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To write a fill for any of these prompts, please comment below. All comments are screened. Rules are here. You can optionally crosspost to the AO3 collection here.

AO3 Name: [ profile] Nabielka
General DNWs: A/B/O, D/s, BDSM in general, pregnancy, gender headcanons, American AUs, Christmas/other holiday themed fic, slaves being happy in their position, Erasmus/Torveld, rape, misogynistic language, Daddy kink, consent play, significant age differences if not requested,
General Likes: Pining, politics, temporary amnesia, time travel, politics, law, in-universe future academia looking back on canon times, muscles on women, if sex: vanilla,

I’d be perfectly happy to receive fic in Polish.

Fandom: Captive Prince – C. S. Pacat
Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanmix, fanvid,
Character/Pairing: Theomedes
Damen clearly loved his father a lot, he’s a set of standards to follow, and they’ve never apparently disagreed on serious matters, and Theomedes wants to be well to see what Damen will accomplish. What Damen does actually accomplish, of course, is a close alliance with Vere, which he thinks no matter how he might try to explain, Theomedes would not understand. The horror of it: Veretian voices in his halls! His son besotted! Even Makedon of the sensible views about Vere won over! I’d love to see something about Theomedes meeting Laurent or else seeing the changes in Damen from pre-canon.
- AU where Kastor’s coup is only aimed against Damen and Theomedes remains alive to see post-canon? Maybe he’d just been made seriously ill and not actually dead.
- Time travel AU where Damen and/or Laurent are sent back into the past – to before Marlas maybe?
- Damen says they’d never disagreed on serious matters and that he saw him as setting a set of standards to follow. What minor disagreements might they have had? Do any of the post-canon reforms touch upon policies followed by Theomedes?

Character/Pairing: Veretian courtiers
- Estienne keeps giving Laurent bad advice.
- The Councillors scrambling to keep their positions and influence post-canon
- local resistance to changes being brought forward
- a republican faction! There’s been much distrust built up towards Laurent, and even with the Regent discredited, that needn’t make all that support shift to him.

Character/Pairing: Damen/Laurent
- Time travel to before canon events! How much are they willing to risk to fix the past?
-Post canon to canon time travel
- Diplomatic relations with other countries post-canon
- Historical fiction from a few centuries later – how much has it warped them/the events of canon?
- AU where everyone is female!

Character/Pairing: Kastor
- the aftermath of the coup – pretending grief, passing off other people as traitors, acclimatising himself to kingship
- plotting with the Regent via Guion
- pre-canon interactions with Damen where Damen fails to pick up on Kastor’s complicated feelings towards him and just blithely continues on his way while Kastor seethes internally
- in the fight in KR, Kastor doesn’t stick a sword through Damen, is publicly forgiven, and they all have to live with each other

Character/Pairing: Commoners
- Revolution!
- Some of the Delphan children who had been taken for slaves in Akielos after the war find their way back home post-canon.
- Local resistance to the changes being brought about by unification, especially if they’re not on questions of morality like slavery.

Fandom: Aşk ve Ceza | Love and Punishment (TV)

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanvid, fanmix,
Character/Pairing: Çiçek Moran

I liked Çiçek a lot! I like her temper and how much she wants to stand up for herself even when it’s not the wisest option.

- Something at Çiçek’s university where her friends are all living normal lives and assuming that others are too even while they’re enjoying freedoms that are closed off to poor Çiçek.
- More of Çiçek at school and staffroom/workplace politics.
- Çiçek/Nazan hatekissing when Nazan still hates her at the beginning or when she’s angry that Yavuz has been released from prison, or a scene where they find themselves reluctantly almost getting on.
- Çiçek tells Savaş she can see why he fell in love with Yasemin after she visits her in the hospital. So, AU where she meets and falls for Yasemin instead?

Fandom: Kordian - Słowacki
Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: Fanmix, fanvid
Character/Pairing: Mikołaj & Konstanty
- More about the death of Paul! The burial, the mixed emotions, the recriminations.
- Something more like in canon, talking to each other of their various wrongs and crimes committed.
- More spiteful political stuff where someone
- Mikołaj has the line about seeing Konstanty in every enemy, so something more about that? Some self-doubt about his involvement, some conversation that’s innocuous on the surface but frought?

Character/Pairing: Conspirators
More about planning to kill the Tsar/the Imperial family would make me very happy! I really enjoyed that scene in the canon, and would love more of the discussion.

Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia – C. S. Lewis

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanvid, fanmix,
Character/Pairing: Aravis/Lucy Pevensie or Aravis/Susan Pevensie
- training together (any weapons welcome), building up strong visible muscle
- fighting in a tournament as Rabadash had at Cair Paravel
- Susan giving some gift she’d received from Rabadash to Aravis to remind her of home.
- Lucy helping Aravis settle in at Anvard, or either sister welcoming her to Cair Paravel
- Aravis trying to balance sticking to Calormene traditions and customs and acquiring those of the North, either of the Pevensie sisters help her because they too have had to acclimatise from Britain
Character/Pairing: Rabadash & Edmund Pevensie

- Negotiations following Rabadash’s humiliation – compensation from Calormen? Trade negotiations when they need to meet again and it’s awkward and resentful?
- Edmund in particular has reason to be optimistic about the possibility of people mending their ways some hint he sees that Rabadash too may go down that route and may be prodded down it?

Fandom: Wojenne Dziewczyny (TV)

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanvid, fanmix,
Character/Pairing: Ewa/Irka, Ewa/Marysia, Marysia/Irka, Ewa/Witold

I like the scenes in canon where they can be a little more carefree than normal and laugh a little, as when Irka’s relating how she met Kamil and Ewka takes her up to dance. I’d like something of that domestic nature when they’re living together canonically (in various combinations). In particular, maybe something of the night where Marysia’s staying over at Ewa’s – does the extra bedsheet really prove necessary?
For Ewa, I’d be interested in some of her feelings of inadequacy re: Witold, that sort of insecure (in a way) pining really works for me. A missing scene of their train journey or about when they have to kiss to avoid suspicion would be very nice.
A little scene from one of their ‘actions’ would also be pleasing, especially if done in the ‘partisan style’ where things work and we all end up successful.

Fandom: Deutschland 83

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanvid, fanmix,
Character/Pairing: Annett Schneider/Yvonne Edel
- Something more about the night Yvonne spends over at Annett’s. Perhaps they can have a little bit of a fling there, a little kissing?
- A post-canon meeting, whether Annett too ends up getting drawn into the security service work and meets Yvonne in the West, or during the reunification process.

Fandom: The Tudors (TV)

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanvid, fanmix,
Character/Pairing: Mary Tudor
- A wish-fulfilment fix-it AU for Mary: Henry ‘comes to his senses’ and acknowledges his previous marriage to Catherine (following another accident?), has a change of heart after seeing her at Hatfield and brings her to court, takes advantage of the good faith argument and Mary is restored/kept legitimate as offspring of other annulled royal marriages had been. Mary and Anne have to adjust to having now been thrown together and being both so distrustful of the other.
- Mary/Anne! Mary noticed an attraction to Anne and feels guilty because of what had happened to her mother and because she’s her father’s ‘mistress’. I’d prefer for the focus not to be on sexuality guilt here – that is, I don’t mind some because of the context, but I’d rather the focus to be more on guilty attraction to this particular woman, rather than to women in general.
- Henry dies in the jousting accident and Mary is brought to power.

Fandom: 18th Century CE RPF

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanvid, fanmix,
Character/Pairing: Stanisław August Poniatowski/Catherine II of Russia
- Fluff with Staś/Catherine in Russia, full of hope and plans for the future
- Poniatowski beginning to doubt Catherine as his plans of reforms are hindered
- Them meeting again in old age after it all, poor attempts at justification.

Fandom: Bibi Blocksberg (2002)

Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanvid, fanmix,
Character/Pairing: Rabia von Katzenstein
- Pre-canon Rabia& Barbara or Rabia/Barbara, where Rabia is still dramatic but not yet overly evil
- More of Rabia’s dramatic plots at gaining the crystal ball / making the lives of the Blocksbergs hell, especially if they’re hindered in really mundane ways
- Dramatic irony when Rabia is pretending to help Barbara and Bernard and in fact goes on to imprison them, with her enjoying how Barbara no longer knows her
- Rabia’s hatred toward Bibi and her breaking of her crystal ball is fuelled by her earlier attraction to Barbara

Fandom: Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
Requested Media Types: Fic
DNW Media Types: fanmix, fanvid,
Character/Pairing: Caroline Bingley
- Caroline takes her attempts to ingratiate herself with Georgiana further and seduces her
- training Jane up for Charles
- Caroline falls for Jane too, and that's why she doesn't want her to marry her brother
- wanting to remain on good terms with Darcy, Caroline tries to get along better with Elizabeth post-canon


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