or helping person B, but to person B, A is an ordinary stranger).

I enjoy reading about functional and respectful romantic or platonic relationships, but I also enjoy really screwed-up relationships. I like stories about characters' relationships shifting - about those relationships changing due to changing loyalties, or simply due to time and life experience. Or in characters whose relationships to each other are determined from moment to moment by roles they are otherwise required to play. I'm just as interested in break-ups as get-togethers.

For porn specifically, my favourite tropes include: awkward sex, praise kink, telepathy, xeno, touch starvation, dub-con, non-con.

I like morally ambiguous characters - pretty much every shade of gray except Absolute Cartoon Villain, and even those are fun in works where the overall tone is appropriately cartoonish. I like stories that appear very differently when seen through different characters' eyes.

Use first, second, or third person, or past or present tense, as you prefer.

For art specifically, I like character studies, action poses, art that includes a room or a landscape, dramatic weather, textures of clothes or other objects... I like art deco and art nouveau styles, or art done like a stained glass window. I like earth tones and jewel tones. I love geometric/floral/etc patterns incorporated in an artwork.

The Dear Writer tag on my DW journal has further prompts for some of the canons below.

The Shadow (1994) )

Sucker Punch (2011) )

The Good Place (TV) )

Pokémon (All Media Types) )

Dollhouse )

Sleeping Beauty (1959) )

Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman )

Kingsman (Movies) )

Danger 5 )

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend )

Sunshine - Robin McKinley )

Chalice - Robin McKinley )

Songs & Music Videos - Miscellaneous )

Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms )

Black Jewels - Anne Bishop )

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey )

Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende )

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena )

Derkholm series - Diana Wynne Jones )

Music themes )

Recs )

Meta )

Original Work )

Original Work )

Giftbox for Nabielka

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] Nabielka
General DNWs: A/B/O, D/s, BDSM in general, pregnancy, gender headcanons, American AUs, Christmas/other holiday themed fic, slaves being happy in their position, Erasmus/Torveld, rape, misogynistic language, Daddy kink, consent play, significant age differences if not requested,
General Likes: Pining, politics, temporary amnesia, time travel, politics, law, in-universe future academia looking back on canon times, muscles on women, if sex: vanilla,

I’d be perfectly happy to receive fic in Polish.

Captive Prince – C. S. Pacat )

Aşk ve Ceza | Love and Punishment (TV) )

Kordian - Słowacki )

Chronicles of Narnia – C. S. Lewis )

Wojenne Dziewczyny (TV) )

Deutschland 83 )

The Tudors (TV) )

18th Century CE RPF )

Bibi Blocksberg (2002) )

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen )

Giftbox for cookiegirl

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: n/a
Other Profiles: [personal profile] cookiegirl (DW), [livejournal.com profile] cookielaura(LJ)

General DNWs: pregnancy, babies, weddings, high school AUs, unhappy endings, permanent break-ups of my ships, main character deaths
General Likes: spanking and discipline (sexual or non-sexual), dominance/submission, protectiveness, hurt/comfort, taking care of someone, kink negotiation, handcuffs, getting together fics, tropes like having to share a bed or pretending to be in a relationship.

Also: recs for active LJ or DW communities for the fandoms.
Thanks so much! <3

Lucifer (TV) )

How To Get Away With Murder )

Lost Girl )

Giftbox for VampirePaladin

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [archiveofourown.org profile] VampirePaladin
Other Profiles: [personal profile] sirvalkyrie

General DNWs: M/M, infidelity, mocking of a character’s beliefs by the narratives, completely meaningless deaths, mundane AUs
General Likes: Fluff, darkness, AUs, crossovers, friendship, romance, missing scenes, fairy tales, winter, coyotes, smut, world building, missing scenes, crossover ships, being surprised

X-Men Movies )

Arrowverse )


MCU/X-Men Movies (crossover) )

Arrowverse/X-Men Movies, Arrowverse/MCU, Arrowverse/MCU/X-Men Movies (crossovers) )

Giftbox for thedevilchicken

To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: thedevilchicken
Other Profiles: thedevilchicken on DW

General DNWs:
DNW: children/pregnancy; 24/7 D/s; kink negotiation; humiliation; scat/watersports/emetophilia; A/B/O; ageplay/infantilisation; genderswap; spiders.

