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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: AceQueenKing
Other Profiles: Tumblr, LJ

General DNWs:
- Character bashing
- Animal harm/cruelty
- tortureporn
- Non-con or dub-con
- A/B/O
- High school/college/coffeeshop and other canon replacement AUs
- Underage/minors in sexual situations
- Self-harm or abuse (unless canon)
- Preachy/Message/Issue/Very Special Episode fic
- Scat/urine/vomitplay

General Likes:
+epistolary fic/found documents fic
+ character study fic
+ gen fic
+ kidfic/ domestic fic
+ sad fic/ angst
+ canon-divergent AUs (eg "What if Character A went left instead of right?")
+ darkfic
+ mind games/manipulation
+ canon-compliant
+ rivals to lovers
+ best enemies/frenemies
+ emphasis on plot/character
+ character bonding, especially family bonding
+ observations about character A from character B
+ lust/ust
+ loyalty kink
+ case fic, who-dun-it, "monster of the week" type procedural storytelling
+ 5 Times/ 5 Things fic
+ grey morality, examination of worldviews

Fandom: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Requested Media Types: All of them!
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Rita/Zedd
- Did Zedd ever figure out he'd been hit by a love spell? Did he care?
- When did Rita actually fall in love with Zedd?
- How did Thrax come around?
- Why was Rita's dad so upset she married Zedd?
- Why did Rita and Zedd give up on fighting the power rangers?

Prompts: Kimberly Hart/Aisha Campbell
- Aisha and Kimberly struggle with having feelings for one another, while living under one room.
- Aisha and Kimberly meet up several years down the line and get together.
- Getting married! fic, even if it takes them 20 years past their relationship start for their marriage to be legal.
- Aisha's POV on the "someone else" letter.

Character/Pairing: Kimberly Hart/Billy Cranston
- Billy and Kim have such strong chemistry during the punk episode. I'd love to see them kiss while under the spell, then have to deal with the ramifications of it once they're in the right mind again.
- Billy and Kim are the only rangers who've literally swapped places with one another—what do they get out of that experience? What is it like to live as a friend/crush/etc?
- Billy is having a hard time not being a ranger anymore in Zeo. Kim helps him move on.

Character/Pairing: Kimberly/Trini
- Kimberly's jealousy of Trini's being about more than just her popularity with the volleyball team.
- Trini helps Kim move on from being a ranger.
- Trini angst when Kim winds up hooking up with Tommy.

Character/Pairing: Kimberly Hart/Tommy Oliver

- POV of either party on the infamous letter. Why did Kim write it? How did Tommy feel it?
- Kim/Tommy meet up, 20 years post-MMPR. What does their interaction look like, twenty years past their puppy love phase?
- Kim realizes, too late, the letter is a mistake. But with a little help from her friends, she can fix it.

Character/Pairing: Billy Cranston/Trini Quan
- Trini and Billy and the benefits of being smarter than anyone else in the room.
- Trini helping Billy fix one of his inventions.
- Trini teaches Billy how to fight.
- Billy has a hard time without Trini, but an invention allows them to stay in contact.

Character/Pairing: Goldar/Scorpina
- What happened to Scorpina once Lord Zedd came back?
- What happened to these two during/after the Z-wave? Did they survive?
- What did Scorpina do when Goldar lost his memory?

Character/Pairing: Kat Hillard/Kimberly Hart
- Kim & Kat meet up during a game. They bond over their sports and to their surprise it becomes more than that.
- Kim & Kat talking about their previous relationships with Tommy.
- Kim and Kat share powers; this leads to them being able to share a mental link.

Fandom: Tekken

Requested Media Types: Any!
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Kazuya Mishima/Jun Kazama
* What did Jun see in Kazuya?
* How did these two wind up meeting?
* Hatesex
* AU where Jin grew up with his father

Character/Pairing: Kazuya Mishima/Lee Chaolan
* Power struggles
* Two people being horrible to one another but still being in love
* Complicated feelings re: dead brothers suddenly springing back to life
* Heihachi, Jun, or Jin outside POV

Character/Pairing:Kazuya Mishima & Jin Kazama
* The eternal struggle between father and son! What motivates this conflict from Kazuya's side?
* Jin and Kazuya seem to have very similar personalities. Do people notice this? Do they?
* Something exploring their strange, demonic connection. How aware is one of the other?