Things I'm not fond of:
- character death, if followed only by someone else's unending woeful angst (death in general is fine, feel free to kill whichever characters you like)
- threesomes/moresomes/poly, unless requested
-pure fluff/curtainfic - happy is wonderful, holding hands while skipping through meadows not so much! (unless you're going for crackfic, in which case totally fine!)

General Likes:
Basically, as long as it's not in my DNWs, absolutely go for it - I mean that 100%. Zombie apocalypse? Really kinky porn? Gore? Random crack? Badfic on purpose? Wacky AUs? All fine, and more! But, if you want ideas about what I like:

- time loops
- Pacific Rim fusions
- snarky, sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek humour
- banter
- characters getting older; ageing
- characters knowing each other really well (whether as friends or enemies)
- futurefic/post-canon
- competence, whether physical or intellectual (or both)
- action scenes; gruelling training; battles; fights (fistfights and with weapons)
- characters being forced to fight/kill (Hunger Games, Mortal Kombat, that kind of thing)
- seemingly insignificant details that turn out to be super-important/significant
- worldbuilding
- ridiculous crossovers (or indeed sensible ones)

Shipfic Likes:
- friends to lovers; enemies to lovers; enemies to friends to lovers
- characters who know each other really well (or get to know each other really well) and show it without meaning to or really trying to
- people not saying 'I love you' but clearly meaning/demonstrating it anyway (that's not to say I totally DNW people saying 'I love you', btw - for some characters it works!)
- tough characters making themselves realistically vulnerable
- differences and contrasts in age/height/etc. (especially when the smaller/younger one isn't actually small/young, only in comparison to the other character)
- one character being physically stronger than the other (especially if the weaker one isn't weak, only weaker in comparison); manhandling
- happy (or at least hopeful) endings
- getting together
- first time (first time together, or getting back together after years apart)
- competence kink
- loyalty kink; trust kink
- jealousy/possessiveness/co-dependency/protectiveness
- admiration (physical and/or intellectual)
- me-and-you-against-the-world
- identity porn (roleplaying; undercover; secret identities; amnesia)
- characters wearing each other's clothes
- fake dating or undercover turning into something more
- everyone thinks they're dating (but they're not, except maybe then they are)
- dating but they don't realise (or one of them doesn't but the other does, for cultural/obliviousness reasons)

Explicit/kinky fic Likes:
- fight sex, or sparring/arguing turning into more
- rough sex in general, and rough sex that turns slower and/or more intense from one time to the next
- knifeplay, gunplay, weaponplay in general
- breathplay/choking (preferably with hands)
- bloodplay (preferably involving knives)
- semi-clothed sex; clothed/naked; how awkward clothing (or armour, etc.) is removed
- sex in showers
- one character shaving a (male) character's face (preferably with a cutthroat razor but I'll adore anything!)
- one character writing on another's skin; marking with cuts or bruises
- stories behind scars/bruises/tattoos (and touching/kissing them, or reopening/reinjuring them)
- characters kinking on differences in age/height/strength
- sexual fantasies
- voice/accent kink; phone sex; sexual situations where one character can hear the other one but not see them (e.g. in total darkness)
- switching - I have absolutely no strict top/bottom roles in mind (and switching mid-scene is also great)
- for m/m, first time topping/bottoming/with a guy
- desperation; characters knowing they shouldn't but not being able to help themselves
- characters who think they're just having casual sex ending up unexpectedly desperately in love, whether they like it or not
- hard, desperate kissing; fingers in hair

If you fancy writing me a crossover, whether sensible or completely cracky, I'd totally encourage you to go ahead and do it. :D In terms of fandoms: if I've requested it for an exchange (my master list of exchange letters and fandoms I've requested is here) or I've written it (my AO3 page is here, you can safely assume it's fine to write for me!

Darker fic:
I enjoy darkfic and dark art so as long as it's not in my DNWs, go for it. Torture porn, ghost stories, scary magic, religious weirdness, twisted mindfuckery, non-con, gaslighting, serious body horror, all absolutely A-OK. Feel free to use bad/offensive/dirty language if it fits the fic, as much swearing as you like, etc. I'll read just about anything, including xeno, vore, serial killer AUs, whatever tickles your fancy. Basically: excepting my DNWs, feel free to try to weird me out!

DCU (Comics) )

Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire )

Hunger Games )

Star Wars )

Yuri!!! On Ice )