Fandom: Doctor Who (2005+)
Requested Media Types: Fanfic, recs, fanart, fanmixes
DNW Media Types: nothing is out of bounds

Character/Pairing: Rose Tyler/9th Doctor
* Rose saving the day during adventures
* Rose and 9 missing moments; growing closer
* 9 realizing, much to his surprise, that he just might want to get domestic with Rose Tyler
* Xeno! Smut, the weirder the doctor's junk the better
* Doctor's thoughts about human sexuality

Character/Pairing: Rose Tyler/10th Doctor
* 10 post Journey's End, and Rose.
* Xeno! Smut, the weirder the doctor's junk the better.
* Doctor and Rose AU where they really do wind up getting a mortgage on the tail end of space during Fear Her

Character/Pairing: Rose Tyler/Martha
* Martha finally meets the Doctor's rose...and realizes, abruptly, just what he sees in her.
* Turn left AU with Martha instead of Rose.
* Pete's World! Martha never met the 10th doctor. Instead, she met his companion.

Character/Pairing: Rose Tyler/Previous Doctors
* Rose jumped around in time so much trying to find the doctor that she had to meet earlier versions of him. How did they get along? What did they do? How does the Doctor keep himself from remembering who she is?

Fandom: Fire Emblem: Awakenings

Requested Media Types: Any!
DNW Media Types: I have not played any other Fire Emblem games yet, so I would appreciate not getting anything that relies on earlier games to make sense. :) (Or later ones! Conquest is still on my wishlist.)

Character/Pairing: Panne/Gregor
* I always felt like these two had a good dynamic. I'd love to see anything domestic with these two: what's it like for these two to settle down and have kids, when they've both moved around so much?
* I'd love anything with a pregnant Panne.
* I'd love to see how Gregor handles battles with Panne. Is he big on pet names? Does the couple that slays together stay together?

Character/Pairing: Libra/Tharja
* I'd love to see how these two make it work.
* Anything where Tharja expriments wiht Libra's magic.
* Family fluff with tiny Noire!

Character/Pairing: Pahne & Yarne
* I'd love to see some mother/son bonding. Does Pahne help Yarne get over his anxiety about being the last Tanguel? Or does she amplify his worries?
* I'd love to see Yarne bringing his significant other to Pahne for permission. How does she react? I'm open to any pairing, though I'm especially fond of Noire/Yarne.
* I'd love to see if Yarne inherited his mother's cooking talents.

Character/Pairing: Pahne/Robin (either gender)
* I'd love to see what happily ever after looks like for Robin and Pahne. Both of them have pasts that might not be the most fun places to visit, so I'd like to see something where they get move past that.
* I'd love to see something with Robin and Pahne's children, especially from Pahne's point of view. Whether adopted or biological, I'd love the children to be taguels.
* I'd love to see something with Pahne and Robin on the battlefield. How does Pahne feel about Robin's magic?

Character/Pairing: Henry/Tharja
* I'd love to know how these two get along with the rest of the crew when they're paired.
* What does Henry think of Tharja's experiments on Noire?
* What kind of hexes do these two do together?

Character/Pairing: Flavia/Bastilo
* These two have such great banter. I'd love to see how these two would hook up.
* Frenemies with benefits
* Post-war "Where do we go from here"

Character/Pairing: Gangrel/Robin
* Gangrel's redemption arc is intruiging. Why does he decide to follow Robin?
* Gangrel and Robin talking about Grima.
* Gangrel and Robin's reaction toward having a family.

Fandom: Star Wars - Prequel Trilogy

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: I'm not familiar with the books, so I'd prefer movies & clone wars only canon.

Character/Pairing: Padme Amidala/Anakin Skywalker
* I'd love to see an exploration of Anakin's force powers from Padme's POV - What's it like to date a Jedi? Does Anakin use his force powers in bed?
* I'd love to see Padme's reaction to her pregnancy, especially since it seems like she had several months alone before she was able to tell Anakin about it.
* Similar to the second prompt, I'd love to see the space media's reaction to Padme's pregnancy. Do the tabloids print stories about her baby bump? How does she feel about that?
* Padme lives AUs are forever my heart. Anything where Padme makes it past ROTS.

Character/Pairing: Anakin & Ahsoka
* Ahsoka finding out about Padme - how does she react to skyguy's relationship?
* Master/Padawan lessons
* Meeting up post-ROTS (+all my !!!!11111!'s for OT meet-ups)

Character/Pairing: Beru Whitesun & Padme
* How does Beru feel about having this queen in her living room?
* Why doesn't Beru like to travel?
* How do Beru and Padme get along?

Fandom: Star Wars: Original Trilogy

Requested Media Types: Any!
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader
* AU where Vader took off with Luke during the confrontation on ENdor
* Vader's thoughts on Luke post-jump
* AU where Vader rescues Luke and Leia on Jabba's sand-barge
* Pretty much any father/son adventures

Character/Pairing: Leia Organa & Darth Vader
* AU where Vader found his other child on Bespin
* Marooned! Leia and Vader are forced to work together pre-ANH
* Leia and Vader working together in the Senate
* POST ROTJ ghost fic. Anakin attempting to help her

Character/Pairing: Emperor Palpatine & Darth Vader
* Palpatine's thoughts on making Vader's costume
* Palpatine's thoughts on Anakin killing Dooku
* The moment Anakin realizes Palpatine is just another master holding him in chains

Character/Pairing: Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker
* Wonder-twin powers, activate! How does being a force sensitive twin help when you're fighting in a rebellion?
* Leia and Luke exploring their connection through the force.
* Leia & Luke's reaction to finding out she is pregnant with Ben.

Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Requested Media Types: Fanfiction, meta, fanart
DNW Media Types: Kylo Ren
* What is it about Vader's legacy that let Kylo Ren to imitate him so strongly?
* How did he acquire his Vader collection?
* While Kylo doesn't have the greatest relationship with his dad...What was his relationship with his mom like?

Character/Pairing: Rey
* I'd love to see Rey growing up on Jakku; how did she learn to survive in such a harsh climate?
* Are Rey's years of scavenging parts an advantage or disadvantage for repairing the falcon?
* What does Rey think about her family abandoning her post-TFA?

Character/Pairing: Rey/Finn
* Body worship from either party—what sort of things do they enjoy about one or the other?
* Finn and Rey attempt flirting, but neither of them really knows what they're doing
* First time fic; two awkward virgins with a lot of hand holding.

Fandom: Suikoden

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: N/A

* What's it like growing up in the Tower? How did Clive and Elza come to proper in such a harsh environment?
* She could always outrun him—is Elza really gone, after Sajah?
* The one time Clive could have caught Elza, but didn't.

Character/Pairing: Lorelai/Killey
* Best frenemies—anything where they spare with each other, but unite against a common foe
* Complicated, intense relationship where they're equally passionate but also equally likely to screw one another over in hopes of getting to a new ruin faster than the other one.
* The time Killey could have out-smarted Lorelai, but didn't.

Character/Pairing: Salome/Chris
* Fighting back to back agains Zexen.
* Chris is injured in combat and Salome takes care of her - bonus for scars!
* Dancing together at the Zexen foundation day ball!

Fandom: Ace Attorney

Requested Media Types: Phoenix/Maya
DNW Media Types:
* I'd love to see these two hooking up late in life—around AA5—and having to blend together their two rather complicated families.
* Anything pre-AA4 but post AA3, wherein Mystic Maya, leader of Kurain, lets her friend Phoenix bum around on her couch.
* Anything with Trucy and Pearl concocting Parent Trap-esque plots to get them together.

Character/Pairing: Franziska & Edgeworth
* What sort of relationship do these two have? What sort of things do the admire in one another?
* How do they feel about Manfreds death?
* What kind of mother did Franziska have, and how did she react to Manfred's sudden adoption of another child?

Character/Pairing: Edgeworth/Phoenix
* I'd like to see one of the support characters viewpoints of their relationship—does Maya think it's super romantic? Maybe Gumshoe has already started making ticker tape for their wedding?
* I would love to see Phoenix and Edgeworth and Trucy stories. How do Edgeworth and Trucy get along? Does Phoenix feel pulled between them, or is Edgeworth great support with his sudden transition into being a dad?
* I would love to see anything where Edgeworth is forced to confront his feelings for Phoenix.

Character/Pairing: Simon Blackquill/Athena Cykes
* I'd like to see how these two would wind up getting together—Simon is SO stoic, and Athena SO focused on emotion, how do they make it work?
* I'd like to see something about these two and their ungodly hair—both of them have very high-attention looks.
* Anything with these two working on Aura Blackquill's case.

Fandom: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Requested Media Types: Fanfic, fanart, icons, podfic, fanvids, meta etc.
DNW Media Types: No fliks please

Character/Pairing: Chief (Lynne Thigpen)/Carmen Sandiego
* Obviously these two have known of each other for years. What connects them? How do they feel about one another?
* When the Chief finally has Carmen, how does Carmen get out in time for the next game?
* Why does Carmen keep stealing all those monuments? Is she trying to get the Chief's attention? Why does she choose to steal what she does?

Character/Pairing: Carmen Sandiego
* Any sort of prequel please. How did Carmen get lured into a life of crime?
* Anything with Carmen and her VILE henchmen. How does she recruit these people? Why does she do it?
* Anything with Carmen post-arrest. How does she managed to get out just in time for the next game?

Character/Pairing: The Chief & The Players
* What is it that motivates the chief to keep recruiting ACME agents? What does she do with the kids who don't make the cut?
* Why is the means of promotion at ACME racing around the map trying to find different places? (IIRC, this is the excuse for the bonus game?)
* Why does ACME seem to be obsessed with Geography?

Fandom: Mass Effect

Requested Media Types: Any
DNW Media Types: None

Character/Pairing: Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian
* Renegades in love
* Epistolary fics using omni-tools
* Anything with Garrus studying human culture

Character/Pairing: Female Shepard/Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy
* Tali sharing some quarian culture with her girlfriend
* Tali and Shepard on Rannoch
* The trials and tribulations of dating a quarian—what does every day look like for someone who has to live in a suit?
* Anything exploring Tali's nerve-stim pro...especially if she lets Shepard handle the controls.

Character/Pairing: Saren Arterius/Nihlus Kryik
* Anything dealing with Saren's brother's death, and how he'd react to it
* Spectres fighting the good fight! What sort of battles do these two go through together?
* A time Nihlus saved Saren
* Any sort of "get together" fic for the two spectres

Character/Pairing: Female Shepard/Samantha Traynor
* Life post-war—do they get the dogs and the picket fences?
* Sam's toothbrush saving the day
* Mindoir! Shepard bonding with a fellow colonist

Character/Pairing: Female Shepard/James Vega
* Seduction through culinary excellence, or Vega prepares some damn fine meals to help Shep relax on the Normandy
* Any sort of body worship
* Hitting the arcades at Armax
* Two adrenaline junkies increasing their insurance premiums by hunting out danger in the galaxy, one big explosion at a time

Fandom: Dragon Age

Requested Media Types: Fic, fanart, icons, fanvids
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Hawke/Merill
* Exploring Merill's connection with demons
* Anything with Hawke learning a bit about elven culture
* Hawke and Merill exploring some of the wildlife around Kirkwall
* What happened after they felt Kirkwall

Character/Pairing: Female Warden/Anora
* Anora's feelings toward marrying the warden—does she feel relieved to be out from under Cailan's thumb, or does she hate the marriage of convenience?
* How two lesbian queens deal with succession
* How does the Warden's background come into play?
* Any sort of day in the life fic

Character/Pairing: Hawke/Merill/Isabella
* Running away together on the high seas
* Isabella and Hawke try to get Merill drunk—but it turns out the dalish can hold their liquor
* Isabella and Hawke learning elvish words to share with Merill, whether in the bedroom or as a secret code on missions or something else
* What sort of book does Varric write about them?

Character/Pairing: Female Warden/Loghain
* How do these two, who start off at such different points of view, manage to come together?
* Anora finds out about these two – how does she react?
* The Warden and Loghain find themselves in Orlais, but neither one is happy about it.

Character/Pairing: Female Hawke/Fenris
* Fenris and Female Hawke and a bottle of his Denarius' most expensive wine
* Female Hawke gets lost in the fade in DA:I—how does Fenris react?
* Anything that explores the family connections these two have—including the not-so-happy parts of their pasts
* Another party member finds out about their relationship—how do they react?

Character/Pairing: Female Inquisitor/Josephine
* Anything exploring how the female inquisitor navigates Josephine's homeland
* Josephine saves the day using the fine art of diplomacy
* Josephine's family meets the Inquisitor, to embarrassing results
* Tresspasser! marriage fic, because somehow these two can't get married and I'm always going to be bitter about it.

Character/Pairing: Female Inquisitor/Solas
* I would love to see something about elven culture with these two.

Fandom: MCU

Requested Media Types: I'm not well read in this fandom—so fic or fic recs would be highly appreciated!
DNW Media Types: not interested in fanart or icons here, please no jotun! intersex Loki

Character/Pairing: Black Widow/Hawkeye
* "We're still friends right?" - How do these two recover after Civil War?
* Pre-Avengers spies-with-benefits fic
* Whump where one party rescues the other, and helps them recover

Character/Pairing: Steve/Bucky
* Steve and Bucky have one perfect day before Bucky is frozen at the end of civil war – what do they do? How do they chose to spend what may well be their last few moments together?
* 5 Times Bucky thought of Steve between 1942 and 2016
* Bucky and Steve try to figure out modern devices—how easily do they make the switch between 1942 and 2016?

Character/Pairing: Black Widow & Scarlet Witch (or Black Widow/Scarlet Witch)
* Black widow helping to train Scarlet Witch, pre-Civil War
* Black Widow comforting Scarlet Witch about the red in her ledger
* How do two former-soviet/eastern European kids adjust to life in the west?

Character/Pairing: Thor/Loki
* Loki has to rescue Thor, but isn't very happy about it
* Post-TDW, Thor learns the truth about Loki and Odin...but decides to keep his secret
* Looki triumphant, especially anything that deals with this quote from Thor + Loki: Blood Brothers, in the MCU uninverse: "Over all the millennia, only you have ever loved me, Thor. Only you have ever looked at me with affection in place of condescension. Why, then, am I killing you and not the others? Because you stopped."

Character/Pairing: Loki/Jane
* Loki attempts to seduce Jane to hurt Thor, to surprising results
* Library nerding
* Loki meeting Jane during Ragnarok—and being surprised at the role she has to play.

Character/Pairing: Loki/Jane/Thor
* When Thor is hurt, Loki and Jane form an unlikely cavalry to bring him home
* Jane has to deal with being the love of not one, but two gods
* Jane exploring Asgard, or Thor and Loki exploring somewhere on earth

Character/Pairing: Steve/Sam
* Soldiers, then and now—what sort of war experiences did they have that were similar? What was different?
* Steve and Sam and moving on—does Sam have a Bucky he had to let go of, too?
* Sam and Steve and how the more things change, the more they stay the same—or why MREs still suck

Fandom: Xmen

Requested Media Types: More interested in the original 3 movies, from X-Men to Last Stand; I don't mind First Class but didn't like the last two movies.
DNW Media Types: Apocalypse; Days of Future Past (for the most part)

Character/Pairing:Professor X/Magneto/Mystique
* I'd love to see something that traces these three through time—how does their relationship change through the years?
* What does Erik get from these two that he can't get anywhere else?
* Does Charles ever feel like a traitor for still loving these two, even as he trains a team to fight against them?

Character/Pairing: Charles/Erik
* Any sort of daily life with these two, especially as old men who have gone so far down different paths—can they still do routine things together?
* Magneto and Professor X are committed to very different paths—do they ever think the other is right?
* Glorious old man arguments

Character/Pairing: Erik/Mystique
* Anything with body worship from Erik and Raven—how does he make her feel about her blue form?
* What makes these two so dedicated to staying together, from 1960s to 2000's?
* The Last Stand fix it fic, where Magneto didn't just dump Mystique like a load of hot garbage (or, alternatively, anything that fixes the lack of bond between these two in Days of Future Past and Apocalypse)

Fandom: Greek Mythology

Requested Media Types: Any?
DNW Media Types: N/A

Character/Pairing: Hades/Persephone
* I'm always in love with different retellings of this myth, and would love to find more of them!
* Anything with a focus on the pomegranates is particularly fascinating
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